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MG Comet EV

MG Comet EV is an electric 4 seater hatchback car in a price range of Rs. 7.98 Lakh to 9.98 Lakh in India. Comet EV goes 230km in a full charge and takes 7 hours for a full charge. The engine of Comet EV produces a power of 41.42bhp and 110nm of torque. Comet EV is available in three variants and five beautiful colours. Considering the price and specs Comet EV is a tough competition to Tata Tiago EV and .
3.6 71 reviews
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Rs. 7.98 - 9.98 Lakh (Showroom Price in Delhi)
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MG Comet EV Specifications

  • Max Torque110Nm
  • Max Power41.42bhp
  • Range230 km
  • Battery Capacity17.3 kwh
  • Charging Time7 Hours
  • Seating Capacity4

MG Comet EV Features

  • Airbags (Driver and Passenger)
  • ABS
  • AC
  • Central Locking
  • Power Steering
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MG Comet EV Car Latest Updates

The Comet, the entry level electric vehicle offering from MG Motors India, is an ultra compact EV that is priced from Rs 7.98 lakh (ex-showroom) and is offered in three broad trims: Pace, Play and Plush. It is powered by a 42PS electric motor, paired to a 17.3 kWh battery pack delivering a claimed range of 230km.

MG Comet EV Price

The MG Comet EV is priced from Rs 7.98 lakh to Rs 9.98 lakh (introductory, ex-showroom).

Features of MG Comet EV

The Comet EV is equipped with a pair of 10.25-inch screens for infotainment and driver's instrumentation. It also comes with keyless entry, manual AC, connected car technology, wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, and steering-mounted audio controls. In terms of safety, it includes dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, ISOFIX mounts, a tyre pressure monitoring system, and a reverse parking camera.

MG Comet EV Engine

The Comet EV features a 42PS electric motor paired with a 17.3kWh battery pack, providing a claimed driving range of 230km. The car measures 2974mm in length, 1505mm in width and 1640mm in height. It has 2010mm of wheelbase.

MG Comet EV Rivals

It is an alternative to the Tata Tiago EV and PMV Eas-E.

MG Comet EV Range

Comet EV can go upto 230 after a full charge.

MG Comet EV Charging Time

The Comet EV battery takes 7 Hours to get charged with a 3.3kW home charger.

MG Comet EV Variants

The car is offered in three broad variants: Pace, Play and Plush

It is offered in three monotone colours: Starry Black, Candy White and Aurora Silver, and two dual-tone shades: Apple Green with Starry Black roof and Candy White with Starry Black roof.

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MG Comet EV

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MG Comet EV Brochure
MG Comet EV Brochure
Download Brochure MG Comet EV Brochure MG Comet EV Brochure

MG Comet EV Price

Comet EV price in India starts at Rs. 7.98 Lakh for the base model and goes up to Rs. 9.98 Lakh for the MG Comet EV top model. Comet EV comes in 3 variants with 5 colour options.

Comet EV Price List (Variants)

  • Petrol


Comet EV Pace

230 Km . 17.3 kWh . 7 Hours
More than 2 months waiting
Rs. 7.98 Lakh
Ex-Showroom Price
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Comet EV Play

230 Km . 17.3 kWh . 7 Hours
More than 2 months waiting
Rs. 9.28 Lakh
Ex-Showroom Price
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Comet EV Plush

230 Km . 17.3 kWh . 7 Hours
More than 2 months waiting
Rs. 9.98 Lakh
Ex-Showroom Price
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230 km
Battery Capacity
17.3 kwh
Electricity Price
Total Running Cost
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MG Comet EV Expert Review

The MG Comet is a very unusual car. Not only is it an electric car, it is also a 4-seater car with 2 doors. One look at the MG Comet and it’s immediately understood that this is a small car designed for easy travel in the city. It’s narrow size and small length make it very easy to park and travel through narrow lanes such as those in Mumbai and old Delhi.

It is based on the pure electric GSEV platform and gets a 17.3kWh Li-ion battery pack in the middle, under the front seats. The Comet EV has a rear-mounted electric motor (yes, it’s rear-wheel driven!) rated at 42PS of power and 110Nm. 

The Comet EV claims a range of up to 230km but based on our experiences with EVs so far, we'd subtract that by around 35 per cent and you can expect 150km in the real world with ease, going as high as 185km if you use the charge up completely. It comes with three drive modes - Eco, Normal and Sport; and three regeneration levels - Light, Normal and Heavy. 

The best charging option available is a 3.3kW AC charger that can fully replenish the battery in 7 hours, while a 10-80 per cent top-up will take five hours. Using a 15A home socket would be sufficient for overnight charging. You cannot DC Fast charge the MG Comet, unfortunately.

The Technical Details

It is based on the pure electric GSEV platform and houses a 17.3kWh Li-ion battery pack in the middle, under the front seats. The Comet EV has a rear-mounted electric motor (yes, it’s RWD!) rated at 42PS of power and 110Nm. Unlike most other EVs in the market, there is only one battery and powertrain on offer. 

The Comet EV claims a range of up to 230km but based on our experiences with EVs so far, we'd subtract that by around 35 per cent and you can expect 150km in the real world with ease. It comes with three drive modes - Eco, Normal and Sport; and three regeneration levels - Light, Normal and Heavy.

The best charging option available is a 3.3kW AC charger that can fully replenish the battery in 7 hours, while a 10-80 per cent top-up will take five hours. Using a 15A home socket would probably be sufficient for overnight charging.

Obviously, the Comet EV is small, but to understand how small it really is, let's take a look at its dimensions:


MG Comet EV









For context, this makes it shorter than even the Tata Nano and a lot shorter than the Maruti Alto. However, the Comet EV is a bit wider than both of them while being slightly less taller than the Nano.

Funny Looks

No, we're not describing the design of the Comet EV itself but rather what you can expect from the unsuspecting public when they see it. The ultra-compact EV has a very box-like appearance with toy-like 12-inch wheels on each corner. The short overhangs may make it seem like an enlarged gadget with windows, but they're important for good approach and departure angles to get over bumps and through potholes.

The MG Comet EV has very similar shapes for the front and rear LED lighting elements. Both ends have an LED strip across the width with the same shaped headlamps and taillamps. These are premium design details hinting at its modernity and one more illuminated area is the MG logo on the charging port cover at the front. 

The chrome line extending from the front LED DRL strip connects to the outside rearview mirror for seamless visual integration. It even gets indicators integrated into them. The lack of cladding is a refreshing design choice in the current crop of new cars in India.

In terms of colours, there are five base colours on offer:

  • Apple Green with Starry Black roof

  • Candy White with Starry Black roof

  • Candy White

  • Starry Black

  • Aurora Silver

MG further offers a host of customisation options by way of decals and stickers, many of which are themed with changes to the interior and the wheel cover design as well.

Overall, the MG Comet's design may seem polarising to some but it's far from ugly. In this reviewer's subjective opinion, the Comet EV is refreshingly quirky without a gimmick to its styling. Furthermore, when a fleet of these was dispatched onto public roads, around 40 or so of us, they did seem like a swarm of insects buzzing through the streets but did not look out of place in the city traffic. 

However, spending Rs 8-10 lakh can get you larger and more family-friendly cars such as the Tata Tiago EV or petrol-powered options like the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Hyundai i20 or Tata Altroz. Simply put, the MG Comet doesn’t have the size factor you would traditionally expect at this price, but it’s easily the most attention grabbing car you’d get for this amount of money.

Inside The MG Comet EV

The Comet EV is a four-seater with just two massive doors. Don't mistake this thing's small diminutive size being a budget constraint as you're welcomed by a premium cabin to match the vibe of its exterior details. 

The unique experience starts from the moment you get handed the "keys,” which looks a lot like it was inspired by products of a certain Californian tech company, to the MG Comet. The fob has a rounded square shape with chrome around the exterior edge.

When you enter the cabin, the light shades of the dual-tone white and grey cabin theme along with the large glass surfaces give it a surprisingly roomy feel. The large integrated displays, soft-touch materials, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and chic cup holders on the flat dashboard certainly give it a premium look and feel. 

You'll be happy to find a good number of tactile controls in the Comet EV. The climate control panel for the manual AC has three dials and the button closest to the driver is for switching between drive modes and regen levels. 

There's no central console below the dash, which is good for leg room and storing items using the baggage hooks next to the two USB ports. There's also a third USB port under the interior rearview mirror, likely for the ease of those who mount their smartphone to the windscreen.

The rotary dial for the drive selector is positioned between the front seats and makes an affirmative clicking sound. You’d expect this kind of setup to include an electronic parking brake near the selector, but instead we get a large manual handbrake. It is a surprisingly old-school detail in an otherwise modern cabin.

There are mini-lights for each of the drive modes - charge, reverse, neutral and drive. This dial is in a concave housing with a cool textured design and the power window controls are positioned just behind it.

The brushed silver finish around the cabin like the AC vents and the dials also add to its premium visual appeal. The seats are upholstered in fabric but the paddling still feels fairly comfortable. With the fixed headrest, it does feel a bit like an aeroplane seat, but like those in premium economy.

Moving to the back of the Comet EV is easier than one might think. The front-passenger side seat has a one-touch fold and recline feature that makes it easy to climb into the back thanks to the tall shape and flat floor. One can enter from the driver's side too but that would require two hands to pull and fold the seat. 

Can You Sit In The Back?

The rear seats of the MG Comet EV are low, ensuring there is sufficient headroom. While you do sit knees-up with a lack of under-thigh support, you get plenty of kneeroom, even for people up to 6ft tall. These can be used for adults on short journeys, like city commutes, but would not be comfortable over a long period, like anything over an hour.

Fairly tech-savvy

In typical MG fashion, the Comet EV tries to treat you to the kind of features you'd expect in cars twice as expensive. It boasts dual 10.25-inch displays, one for the infotainment touchscreen and the other for the digital cluster.

The infotainment unit has a tablet-like interface with customisable widget layouts and the wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is handy. The audio system is not crisp, but it's loud enough to fill up the small cabin. It even has MG's iSmart connected car features with voice recognition for a handful of commands, including those for climate control, and simple internet searches. 

While the infotainment unit is a bit slow to respond, the digital instrument cluster features a fair range of animations. The left side of this screen offers the choice of information on the display while the right side shows the speed, odometer and charge level. Between the two, there is a graphic of a far-rear view of the Comet EV on a road. This little digital version of the EV offers vehicle information such as open doors or the lights being on/off.  

There is no start-stop button here as you get the car ready to go by pressing the brake pedal twice. To switch it off, you simply exit the Comet EV and lock it using the key fob. There's an emergency switch under the tilt-adjustable steering column to switch it off but MG advises against using it under normal circumstances. 

What's missing from the Comet EV?

It will not surprise anyone to know that the biggest compromise in a sub-3 metre ultra-compact offering is space, particularly when it comes to storage.

The dashboard features a large tray on the passenger side and the large doors can easily be used to keep a water bottle, a small laptop and some snacks all at the same time. However, there is no closed or covered storage anywhere in the cabin. The best option you have to keep something hidden away is to put stuff into the seatback pockets of the front seats.

Then we have the matter of the boot - there isn't one. There is only a small tray-like area behind the rear seats and half of it is taken up by the charging kit. It can fit a couple of sleek laptop bags at best. To have any usable luggage room, you'll need to put down one or both of the 50:50 split-folding rear seats which are easy to do. In our experience, you could also use it as a three-seater with three small travel bags.

Another issue we found with the Comet EV is that the driver's seat is not height adjustable which does make it hard to find the ideal driving position. The unusual proportions do throw up some ergonomic inconveniences. There are some big blindspots to the sides while the ORVMs also offer a limited view. The bigger issue we discovered was that the pedal positioning requires you to have your ankle steeply folded which can get tiring real quick.

Surprisingly fun to drive

Getting behind the wheel of a Comet EV feels a lot like getting ready to drive a road-legal toy. You sit fairly upright and close to the nose and the visibility is great thanks to the tall windshield. The steering wheel feels light and well-suited to city driving for easy u-turns (4.2m radius by the way), and manoeuvring in tight spots. But don’t expect any feel or feedback from the road, and it does not give much confidence when sharp direction changes are required to dodge a distracted two- or three-wheeler.

Its electric motor has just enough juice to be zippy with two-to-three people on board. The Comet accelerates quickly from 20kmph to 60kmph and feels steady doing it. Keep your foot down and you'll see the readout go up to triple digits on the highway. It’ll feel planted while going in a straight line thanks to its squarish stance. The top speed is reportedly capped at 105kmph.

In terms of drive modes, the Normal and Sport settings seem indistinguishable while the Eco limits the acceleration even further. The AC is quite effective and does not have a noticeable impact on the responsiveness.

The "Normal" setting for the regenerative braking is easy to get used to and you could use the "Heavy" setting to try and get a few more kilometres of range. In "Light" mode, the regen feels almost negligible at city speeds and offers more of an ICE experience, like cruising in neutral.

The ride quality of the MG Comet EV does leave something to be desired. While sufficiently pliant over regular bumps and undulations to keep the front passengers from getting unsettled, the rear occupants take the brunt of the impact. However, it has no trouble going over speedbreakers and potholes at slow speeds. 

Overall, the compact and zippy EV leaves you with a smile for how freeing and child-like the drive experience feels.  

Who Should Consider The MG Comet EV?

The MG Comet EV is the most affordable electric car in India. However, it is still expensive for a car that gets just around 150km of real-world range and no boot. 

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The Comet EV is not as practical as something like the Tiago EV, and caters to an entirely different buyer. This is nobody’s only car and unlikely to be anyone’s first family car. The Comet EV is a city runabout which can act as a green and compact alternative to your household’s other premium car, likely an SUV. 

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MG Comet EV User Reviews

Based on 16 rating & 71 reviews
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  • All
  • Looks (7)
  • Performance (3)
  • Price (3)
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  • MG Comet is a sleek and powerful

    The MG Comet is a sleek and powerful car that delivers an impressive user experience. Its vibrant display and robust processing speed make it a breeze, while the camera captures fantastic photos. The slim design enhances portability, and the battery life ensures lasting performance throughout the day. However, the lack of water resistance could be a drawback, limiting its durability in certain environments. Overall, the MG Comet stands out for its performance and design, but users should be cautious in water-prone settings.

  • 4.7
    I own a Plush. Have done

    I own a plush.Have done 2000km on city and highway.It is a little luxury car.An absolute pleasure.Subsidy makes it even cheaper to own.Free parking and no toll fees gives a sense of freedom.No hassle charging from any 15a socket, Makes things so easy.

  • Perfect Fusion of Style and Efficiency

    With its emotional aesthetics and strong interpretation, the MG Comet has come a key feature of dynamic I like more and coincidental car. Its font seasoned cabin and lean car radiate a feeling of ultramodern fineness, and its strong engine and quick running make for an instigative driving experience. The MG Comet is a great option for motorists appearing for a balance between interpretation and fineness because of its sophisticated features and slice bite technology, which give a touch of refinement and release. ultramodern driving brilliance is readdressed by the MG Comet, with its strong station and slice bite capabilities.

  • Small family

    Very comfortable car to a small family and performance also excellent finally a nice car

  • Just like comet in the sky

    The MG Comet EV is truly emotional! With its satiny design, eco-friendly electric powertrain, and advanced technology features, it's a game-changer in the world of electric vehicles. The Comet offers roomy interiors, comfortable seating, and a range that makes long trips a breath of fresh air. Its quick charging capability ensures you spend more time on the road and less time staying. MG has really raised the bar with the Comet EV, making it a top choice for anyone looking to go green without offering style or performance.

  • Great driving experience

    Great driving experience overall, I like the range and interior design


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MG Comet EV Colours

MG Comet EV is available in 5 exciting colours options like Starry Black, Aurora Silver, Candy White, Candy White With Starry Black and Apple Green With Starry Black.

Compare Comet EV with Alternatives

MG Comet EV
Comet EV
All Comparisons
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Citroen eC3
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Comet EV vs R3
Ex-Showroom Price
Rs.7.98 Lakh onwards Rs. 8.69 Lakh onwards Rs. 11.61 Lakh onwards Rs. 4.79 Lakh onwards Rs. 4.50 Lakh onwards
User Rating
3.6 71 reviews 4.6 140 reviews 4.4 42 reviews 1.0 11 reviews 4.7 19 reviews
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MG Comet EV Driving Range

The range of MG Comet EV is 230 Km/Charge. This is the ARAI mileage for all the variants of Comet EV.
Fuel Type Transmission ARAI Claimed
Electric(Battery) Automatic 230 Km/Charge

MG Comet EV Videos

Watch MG Comet EV videos to know more about this Hatchback. Subscribe to the ZigWheels YouTube channel for detailed reviews, comparisons, exterior and interior walkarounds, pros & cons, specs & features, and lots more.

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Comet EV

Q. What is the CSD price of the MG Comet?
  • The exact information regarding the CSD prices of the car can be only available at the authorized dealerships. We would suggest you to visit the nearest authorized dealership for further information. Click on the given link and select your city accordingly for dealership details.
Q. What is the range of MG Comet EV?
  • The MG Comet EV is equipped with a 17.3kWh battery pack which has a claimed range of up to 230km.
Q. Who are the top competitors of MG Comet EV?
  • It is an indirect rival to the Tata Tiago EV and PMV Eas-E.
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MG Comet EV Car News Updates

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MG Comet EV FAQs

What is the price of the top variant of MG Comet EV?

The ex-showroom price of top variant of MG Comet EV is 9.98 Lakh (Delhi).

What is the EMI of MG Comet EV in Delhi?

The EMI for the base variant of MG Comet EV in Delhi is Rs. 15,437 per month @ 10.5% for a tenure of 60 months.

What are the top competitors of MG Comet EV?

The top 3 competitors of MG Comet EV are Tata Tiago EV, PMV EaS E and Citroen eC3.

What are the best financing options for MG Comet EV?

New car loan - get upto 100% loan on your car! Loan against car - your old car will pay for your new car!

How much time does a MG Comet EV take to fully charge?

Comet EV taking 7 Hours to get fully charged.

What is the battery life of MG Comet EV?

Battery capacity of Comet EV is 17.3 kWh.

Fast Charging support not not?


What is the battery range of MG Comet EV?

The MG Comet EV is available with battery pack 17.3 kWh, which offers a range of 230 Km

How much mileage does MG Comet EV give per charge?

MG Comet EV runs 230 Km on a single charge.

How much time does it take to charge MG Comet EV give per charge?

It depends on the charging capabilities, which charger you are using, battery size and some environmental conditions too.7 Hours

MG Comet EV Road Tests

2781 views 27 Apr, 2023
MG Comet EV First Drive Review: More Than Just A Toy
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