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  • Kiger
    31 reviews

    At this prize.No manufacturer offers thatbmuch features.I have turbo rxt mode.Got mileage of 16 on my fst long drive if 450 km with ac on.No lag whatso ever experienced.Space is more than enough.Boot space largest in segment.Power to weight ratio more than or comparable with competetors.Nice interors and infotainment system.Audio quality could have been better.Available in preety colors.

    Satyam 3 weeks ago
    Kiger User Reviews
  • Altroz
    352 reviews

    Very poor quality engine/gear box sound, It start giving irritating sound when clutch plate connects with flywheel when clutch is released, Actually this bad sound comes from gear box, Very poor engineering, Altroz petrol sounds like a truck.

    Tanvir 3 days ago
    Altroz User Reviews
  • Nexon
    561 reviews

    Two words - don't buy! unless you have too much time and money to spend at service centers! you wont be able to count the quality issues and manufacturing defects.And added horror is - most of those problems are "unsolvable", As told by tata staff at service centers.

    Bhanu 1 week ago
    Nexon User Reviews
  • Venue
    659 reviews

    Almost performance is good but it's very hard to placed order.If order placed then it took 60to90 days to reach at neni hyundai itanagar.Really i am not fully satisfied with this garage.

    Karde 5 days ago
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  • Tiago
    586 reviews

    All over it's good in this segment.I have some.Issues on lights only.If your a commuter then you hv to change the headlamps and fog lamps for better response.

    Biker 1 week ago
    Tiago User Reviews
  • Dzire
    749 reviews

    I love the suspension of dezire.Alot of space looks are goodpower is goodhandeling in hills.Stability of vehicle on turns is very good.Music system is also good.

    ANKIT 3 weeks ago
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  • Classic 350
    9475 reviews
    Classic 350

    One of the best affortable cruiser in india, Its an easy go enjoyable cruiser and good for its price with a good comfortable ride with its ergonomics best things about the bike is definitely its comfort which it is supposed to give as it vehicle category being a cruiser, The absence of a fuel meter is a thing however retro they classify it to be being its one of the drawback for a low end torque bike its not bad and its ability to pull is good given the terrain, Being a classic owner if you were to just open throttle and fly when you would be disappointed as this doesn't allow that but given its power to its lower 3 short gear transitions that will not disappoint you with commuting toogetting to build quality is another factor for a post war engine the company has only changed few parts from its roots to adjust with the government norms, However there are problems if you don't take care of cleaning as a thing you are supposed to do in this bikeof course the vibration has really went down from its previous generation bike as the engine is more refined now with the fuel ejection as well as power a notch turned down to align with the new emission normsone of the new feature is the low fuel indicator which had to be installed because there is no fuel meter or carburetor, The spoke rims are cool and more practical too to begin with.Being one of the hefty priced biggest motorcycle production company in the whole india and with native production units too they should turn the price.Another main factor which they should really consider is to have are service canters which should be loyal to its customers, The costumers are the one thing that keeps the company running so just not rob them because to so many the bullet isn't just a bike its an emotion for them that, A sense of love to the ride, For retro, For simplicity, For the love of riding and loving the bike like a part of part themselves.

    Abhiram 2 hours ago
    Classic 350 User Reviews
  • Bullet 350
    3646 reviews
    Bullet 350

    Very cool.And stylishly.And have a official look and be like a official and it have two very good things firstly it's look and second it's sound like an emperor.

    MD 1 week ago
    Bullet 350 User Reviews
  • Pulsar 150
    7015 reviews
    Pulsar 150

    Bike performance is good and awesome features i love my bike and only one bad thing i don't like this feature there is no time 0ption in digital console.

    Ganapathi 5 days ago
    Pulsar 150 User Reviews
  • R15 V3
    3665 reviews
    R15 V3

    Liquid cooling is really fair for a fully covering bike cause it doesn't exist air through the fairings.So i guess its perfect on it cooling type, As a improvement south asian counties need of usd forks to r15 for better look as ktm does.And bring us more wide swing arms with 180 cubic capacity of engine.That's it, Thank you.

    Harith 4 days ago
    R15 V3 User Reviews
  • Splendor Plus
    6241 reviews
    Splendor Plus

    The beautiful looking of the bike no maintenance service the maintenance of the quality field the feeling of the luxury bikes of the great informations mechanic filed no

    Arif 1 week ago
    Splendor Plus User Reviews

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