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  • Suzuki eVX: Here’s Your First Look At The Electric SUV Concept’s Interior
    EV News 4 Oct 2023
    Suzuki eVX: Here’s Your First Look At The Electric SUV Concept’s Interior

    Suzuki to showcase the eVX concept at the 2023 Japan Motor Show. Interior revealed for the... read more

  • More Affordable Bajaj Chetak Spied
    EV News 3 Oct 2023
    More Affordable Bajaj Chetak Spied

    It is once again spy shot season, with multiple sightings of upcoming two-wheelers. And the... read more

  • Upcoming Bikes In October 2023
    EV News 1 Oct 2023
    Upcoming Bikes In October 2023

    September 2023 was extremely eventful! It kept us on our toes and October promises to do the... read more

  • Formula E Gets A Driver Shuffle: Jehan Daruvala Signs For Maserati, Nyck de Vries Signs For Mahindra Racing
    EV News 28 Sep 2023
    Formula E Gets A Driver Shuffle: Jehan Daruvala Signs For Maserati, Nyck de Vries Signs For Mahindra Racing

    New driver signings, be it Formula 1 or Formula E, can bring what can be unexpected news for... read more

  • BMW’s Entry-level Electric SUV Now In India, iX1 SUV Launched At Rs 66.90 Lakh
    EV News 28 Sep 2023
    BMW’s Entry-level Electric SUV Now In India, iX1 SUV Launched At Rs 66.90 Lakh

    BMW iX1 electric SUV launched at Rs 66.90 lakh The iX1 is based on the X1 SUV and shares... read more

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Facts vs Reality

EV Myths Busted

EVs are too expensive

Fact! The upfront cost of an EV is generally higher than a comparable ICE vehicle (especially if it’s a four-wheeler). This is due to the high cost of the lithium-ion battery which powers most EVs. Some electric scooters and bikes are already priced competitively compared to their petrol counterparts.
  • While some argue that electricity being cheaper than fuel and lower maintenance costs even out the cost of ownership over long-term usage, the gains aren’t significant enough to allure EV buyers at scale just yet.
  • Having said that, costs are expected to come down, as newer EVs launch and penetrate into the market.

EVs have limited range and I’ll be left stranded

EVs don't make sense without a full-fledged charging infrastructure

EVs are not entirely eco-friendly

EVs are unsafe

EVs are not meant for apartment-dwellers

EV buyers don't have enough options to choose from

Did You Know!

EV Fun Facts

  • There are electric motorcycles that excite...

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    World's Most Powerful Production Electric Motorcycle

    There are electric motorcycles that excite you, and then there’s the Lightning LS-218. This shocker of a supersport is armed with an electric motor that makes a whopping 150kW of power and an equally incredible 228Nm of torque! This motorcycle is so powerful, that in 2018, at the Bonneville Speedweek it clocked an insane 351kmph, making it as fast as a full-fledged MotoGP bike, minus the emissions!

  • If you thought EVs are a recent phenomenon...

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    India's First Electric Two-wheeler

    If you thought EVs are a recent phenomenon in India, then boy are you in for a surprise. In the 1980s, Mysore-based Electromobiles India Limited had launched its electric moped: Komal. It was a bit too ahead of its time, not enough capabilities on hand and the company eventually ran out of funds. Imagine what it could’ve been if things went right, right?

  • India's Most Expensive Electric Two-wheeler...

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    India's Most Expensive Electric Two-wheeler

    While interesting concepts like the Emflux One and nearly-there Ultraviolette F77 would definitely qualify for this point, currently the title is held by the Bajaj Chetak. Yes, the chic Bajaj electric scooter costs more than e-motorcycles like the Tork Kratos R and the Oben Rorr. And the performance on hand, isn’t too wowing or the features too geeky to justify this premium pricing. So, until the F77 arrives in a few months, the Chetak will remain the costliest two-wheeler EV on sale in our market.

  • With few moving parts and largely noiseless...

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    Some electric cars do make a noise

    With few moving parts and largely noiseless transmission of power to the wheels, electric powertrains are inherently quiet. This near-silence can pose a problem when driving near pedestrians, who might not be able to hear the oncoming vehicle. To solve this problem, some carmakers add a device that plays a warning sound at lower, city driving speeds. In fact, countries such as the US and Japan have made such devices mandatory for all new EVs. In India, the Hyundai Kona Electric SUV comes with a Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS) that plays an engine-like humming sound for pedestrians.

  • Most electric vehicles get higher range figures...

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    EVs Are Less Efficient On The Highway Than At City Speeds

    Most electric vehicles get higher range figures in city conditions than on the highway. Typically, stop-and-go traffic allows an electric vehicle to recuperate some energy using regenerative braking. Highway driving usually requires less braking, so the regen system isn’t able to recover as much range. In addition, the losses from friction and aerodynamic drag are much higher at highway speeds than at city speeds. Ultimately, an EV’s range is affected by different factors such as driving style, ambient temperature and payload weight. But the difference between highway and city range numbers demonstrates the city-friendly nature of electric cars, especially in countries such as India, where EVs have limited potential as road trip vehicles due to the lack of a widespread charging network.

  • Over the last two years, we’ve seen the electric...

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    EV Sales Grew By 250% In 2021

    Over the last two years, we’ve seen the electric vehicle market evolve from a small niche in the industry to a section of the market that occupies multiple niches. Several new models have been launched, and stalwarts such as the Tata Tigor EV have been updated with better range figures and quicker charging times. Meanwhile, all carmakers in India and abroad have also been grappling with supply chain issues such as the ongoing global semiconductor shortage and economic issues. Despite these hardships, the EV market grew by more than twofold between fiscal years (FY) 2022 and 2021. The Tata Nexon EV led the charge with just over 15,000 sales in FY 2022. Overall, 17,802 EVs were sold in India in FY 2022, up from 4,984 in FY 2021.

  • A decade before the Mahindra Reva EV was launched...

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    India's First Electric Car

    A decade before the Mahindra Reva EV was launched, a small electrical company called Eddy Current Controls was developing India’s first electric car. The Lovebird broke cover in 93 as a small, two-seater EV that promised to be cheaper to run than a motorcycle or scooter of the time. Despite the claim of frugality, sales volumes remained low. At a time when Maruti was motivating Indians to upgrade to its Maruti 1000 sedan (later, the Esteem), the Eddy Lovebird was essentially a road-going golf cart.

  • If you think electric cars are any less useful than...

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    Some EVs can power a house

    If you think electric cars are any less useful than ICE vehicles, think again. Some global EVs such as the Ford F-150 Lightning and Nissan Leaf are capable of powering your house during an outage for multiple days. Moreover, carmakers are developing newer tech for two-way power transfer from a wall charger. Even government agencies understand the potential of this technology to be useful during disaster management when the power grid is down.

  • The Tata Nexon EV isn't the most affordable electric...

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    Nexon EV is the most popular electric car

    The Tata Nexon EV isn’t the most affordable electric car you can buy in India, but it tops EV sales charts nonetheless. It’s powered by Tata’s Ziptron technology and has a floor-mounted battery and a 130PS electric motor. Despite its weight and subcompact SUV size, in Sport mode the Nexon EV can keep up with even turbo-petrol cars in its price segment. Its real-world range and quiet, comfortable ride are a winning formula, but it remains to be seen if the SUV can hold its own against new, affordable EV models expected in 2022.

  • Imagine covering Delhi to Shimla in an electric motorcycle...

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    Highest Electric Two-wheeler Range

    Imagine covering Delhi to Shimla in an electric motorcycle on a single charge. Sounds impossible? Meet the Arc Vector with a claimed range of 436km! Created by UK-based Arc, the Vector not only boasts the highest range for an electric bike but it can be fully charged in just 40 minutes using its fast charger! But here’s the bummer - this marvel is limited to just 399 units.

  • What if we told you that EV two-wheelers aren't a recent...

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    First Electric Two-Wheeler

    What if we told you that EV two-wheelers aren't a recent phenomenon and existed in the 19th century?! The first patent dates all the way back to 1895, over a decade before one of the world’s first mass market cars, the Ford Model T, went into production. In 1896, an English company, Humber, showcased its first electric bicycle, intended only for the race track. It had a motor placed in front of the rear wheel, and speed was controlled by a resistor placed across the handlebar.

  • Did you know that the fastest electric motorcycle is faster...

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    The Fastest EV

    Did you know that the fastest electric motorcycle is faster than the Bugatti Chiron! In 2021, Max Biaggi broke the land speed record for an electric motorcycle with the Voxman Wattman by attaining a speed of 466kmph. This electric bike is powered by a massive 317kW motor paired with a 15.9kWh battery, and it uses dry ice for cooling.

Electric Vehicle User Reviews

  • RV400
    1040 reviews
    Revolutionize Your Ride  

    The Revolt RV 400 is an electric bike designed for city roads. It is super quiet and zippy because it runs on electricity, making it perfect for urban rides It is sleek and modern, great for riding through traffic and parking in public spaces The RV 400 has a special battery , and it can go about 150 km on a single charge, which is enough for daily city riding. You can charge it at home or at special stations

    Anonymous 1 hour ago
  • iQube Electric
    374 reviews
    My experience initially was 

    My experience initially was good, But it turned very poor when the rear vehicle got jammed overnight!.Service center is unable to rectify/repair even after 10days.They just delivered after cosmetic service, But the jamming after an overnight parking repeated!.Despite repeated calls to tvs motor's call center daily, No response from either dealer or tvs!.Diplorable service from tvs.

    Krishna 6 days ago
  • One
    337 reviews
    Perfect for a smooth and solid ride 

    Perfect for a smooth and solid ride, Simple One has been created to fulfill one’s list of desires. The most amazing feature about this bike is its very affordable value that meets all the budget limitations if one wishes to own it. The rides are well ensured to be smooth and hassle free, providing great comfort and easy handling throughout. With its very affordable price, it comes with user friendly features and deserve all the appreciations. The headlights could have been brighter but that does not really come in your way when you are out on Simple One.

    Anonymous 15 hours ago
  • 450X
    321 reviews
    bike to my daily commute routine. 

    "Coming with a very powerful engine, the Ather 450 X starts with a very affordable price. It is an affordable bike model, giving a smooth experience, with a comfortable and adjustable seating arrangement. It provides an excellent mileage and good ground clearance. The engine is quite powerful. It provides a well equipped safety and alert system, and performance wise I have found it fantastic as always. I feel that I am lucky enough and quite privileged to have added this bike to my daily commute routine.

    Anonymous 17 hours ago
  • Chetak
    301 reviews
    Awesome trail 

    Very nice scooter bajaj chetak ev.Awesome trail.Nice staff.Thank you.Zero sound.

    Rajesh 1 day ago

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Latest Questions and Answers

Q. What is the service cost of Hero Electric Optima?
  • For this, we would suggest you visit the nearest authorized service centre of Hero in your city. As they may assist you better.
Q. What is the range of Ather 450X?
  • The range of Ather 450X ranges from 111 Km/Charge to 150 Km/Charge.
Q. What is the kerb weight of the Hero Electric Optima?
  • The kerb weight of the Hero Electric Optima is 102 Kg.
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What are the problems with electric vehicles?

The biggest problems with electric vehicles currently are the high upfront costs compared to their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts. Although new EVs with higher range and swappable batteries are being introduced, range anxiety continues to be an area of concern. Other problems plaguing EVs in India include inadequate charging infrastructure, high charging time, limited EV options to choose from, and, in recent times, concerns related to EV fires.

Is an Electric Vehicles More Expensive to Own and Operate Than a Regular Car?

How long do batteries in electric cars and electric bikes last?

What kind of maintenance do electric cars need?

What happens if an electric car gets wet?

Does an Electric Vehicle Work for a Long Trip?

Which electric vehicles have the longest range?

Do electric cars charge while driving?

Does an electric car and bike work in cold weather?

How do electric vehicles work?

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