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Latest Questions and Answers

Q. Does it have power steering & ac - Scorpio?
  • Yes, all variants of Mahindra Scorpio come equipped with hydraulic Power steering and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
  • Yes
  • Yes
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Q. Engine check lights are on, in my Kia Seltos diesel, after 1350 km, probably due to BS4 diesel, even though I refuel it from Reliance outlet. So what should I do, ignore it, go for ECM update, or wait & watch?
  • If engine check lights keeps on blinking, it is a very serious issue, stop the car on the spot & call the kia for roadside assistance, else if you drive serious, expensive engine damage can occur.Now the above case is minor & have been reported by several owners & is due to BS4 diesel used in BS6 engines. Kia has tested seltos on Indian roads for over 20 lakh kilometers & seltos is Badass by performance & durability. A work horse indeed.The BS6diesel engine has been tested on BS4 fuel & is designed to run a lakh kilometers, but not more, by then BS6 diesel should be available. Nevertheless, all owners of Kia seltos diesel, who face the issue of continuous engine check lights on, episode should, take it to kia service & get a free engine scan to diagnose the problem. Most probably it would be due to BS4 diesel & in that case nothing to worry. You can also get a software update on ECM. If the DPF (Diesel particulate filter) is clogged, it can be replaced for ₹6000 or do it for free during warranty period. It pays to take extended warranty..
Q. What will happen if we change front wheel to back side and back wheel to front side - Access 125?
  • There will be I'm balance while driving.The rider may fell some difficulty & can't drive vehicle with balance
Q. Is Suzuki Access 125 perfect fit for 5ft 2inch height?
  • Obviously it wii fit& perfect for you
Q. How about the performance - Zest?
  • Using since almost 5yrs and fully satisfied... value for money
  • Good on highway but worst on ghats
  • Superb and good
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