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Latest Questions and Answers

Q. Is this bike has BS4 engine - Glamour?
  • Yes
  • Yes ,not this but all the vehicles coming now have BS4 engines
  • Yes,after BS4 launch in India all new bikes has BS4 engine
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Q. I am going to buy a new bike and I am interested in Hero Glamour. Which is better, Glamour Fi or glamour old version? Please suggest.
  • Glamour fi. Runs smoothly and with less noise like electric bike. Pickup is excellent.
  • Glamour FI.
  • No never go for old version
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Q. Is the rear wheel smaller in comparison to weight - Glamour?
  • The bike feels light and is easy to manoeuvre in the city, and the short turning radius means you can make a u-turn almost anywhere. At city speeds, the 18 inch wheels with 80-section front and 90-section rear offer fair amount of confidence to even let you have some fun.
  • I don't know why uypu have asked this question!! The real wheel of hero glamour is 18"....the rear tyre used is 3-18
  • No
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Q. Is Glamour Fi better than Pulsar 150 Neon?
  • That would depend on your preference of the segment as Hero Glamour is a 125cc motorcycle that offers better mileage figures, good handling and lower maintenance costs whereas, Bajaj Pulsar 150 is powered by a 149.5 cc engine and has a more powerful engine, handful of feature and decent efficiency (for a 150 segment bike) on the offer. If you are looking for a powerful 150 cc bike then the Pulsar 150 could be a good option, otherwise, Hero Glamour is a good bike with a tried and tested engine. For better understanding, take a test ride of the bikes. Follow the link for New Bike Showrooms.
  • The both two bikes has almost same mileage figure if well tuned....but reportedly glamour has little bit extra
  • Yes
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Q. Hi How is Over all Experience - Himalayan?
  • मेरा अनुभव इसके साथ बहुत की अच्‍छा रहा है।यह किसी भी प्रकार के रास्‍ते मे आपका आत्‍मविश्‍वास को हटने नही देती
  • It's good. It has its niggles but with the ride it offers, those cons can be neglected!!!
  • It is awesome..especially if u love cruising and off roading
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Q. When the Himalayan with ABS will launch?
  • यह लॉन्‍च तो बहुत पहले ही हो चुका है।
  • Already launched a year ago
  • Yes it is launched around 2lakhs on road price
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