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Latest Questions and Answers

Q. Compare between Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai i20?
  • I20 in petrol and diesel with many variants and s sport model..with all safety features is the choice..if possible elite i20 asta is a good choice..swift is having less road grip ..less safe so its i20 all the way..new model alerts are there with new interiors and a pop up touch screen..
  • Hyundai i 20 is far more safe, has more comfort, ambience & bells & whistles than the swift. Go for latest version of I 20. Maruti plays uncle scoorge & compromises on all, in the name of cost cutting, except for tuning the engine to extract higher mileage per kmpl of fuel.
  • Agreed..
Q. My height is 6 feet and weight is 63 kg, is this bike suitable for me - Avenger Street 180?
  • This bike is suitable for everyone bro.....3ven my height is 6 feet and my weight is 65 kg
  • No not at all im 6'2 and 105 kg and after 20km ride i feel uncomfortable that why its only placed as a collection in my garage.. but final decision is yours..happy riding
  • I am six feet and over weight. you can raise the seat height and use. comfortable. Driver seat may be pushed back an inch on 2. Then it will be more comfortable
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Q. I want CB Shine Bike in Blue colour. Is it available?
  • Yes,blue available in both BS IV and BS VI.
Q. How much is the maintenance cost - Kicks?
  • This also includes parts for periodic maintenance such as Engine oil, oil filter, air filter, brake oil, Engine Drain washer, spark plug, cabin filter. But to get this offer you should have purchased the vehicle during the Launch offer period and it should be registered under Nissan care.
  • As the car is just launched in the market and it would be too early to share any verdict regarding its maintenance. The figures regarding maintenance may differ from one authorized service centre to another so there is no specific amount that can be stated. Depending on the factors like labour cost and the parts that are being serviced amount may change. In order to get the details regarding the nearest service centre from your respective city may check the following given link: https://www.zigwheels.com/dealers/Nissan/Delhi
  • Being a Nissan product, it would be east on pocket to maintain but as it is new to the market, we would suggest you to get in touch with the authorized service center for its service cost details. Click on the given link to get your nearest dealership details: https://www.zigwheels.com/dealers
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Q. I want to buy TVS Apache RR 310 but so many tells there is chain noice and handle vibrations.
  • In terms of handling dynamics, the new TVS Apache RR 310 remains impressive with a very communicative chassis, have resulted in reducing those irritating vibrations a bit. Apache somehow misses the mechanical finesse. Moreover, we'd suggest you take the test drive of the vehicles so that you can understand the difference between the options which will help you to make a final decision for your purchase - Bike Dealer
  • Ya chain noise is there in 6th gear and there is a small amount of vibration in the seat and the footpegs, but both are negligible. Vibration is there only between 4 to 6k rpm. In the rest, the bike is very smooth.
  • Own this machine from last 4 monthsNo chain noise. Vibration on high speed only. If ur budget allows u then go for ninja300 for more speed and less vibe
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