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Ola S1 Air

The Ola S1 Air is an electric scooter. It is available in India at a starting price of Rs. 1.19 Lakh . It is offered in a single variant and it comes in six different colours. S1 Air goes 101km in a full charge. Apart from this it gets drum brakes in the front and rear. This bike weighs 99 kg.
3.7 56 reviews
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Rs. 1.19 Lakh (Showroom Price in Delhi)
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Ola S1 Air Specifications

Range 101 km/charge Battery Capacity 3 kwh Charging Time 4 Hours 30 Minutes
Top Speed 90 km/hr Kerb Weight 99 Kg Tyre Type Tubeless
Ground Clearance 165 mm Fast Charging Yes

Ola S1 Air Features

  • Starting (Remote Start,Push Button Start)
  • Clock
  • Wheels Type (Aluminium Alloy)
  • Speedometer (Digital)
  • Tyre Type (Tubeless)
  • Trip Meter (Digital)
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Ola S1 Air

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Ola S1 Air Bike Latest Updates

Ola has already secured more than 50,000 bookings for the S1 Air. Additionally, Ola Electric shared that it has received 75,000 bookings for the entire S1 lineup, which includes the Ola S1 Air, Ola S1X, and the Ola S1 Pro Gen 2. We even rode the S1 Air recently. Check out our review here.

The Ola S1 Air falls in the middle of Ola's electric scooter range, positioned between the entry level Ola S1X and the top-of-the-line Ola S1 Pro. It competes directly with conventional ICE scooters like the Honda Activa 6G and the TVS Jupiter.

Ola S1 Air Engine

The Ola S1 Air is driven by a hub motor with a nominal power output of 2.7kW and a peak power output of 4.5kW. It has a 3kWh battery pack, with which it has a certified range of 141km and a top speed of 85kmph. The electric scooter is built on a tubular frame and features a telescopic fork along with twin shock absorbers. For braking, there are drum brakes at both ends equipped with Combined Braking System (CBS) . The steel wheels are fitted with tubeless tyres. Other bits on the S1 Air include a 107kg kerb weight, 792mm seat height and a 165mm ground clearance.

Ola S1 Air Range

Ola claims a certified range of 151km for the S1 Air.

Ola S1 Air Charging Time

S1 Air battery takes 4 Hours 30 Minutes to get charged.

Ola S1 Air Variants

The S1 Air is available in a single variant and comes in six colourways: Stellar Blue, Neon, Porcelain White, Coral Glam, Liquid Silver and Midnight Blue.

Ola S1 Air Design

The Ola S1 Air takes a commuter approach to its design, when compared to the S1 Pro. It features a flat floorboard, black body cladding, a one-piece pillion grab rail, and steel wheels instead of alloy ones. While it may not have the eye-catching design elements of the S1 Pro, this makes the S1 Air a more budget-friendly choice within the Ola S1 series.

Key Features of Ola S1 Air

The Ola S1 Air is equipped with LED lighting all around and has a 7-inch touchscreen TFT instrument console with Bluetooth connectivity. It offers a range of features including music control, remote unlocking, and a side-stand alert. And all this can be enhances any time with a simple over-the-air (OTA) software update. The S1 Air also incorporates a remote unlocking function and offers three riding modes: Eco, Normal, and Sports. Plus, it features a contoured single-piece seat with an ample 34-litre storage space beneath it.

Ola S1 Air Competitors

Rivals for the Ola S1 Air include electric scooters like the Bajaj Chetak, TVS iQube (base variant) and the Okinawa Okhi90. For a similar price, though, you could also opt for popular petrol scooters like the Honda Activa 6G and the TVS Jupiter.

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Ola S1 Air Price

Ola S1 Air price start at Rs. 1.19 Lakh (Ex-Showroom). Ola S1 Air is offered in only one variant - STD.

S1 Air Price List (Variants)

S1 Air STD

. 101 km/charge
Rs. 1.19 Lakh
Ex-Showroom Price
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Running Cost of S1 Air

The S1 Air has a running cost of Rs. 0.19 per kilometer. Additionally, the monthly charging cost for the S1 Air is Rs. 285. This cost is calculated based on charging the vehicle at a rate of 6.5/ units of electricity and assuming a daily run of 50 kilometers.

Calculate running cost of your bike

101 km
Battery Capacity
3 kwh
Electricity Price
Total Running Cost
Rs 0.19/kilometer

Ola S1 Air Pros and Cons

  • S1 Air Advantages

    Strong performance, Convenient flat floorboard, Retains all features from the S1 Pro

  • S1 Air Disadvantages

    Jerky throttle calibration, Very aggressive regen braking even on medium setting, Should have gotten a front disc brake at this price

  • Expert's Conclusion

    The Ola S1 Air has the potential to be an good choice for commuting on an e-scooter. However, there are a few issues that should be addressed before we can properly recommend it to anyone. Additionally, it's unfortunate that Ola couldn't achieve its initially projected price due to changes in the FAME 2 subsidy.

Ola S1 Air Expert Review

The drop in the FAME II subsidy has hit EV buyers pretty hard and different EV makers have taken different approaches to remedy this by making their offerings more affordable. As for Ola Electric, they’ve built this, the brand new Ola S1 Air. Yes it does look like the S1 Pro, but underneath, it’s a whole new scooter, which has a lot of changes to make things more affordable. So what are these changes and how do they affect the way it rides?


One of the most obvious changes on the S1 Air can be seen up at the front. Gone is the single-sided suspension found on the S1 Pro; the S1 Air gets a conventional telescopic fork instead. It's also running on 12-inch pressed steel wheels (not alloys) and it's got drum brakes at both ends (instead of discs) with CBS.

The drum brakes on the S1 Air feel pretty ok for the most part. But as is the case with all drum brakes, brake hard a few times, and you immediately get some fade. This would’ve been fine if the S1 Air’s price was Rs 80,000 like Ola had originally promised. But at Rs 1,09,999 (ex-showroom), we would’ve expected a disc brake at least at the front.

Even at the back, the changes are very obvious. Gone is the angled monoshock, replaced by more conventional twin shocks and instead of the S1 Pro’s single-sided cast aluminum swingarm,, it's got a box-section steel swingarm.

On the butter-smooth roads outside the Ola Future Factory, we really couldn’t test how the S1 Air rides with this new suspension setup. But what we did observe was that the front rebound was pretty sharp while the rear rebound felt quite slow. How this will affect the scooter on the bumps and potholes in the real world is something we’ll have to see once we get the S1 Air for a proper road test.

Motor & Performance

But the biggest change on the S1 Air is, of course, its hub motor. While the S1 Pro gets a mid-drive motor and a belt drive, the S1 air is driven by a hub motor that’s a lot less powerful than the S1 Pro. 


Ola S1 Air

Ola S1 Pro


Hub Motor

Mid-mounted, belt drive

Nominal Output



Peak Output



Claimed acceleration (0-40kmph)

3.3 seconds

2.7 seconds

Claimed Top Speed



The S1 Air only comes with three riding modes: Eco, Normal and Sport. Unlike the Pro, this doesn’t get Warp mode which, honestly, is fine, as Sport Mode does feel quite peppy and should be quick enough for most things. Normal mode works well too, and would be our go-to mode for city riding. Eco though… well… just like on the S1 Pro, feels really slow and almost unusable under load. That said, it just might  work if you’re hypermiling and trying to extract maximum range.

The one issue we found on the S1 Air was the throttle calibration. Rolling on the throttle felt a bit jerky, especially in Sport mode. To top that off, regen braking, even in the medium setting, feels a bit too aggressive. And the negative throttle to engage regen braking feels a little too soft. So you can very easily engage the overly strong regen braking, making it feel like you’ve hit the brakes, when you simply just want to roll off the throttle. Also, as soon as you touch either of the brakes, the throttle cuts off instantly, which could make maneuvering in tight traffic a rather tricky affair.

But the throttle had an even larger issue, and that was even when you let off the throttle, the scooter kept accelerating for another half a second or so. Now this may feel irritating at times, and at other times could be downright dangerous. Of course, Ola told us that the models we were riding were all pre-production examples, so there are still some issues that have to be worked out. But an issue so potentially dangerous shouldn’t have passed muster at all.

Battery & Range


Ola S1 Air

Ola S1 Pro

Battery Capacity



Claimed full charge time

5 hours

6.5 hours

Now to really keep costs in check, Ola has given the S1 air a smaller battery pack of just 2.98kWh. But the best part of the battery pack now being smaller and lighter gives the S1 Air a flat floor board. Now it's not a very big floorboard, mind you, but it's big enough to carry a backpack very easily. Having the flat floorboard is also great because on the S1 Air, the underseat storage has gone down by two litres. Still, at 34 litres, it’s a pretty huge boot.

Of course a smaller battery pack means lesser range and Ola claims an IDC range of 125 kilometres for the S1 Air, as compared to 181km for the S1 Pro. But as we found out in our long-term test of the S1 pro, this number is a bit on the higher side. What you might get in real life is closer to 100km on the S1 Air in the real world, though that's quite all right.

The biggest benefit of the smaller battery pack and the reengineered chassis is a lighter kerb weight - a full 13kg lower than the S1 Pro. And this really makes the S1 Air feel light on its feet while changing directions. While we didn’t get to test this thoroughly, we believe the S1 Air will be a breeze to manoeuvre through city traffic.


The best part about the S1 Air is that it gets almost the exact same features as the S1 Pro. Sure, the Air’s 7-inch touchscreen console runs at a lower resolution than on the Pro, but that’s something you’ll rarely notice in everyday use. As for features, it gets the whole shebang - map-style navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, proximity unlock, music playback/control, built-in speakers, Party Mode, user profiles, riding moods, document storage, remote boot unlock, reverse Mode and OTA updates.


At Rs 1,09,000 (till Aug 15, 2023; Rs 1,19,999 after, both prices ex-showroom), which is about Rs 30,000 less than the Pro, the S1 air does make a good case for itself. But there are some issues that Ola must work out before we can recommend one. First, of course, is the throttle, which does feel very scary at times, and secondly the overall quality feels a bit inconsistent. The panel gaps all around, for instance, are a little bit off, and even the paint quality, at close inspection, looks a little bit suspect

But as mentioned before, Ola said we were the riding pre-production scooters, though at the same time we got to observe the S1 Air under full production at their Future Factory. So take what Ola says with a pinch of salt. 

Summing up, should you buy an S1 Air right away? Well, if I were you, I'd hold for a little while and see if Ola can work out all the kinks. But when they do, the S1 Air will make quite a lot of sense.

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Ola S1 Air User Reviews

Based on 10 rating & 56 reviews
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  • Price (4)
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  • Experience (2)
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  • 1.0
    Vehicle stopped

    Extremely bad experience.Vehicle stopped just after running 5 kms on the very day on which i took the delivery.My continuous efforts to get support from service team also failed as no one is attending the complaint even after almost 3 days.

  • Stylish scooter ever

    The Ola S1 Air arises as an extraordinary urban versatility result. Its cutting-edge project covers an eco-cognizant electric engine that skims unobtrusively through megacity lanes, icing an imperceptible presence. perceptible benefit and quick-fire fixing capacities suit it impeccably for diurnal excursions. impeccable mix with the route and applications increase its allure, companioned by roomy seating and storage facility. all things considered, its adornment cost could provide an opportunity to stop and think. On the whole, the Ola S1 Air sets an obscure norm for electric bikes, conveying common sense, fineness, and manageability clandestinely enlaced.

  • 1.8
    Worst product don't buy.

    Worst product don't buy.Next day of delivery my vehicle got break down.Still no proper resolution provided nor replacement of vehicle.Ola service is worst.No followup no customer care support is proper i request you honestly not to buy ola air.Better buy okaya or bgauss.

  • Need some upgrades

    I am using ola S1 air version for 7 months and there aren’t numerous faults excepts for many similar as the service center or service would be a far down option as OLA has limited showrooms. Also, AIR variant takes time to get completely charged and if I buy my bike from different megacity also completely charged OLA S1 AIR won’t be suitable option as riding rage is 128kms. I am not completely satisfied with this, it is just ok to use it there are better options.

  • 1.0
    Please don't buy ola air

    Please don't buy ola air because every 8 kilometre software error and no body have answer to repair on ola mechanic site

  • smarter urban transportation.

    OLA S1 AIR: Embracing the future of urban mobility in Bangalore is easy with the OLA S1 AIR electric scooter. Its compact design and emission-free operation make navigating through the city's lively streets and bustling IT corridors a sustainable delight. The scooter's nimble handling and convenient features ensure a hassle-free ride, whether I'm commuting to work or exploring the vibrant neighborhoods. It's not just a scooter; it's a reflection of my commitment to cleaner and smarter urban transportation.


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Ola S1 Air Colours

Ola S1 Air in India is available in 6 different and exciting colours, S1 Air colours options available in markets are - Stellar Blue, Stellar Blue, Porcelain White, Liquid Silver, Coaral Glam and Neon.
Colours of S1 Air

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S1 Air
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Ex-Showroom Price
Rs.1.19 Lakh onwards Rs. 1.39 Lakh onwards Rs. 1.25 Lakh onwards Rs. 1.06 Lakh onwards Rs. 1.25 Lakh onwards
User Rating
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Hub motor Mid Drive IPM PMSM BLDC PMSM
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Ola S1 Air Riding Range

ARAI Claimed 101 Km/Charge

Ola S1 Air Videos

Watch Ola S1 Air videos to know more about this. Subscribe to the ZigWheels YouTube channel for detailed reviews, comparisons, exterior and interior walkarounds, pros & cons, specs & features, and lots more.

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying S1 Air

Q. What is the service cost of OLA S1 AIR?
  • For this, we'd suggest you please visit the nearest authorized service centre of Hero as they would be able to assist you. Follow the link and select your city accordingly for service centers.
Q. How many colours are available in the Ola S1 AIR?
  • Ola S1 Air is available in 4 different colours - Porcelain White, Liquid Silver, Coral Glam, Midnight Blue.
Q. What is the price of OLA S1 AIR in Jaipur?
  • The Ola S1 Air is priced at INR 99,999 (Ex-showroom Price in New Delhi). You may click on the given link and select your city and variant accordingly for an estimated on-road price.
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S1 Air Questions and Answers

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Ola S1 Air FAQs

What is the price of Ola S1 Air in 2023?

The 2023 ex-showroom price of Ola S1 Air is 1.19 Lakh. Check On Road Price of S1 Air. .

What is the mileage of Ola S1 Air in 2023?

The ARAI claimed mileage of Ola S1 Air is 101 Km/Charge. Also check User Reported Mileage of S1 Air.

Does the Ola S1 Air have ABS?

No, ABS feature is not available in Ola S1 Air. View full specification of S1 Air.

Which is better Ola S1 Air or Ather 450X?

Ather 450X Price starts at Rs. 1.25 Lakh which is Rs. 5,551 costlier than base model of Ola S1 Air priced at Rs. 1.19 Lakh. Compare Ola S1 Air vs Ather 450X on the basis of price, specs, features, reviews.

What is the EMI of Ola S1 Air in Delhi?

The EMI for the base variant of Ola S1 Air in Delhi is Rs. 3,457 per month @ 9.45% for a tenure of 36 months.

What are the colours available in Ola S1 Air?

Ola S1 Air is available in 6 colour : Stellar Blue, Stellar Blue, Porcelain White, Liquid Silver, Coaral Glam and Neon. View colour images of S1 Air.

On a Full Charge, what is the range offered by Ola S1 Air?

Ola S1 Air offers a range of 101 km/charge.

How much time does a Ola S1 Air take to fully charge?

S1 Air taking 4 Hours 30 Minutes to get fully charged.

What is the battery life of Ola S1 Air?

Battery capacity of S1 Air is 3 Kwh.

Fast Charging support not not?


What is the top speed of Ola S1 Air?

The maximum speed of Ola S1 Air is 90 km/hr

What is the kerb weight of Ola S1 Air?

The kerb weight of Ola S1 Air is 99 Kg.

Ola S1 Air Road Tests

2707 views 10 Aug, 2023
The Ola S1 Air: First Ride Review
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