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Abhyyy (Verified User) Owned

Best bike battery achhi chalti


Best bike battery achhi chalti hai.Pick up achhi deti hai.

(10 Jul 2024) 0

Best ev if anyone going to

Best ev if anyone going to college and and for daily use

(8 Jul 2024) 0

Its great joy to ride oben

Its great joy to ride oben rorr, After this bike i don't want to look on other bikes

(29 Jun 2024) 0
Balan (Top ZW Voice)

Mosque opposite

Lakshmi nagar3rd street, Mosque opposite, Salamangalam padappai

(27 Jun 2024) 0

Oben Rorr Pros and Cons

Rorr Positives Points: Offers peppy acceleration and good performance. Among the highest range for any Indian electric two-wheeler. Engaging handling dynamics. Good value with state and central subsidies included.

Rorr Negatives Points: Fit and finish levels are crude. Throttle calibration needs to be improved. Rear brake locks-up easily, no ABS option. Lacks connected features.

Zigwheels Expert's Conclusion : The Oben Rorr delivers performance, but it doesn't deliver the riding experience. Hopefully the production version will address the teething issues as we see a lot of potential in the Rorr.

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Helpful Reviews of Rorr

Sudipto (Verified User) Owned

Title: Oben Rorr Electric


Title: oben rorr electric bike review: unleashing the power of eco-friendly commuting introduction:the oben rorr electric bike is a remarkable two-wheeler that combines cutting-edge technology with eco-conscious design.With an impressive range of 200 kilometers, A peak speed of 100 kmph, And a robust 10 kw motor power, The oben rorr offers a thrilling ride while prioritizing sustainability.In this review, We will delve into its features, Performance, And user experience, Highlighting its ability to revolutionize your daily commute.Design and build quality:the oben rorr boasts an eye-catching and aerodynamic design that exudes style and sophistication.The frame is built with sturdy yet lightweight materials, Ensuring a comfortable ride without compromising on durability.The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the bike, From the ergonomic handlebars to the sleek led headlights, Making it a true head-turner on the road.Performance:equipped with a powerful 10 kw motor, The oben rorr delivers an exhilarating riding experience.Its impressive peak speed of 100 kmph ensures swift acceleration, Giving you the freedom to navigate through traffic effortlessly.Whether you're cruising along city streets or embarking on long-distance journeys, The oben rorr's exceptional performance will leave you with a smile on your face.Range and battery life:one of the standout features of the oben rorr is its remarkable range.With a capacity to cover up to 200 kilometers on a single charge, This electric bike ensures you won't be left stranded during your daily commute or weekend adventures.The high-capacity battery provides reliable power, And the advanced energy management system optimizes efficiency, Allowing you to go the extra mile without worry.User experience:the oben rorr is designed to provide a relaxing and enjoyable ride for users of all levels of experience.The adjustable suspension system absorbs bumps and uneven surfaces, Ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey.The intuitive control panel provides easy access to various features, Allowing you to personalize your riding experience effortlessly.Additionally, The bike's low noise emission adds to the overall tranquility and enjoyment of the ride.Safety features:safety is a top priority with the oben rorr.The bike is equipped with powerful disc brakes that deliver precise and reliable stopping power, Even at high speeds.The led headlights and taillights enhance visibility, Ensuring that you're always seen on the road, Day or night.Furthermore, The bike's stability and maneuverability inspire confidence, Making it a reliable choice for urban commuting or adventurous rides.Conclusion:the oben rorr electric bike offers an impressive blend of power, Range, And user-friendly features that set it apart from its competitors.With its exceptional 200 km range, A peak speed of 100 kmph, And a powerful 10 kw motor, It is an ideal choice for both city commuting and long-distance journeys.The oben rorr's sleek design, Relaxing user experience, And commitment to sustainability make it a standout option for eco-conscious riders.Embrace the future of transportation with the oben rorr electric bike and revolutionize your daily commute with style and power.

Sudipto's Rorr gives mileage of 200 kmpl

"Embrace Electric Innovation with the Oben Rorr El

the electric bike by Oben Rorr. With plenitude of contemporary faculty and prosecution, I am fond of this model because it provides harmonious avail and true riding sapience. Open seats and a strong lift handed by the Rorr give a stimulating and secure experience. Its electricmotor provides significant power and quick acceleration, making it an instigative choice for sportfisherman suckers. The Rorr's outside design exudes a satiny and original vibe, and its features give comfort and slice- edge invention. Professionals blend its sophisticated strategy, solid prosecution, andeco-friendly conditioning. In any script, possible downsides might include shorter charging ages and a limited reach.

Balsa (Verified User) Owned

यह बाइक बहुत ही अच्


यह बाइक बहुत ही अच्छी है और इसकी चलने की कैपेसिटी है वह बहुत अच्छी है और यह माइलेज ही बोला था देती है और इसका चार्जिंग भी फास्ट है एक बार चार्ज करने पर यह 200 किलोमीटर निकाल लेती है यह बाइक मार्केट में बहुत तेजी से आ रही है

Balsa's Rorr gives mileage of 200 kmpl

fashionable electric two-wheeler

An outstanding electric bike with incredible design and construction quality is the Oben Rorr. When it is in the lethal red colour variation, its presence on the road is breathtaking. The bike's appearance raises its allure and distinguishes it from the competition. The Rorr, which costs Rs. 1.25 lakh, is a fantastic option for riders searching for a high-end, fashionable electric two-wheeler. The Rorr offers an exciting experience and is a great option for fans looking for both performance and beauty in an EV bike with a peak speed of 100 kmph.

Oben Rorr
Oben Rorr
Rs. 1.49 Lakh
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Problems in Rorr

Hitesh (Verified User)

Plz note 1 ev bike should

Plz note 1 ev bike should be for all age group, Oben fails here, 2 as said it will launch and will be delivered in june'22 still the youngsters are disappointed.Hope whatever you have it should be presented not to be delayed, Delayed means coustomer thinks negative for all upcoming bikes.

Mayank (Verified User)

Perfect bike

This is the perfect bike in all terms, Be it price, Looks, Cost of running per kilometre and that what makes it different from other bikes.Not just this but with using oben rorr we not just save money but also the environment.

Mayank's Rorr gives mileage of 200 kmpl
Patel (Verified User)

Are bhai pahle is bike dealer

Are bhai pahle is bike dealer ka address do aur phir use bike kharidne do phir review mango dealer ka address dete nahi pan card no, Birth date, Address mangte ho

Pawan (Verified User)

I wan to details about the

I wan to details about the oben roll and want to see and take test drive before purchase i did not found any showroom in ggn for this bike


Best User Experiences with Rorr

Imran (Verified User) Owned

With a neo-classical design, The oben rorr electric motorcycle accelerates from 0 to 40 kilometres per hour in 3 seconds and has a top speed of 100 kilometres per hour.The 4.4kwh fixed battery pack requires around 2 hours to fully charge, And it takes about 200 miles to reach the next charging station.Although there are few details about the variations, We do know that there will be three colour options for the oben rorr electric bike.

Mayank (Verified User)

Compact rear

Retro elements and a streetfighter design are added to the oben rorr.The broad handlebars, Split seats, Tank extensions, Circular led headlight with an integrated led drl, And compact rear all contribute to the bike's sophisticated design.The vehicle sports 17-inch alloy wheels, A 200 mm ground clearance, And a 230 mm water wading capacity.

Shivam (Verified User) Owned

Price range


A sleek experience with all the necessary and conventional obligations fulfilled.The appearance is attractive, With the retro look on the outside and great power on the user's hand, The 200km range is a must have and in this price range can't say i deserve a better option than this.Makes every cent count!.

Sandeep (Verified User)

It's give smooth ride , and

It's give smooth ride, And having different bike sound settings that make you like petrol bike and it's stylish look can give every rider best match.Its distance range is 150-200 depends on modes you activate its price ranges in 100****000 depend on states.It's sexy bike like your girlfriend.Jst order it and enjoy riding.

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