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Latest Questions and Answers

Q. Which is best bike, NS 200, Dominar 400 and Himalayan?
  • So the category is real different. Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is a good machine in the lower segment. It is affordable, easy to maintain and value for money. It has a high revving engine so it tends to get a little buzzy at high rpm. The low end torque is missing. Because of the smaller engine, the bike has a tough time going against the wind or doing long rides. The Dominar 400 is a good machine. Comfortable seating, mid sized engine, good power output, handles long rides like its nothing at all. Impressive performance. Suspension is on the stiffer size though. Not that big a deal. The switches and other parts are good. would rate a 3/5 on the fit and finish. Best budget buy.The Himalayan is a mile muncher. the bike has its own style. Onroad manners are nice and off road the Himalayan is a beast. The best part is, that it is raw. The posture is perfect to saddle and the bike is rugged. Can handle getting down and dirty. More than you can expect. It depends on what you are expecting the bike to do.
  • All 3 bikes represent completely different segments .NS 200 is a naked street fighter which can be easily used is daily commute and also some free styling with your bike due to it's light weight .Dominar 400 is a high powerd speed cruiser. This bike best for highway Crusing guys who wants to travel the road with some good speed and power.And on the other side , Himalayan is completely different bike . This is purposely build for off Roading . So it doesn't matters what kind of road you want to travel , you can go to nastiest roads with Himalayan .
  • NS 200 is like a city bike. Dominar 400 is a touring bike. Himalayan is the cheapest adventure touring bike. If you plan to ride in city only then go for NS 200. If you plan to go for occasional highway rides(no off road) then Dominar. If you want to enjoy the true awesomeness of Himalayan you should ride it off road.
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Q. Is gear indicator available on Ford Figo Titanium?
  • Yes, gear shift indicator is available in 2019 Ford Figo Titanium.
  • Older Figo (2013) models does not have a gear indicator
  • Yes, even available in base versions.
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Q. Which is best car Tata Nexon and Honda WRV?
  • Both the cars are indeed a good option and have their own forte. Nexon brings a dose of freshness to the compact-SUV game. There's a lot to like including the design, features. However, if you wish to go with a petrol car then we would suggest you pick for Honda WR-V petrol as it is more refined as compared to Nexon's petrol engine. Whereas, Nexon's 1.2-litre turbo-petrol is noisy; feels uninvolving to drive. Moreover, if you are looking for purchasing a diesel car then Nexon is a remarkable product from Tata; a bold SUV that combines standout form while packaging in immense practicality. No kidding, the Nexon is likely to set segment benchmark on account of its very easy to drive diesel engine, and the big car levels of space in the cabin. On top of that, the Nexon is a neat and tidy handler and comfortable to be chauffeured around in too.With a test drive of both the cars, you can pick the best depending upon your needs and requirements.
  • The Nexon brings a dose of freshness to the compact-SUV game. There's a lot to like including the design, features and the diesel engine. It’s well built, safe and reasonably good to drive. You’ll have to live with a few quirks in the interior, and some unpolished bits and bobs here and there, though. On the other hand, the WR-V borrows quite a lot from the Jazz but manages to stand tall on its own toes. It’s got space, it’s efficient and has the right amount of feel-good features. Then there’s Honda’s reputation for reliability. Also, it’s your only option if you want a cross-hatch with a sunroof. So, there.Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test drive in order to clear your all doubts. Click on the given link to get your nearest dealership details: https://www.zigwheels.com/dealers
  • Tata nexon is best if Mileage is not a problem because its mileage is 14-18 kmpl in petrol and in diesel 18-23kmpl but WRV Diesel is giving s little hit more mileage around 20-25 in Diesel. Tata Nexon is more powerful and build quality is very good in Tata Nexon and performance is also better than WRV
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Q. Is automatic transmission is available in Honda WR-V?
  • No, as of now only Manual Transmission available.
  • No only Manual Transmission is available.
  • No if you want one go for JAZZ
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Q. Does Tata Nexon XMA has navigation controls on steering wheel?
  • I have XZA version and no they don't give navigation control on steering wheel.
Q. Is zen available now
  • Yes, it is. i have done around 76500 kms on the car so far.
  • Yes .available.18 km/per liter
  • Production stopped in 2005.
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