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Top electric bikes in India include RV400 (Rs. 1.33 Lakh), F77 (Rs. 2.99 Lakh), Rorr (Rs. 1.49 Lakh) and Ranger (Rs. 1.68 Lakh). Check our list of 35 Electric Bikes in the price range of Rs. 61,500 - Rs. 3.99 Lakh.
Look at the list of e-bikes with complete information about price, range, charging time, battery, reviews, specifications & other features so that you could choose the best electric bike of your choice. Also see our Electric Scooters Segment.

Best Electric Bikes/Motorcycles in India 2024

Model Ex-showroom Price Range
Revolt RV400 Rs. 1.33 Lakh 80-150 km/charge
Ultraviolette F77 Rs. 2.99 Lakh 211 - 323 km/charge
Oben Rorr Rs. 1.49 Lakh 187 km/charge
Komaki Ranger Rs. 1.68 Lakh 140 - 200-250 km/charge
Tork Kratos R Rs. 1.49 Lakh 180 km/charge
Okaya Ferrato Disruptor Rs. 1.59 Lakh 129 km/charge
Matter Aera Rs. 1.73 Lakh 125 km/charge
Komaki XGT CAT 2.0 Rs. 1.01 Lakh 110 - 95-100 km/charge
ABZO VS01 Rs. 1.45 Lakh 180 km/charge
Revolt RV400 BRZ Rs. 1.26 Lakh 80-150 km/charge

List of Electric Bikes

Best Electric Scooters

Best Electric Cycles

Key Highlights of Electric Bikes

Upcoming Electric BikesVespa Elettrica, Tork Electric Bike, Electric Bike
Popular Electric BikesRevolt RV400, Ultraviolette F77, Oben Rorr, Komaki Ranger, Tork Kratos R
Electric Bike Charging Stations404
Most Expensive Electric BikeUltraviolette F77 (Rs. 3.99 Lakh)
Cheapest Electric BikeAtumobile Atum Version 1.0 (Rs. 61,500)

Electric Bikes Key Components

  • Types Of Battery

    The battery pack is the heart of any electric vehicle. There are two major types of batteries: Lithium-ion and Lead Acid. As the name suggests, lithium-ion battery packs use lithium as the primary compound at the positive electrode while the negative electrode is usually made out of graphite. These batteries have a higher charge density, low self-discharge levels, and are generally lighter than lead acid batteries. They also offer better range and faster charging capabilities, but come at a higher cost. The Ather 450X is a perfect example of an electric two-wheeler powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. The first rechargeable batteries to have ever been created are in fact lead acid batteries. Modern electric vehicles use Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries (VRLA), wherein the lead electrodes are suspended in a gel-like electrolyte. These batteries are less expensive to make but their charge density isn’t as good as lithium-ion ones, so the range offered is relatively lesser. They are also heavier and take longer to charge. A prime example of an electric scooter powered by a VRLA battery is the Hero Electric Optima LX.

  • Types Of Motors

    The energy stored in the battery is translated into motion using an electric motor. There are two major types of electric motors: Hub and Frame-mounted. The brushless DC hub motors, in particular, are used in most of the electric two-wheelers. They are fairly easy to install, do not require transmission components, and are affordable to manufacture as well. However, they result in an increased unsprung weight, which negatively impacts the handling of a two-wheeler. The TVS iQube Electric is a great example for an electric scooter with a hub motor. Frame-mounted motors, or mid-drive motors, are mounted onto the vehicle’s frame, and are linked to a transmission drive, which is usually either a belt or sometimes a chain. These motors are powerful, and also ensure the centre of gravity is optimised in a two-wheeler. But on the flip side, they are expensive, and the transmission drives may need regular maintenance. The Ather 450X comes with a frame mounted motor.

  • Types Of Battery Layouts

    Electric two-wheelers have either a fixed battery pack or a removable one. The chassis of EVs with fixed battery packs are relatively simple, and are easy to manufacture. But since they cannot be removed, the electric two-wheelers will have to be heavily dependent on charging infrastructure. The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter comes with a fixed battery pack. Two-wheelers with removable battery packs have their chassis designed in a way to accommodate easy installation and removal of the batteries. This increases the engineering complexity, and thereby ends up increasing the manufacturing costs. But the biggest advantage is the ability to simply remove the battery pack and charge it wherever convenient. The Revolt RV 400 comes with a removable battery pack, which can easily be replaced with a fresh one in minutes.

  • Types Of Charging

    There are two ways to charge a battery pack. The conventional way is to simply plug the charger into a 3-pin 5A socket and let it charge overnight. While this takes a long time to charge the battery completely, it does not heat up the battery pack as the amount of current induced is low. The Hero Electric Photon HX, for example, takes 5 hours to charge completely. On the other hand, a fast-charging system sends large amounts of current into the battery pack, thus charging them up quickly. However, batteries that are compatible with fast charging systems need to have excellent thermal management to ensure their longevity. Electric bikes and scooters with fast-charging technology are expensive too. The Ather 450X uses a proprietary AC and DC combined fast-charging system that can juice up the battery in over an hour.

Electric Bikes Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Pros
  • Cons


The biggest USP of electric bikes is that they produce zero vehicular pollution. Electric bikes run on electricity which means they don’t burn any fossil fuels and do not contribute to air pollution.

Low Maintenance Costs

Electric bikes have less moving parts compared to ICE bikes. Lithium-ion battery packs last for years before you might need to replace them. Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication keeps the bike running without spending big bucks.

Government Subsidies

The Government has launched benefits under FAME II scheme (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles) to encourage citizens to purchase Electric bikes and scooters. One can expect better prices with these incentives, and more manufacturers launching electric bikes.

Cost Effective

With rising prices of fuel, buyers may prefer electric bikes as the price per unit for electricity does not fluctuate rapidly. The maintenance and recharging of electric bikes is more affordable.

Higher Price Bracket

Most electric bikes cost upwards of 90,000/- as compared to fuel bikes. Hence, it requires the buyer to make a high initial investment. The major contributor to high cost is the lithium-ion battery packs in electric bikes which costs around 50% of the total cost of the bike.

Lower Range

The range of an electric bike is defined as the distance covered by it after one time charging. With a charge of about 5 hours, an electric bike can run somewhere close to 100 Kms. This makes it a little unsuitable for long distance rides.

Scarce Charging Stations

Although the number of charging stations is expected to increase over the coming years, finding a station in proximity for EV bike owners is still an inconvenience. Finding a petrol pump is relatively easier than finding an EV charging station.

Longer Charging Duration

Electric bikes may take up to 5 hours to charge fully whereas it takes only a couple of minutes to refuel a petrol/diesel bike. Fast chargers are not available at all charging stations which causes inconvenience to the user.

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Electric Bikes Comparisons

Electric Bikes User Reviews

  • RV400
    1282 reviews
    an achievement in true sense 

    The Revolt RV400 is a budget-friendly electric bike aimed at the youth of my age. It claimed range of the RV400 is around 150 kilometers on a single charge, which is suitable for most daily commutes in urban environments. My father loves to ride it as he is eco- conscious for the environment . Coming on the features section it comes with essential features like disc brakes, alloy wheels, and a USB charging port. But keep in mind there is a lack of charging infrastrucuter.

    Anonymous 3 days ago
  • F77
    203 reviews
    I cant belive this. This 

    I cant belive this.This is such a super power bike in electrical vehicle i like this bike and the bike features are very advanced no more any to judge to this bike.Most part of this its range very high not any bike doesn't have that much of range and the finally it's a best bike i had ever seen.

    EE-114 (Verified User) 6 days ago
  • Rorr
    480 reviews
    I never used e bikes. But 

    I never used e bikes.But i hope this nick will change my life.With saving my budget.

    Anonymous 1 week ago
  • Ranger
    141 reviews
    Fast faster 

    Very fast faster than activa i drove it at 110 on downhill is stable after sales is also comfortable seats it looks like bullet many of my friends say that it looks like a 4lakh bike.It costed me 2 lakh on road in delhi.

    Sudesh (Verified User) 1 week ago
  • Kratos R
    218 reviews
    Excellent model 

    This bike is an excellent model for ev.I tested more vehicles but i fully comforted tork kratos r.I took a test drive from a kerala tvm dealer.Aban motors pvt ltd, Kumarapuram.When i visited the showroom they explained all the features and offered a test drive, Excellent dealings.When i drive i feel fully comfortable because when i drive more than 75 km speed then suddenly brake vehicle stopped the same place without any skid or vibration.The main point i found built quality of that vehicle.Fully indian-made and chain drive.I suggest a tork vehicle for purchase in ev bike.When i searched tvm dealers in ev i heard aban motors is one of the best dealer in ev.That i experienced when i first visited there.Thanks to aban and tork motors.

    Binoj (Verified User) 3 days ago

Running cost of Electric bikes

How much money does one need to spend on charging and running an Electric bike? Does an electric bike cost less or more than petrol bike on a daily basis? The running cost of EV bikes can be compared with that of petrol bikes using our calculator. Choose your favourite models to compare and see the cost per km incurred on your EV and petrol bikes.

Electric Bikes Question and Answers

Popular Electric Bikes Road Test

FAQs on Electric Bikes

Which Electric Bike is the best?

Revolt RV400 is the best one currently to buy with a price of Rs. 1.33 - 1.38 Lakh.

What are the popular electric bikes in the market?

The most popular electric bikes in the market are Revolt RV400, Ultraviolette F77 and Oben Rorr.

Are there any upcoming electric bikes in India in 2024?

Yes, the popular upcoming electric bikes which are going to be launched in India in 2024 are Elettrica, Electric Bike and Electric Bike, also check all upcoming electric bikes.

Why should I buy Electric scooters or bikes in India?

6 of the world's 10 most polluted cities are in India, and New Delhi has the lowest air quality of any capital city in the world. Air pollution kills over 12 lakh people in India every year, and one of the biggest contributing factors to air pollution is the transportation sector. With EV technology and charging infrastructure improving every day, electric two-wheelers are the best way for consumers to contribute towards improving air quality in India.

How can I charge an electric bike?

Electric vehicles can be charged either via a socket located on the vehicle itself, or in the case of a removable battery, through a portable charger using any conventional 5-amp socket. Some EVs offer both options.

How long does it take to charge an electric bike's battery?

Depending on the size and type of battery and the rating of the charger, a full charge can take anywhere from an hour to 7 or 8 hours.

What are the types of battery used in electric bikes?

EVs can use lead-acid batteries like IC-engined vehicles, or lithium-ion/lithium-polymer batteries. The latter provide better energy density while being significantly lighter, giving them an advantage over lead-acid batteries.

What is the life of a battery that is used in an electric scooter?

Lithium-ion batteries usually come with a 5 to 7 year warranty.

What is the approximate weight an electric scooter can carry?

Most high-speed electric scooters (power >2.5kW) can carry loads comparable to any petrol-powered 100-110cc scooter.

What is the approximate range of an electric bike or scooter?

As technology improves, so does an EV's range. But at the moment, most electric scooters/bikes offer between 50km and 100km of range on a full charge.

Are electric bikes suitable for hilly regions?

The instant and significant torque offered by electric motors makes them well-suited to hilly areas. However, the greater loads will reduce the range quite drastically. One must also note that the performance of EVs usually declines as the battery's charge levels drop.

What is the cost of a lithium-ion battery?

Depending on the type and size of the battery pack, it can cost anywhere between Rs 30,000 and 70,000 to replace.

Do electric bikes/scooters need a license?

EVs with a motor rated at 2.5kW or higher require a license just like a conventional two-wheeler.

How does an electric scooter/motorcycle work?

Instead of a petrol engine powering the rear wheel, an electric motor is used to drive the vehicle. This motor derives power from a battery located on the vehicle itself, which has to be charged up from time to time. Usually, no gearbox is used so electrics are automatic.

Do electric bikes/scooters need insurance?

Yes, EVs require vehicular insurance for accidental damage/failures just like conventional vehicles.

Are electric bikes/scooters safe?

The battery packs are sealed and water-resistant, making them safe to use in all conditions, even in the rain.

Do electric motorcycles make noise?

There is a slight whining sound from the electric motor, but much less when compared to a petrol engine in the case of belt drive or hub mounted motors. If the electric two-wheeler employs chain drive, then it's more audible.

Do electric bikes have motors?


Do we need to have a license and registration for electric bikes?

Electric bikes powered up to 250 watt motor and capable of running at a top speed of not more than 25 kmph, do not need licence and vehicle registration.

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