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Electric Scooters Above 1 Lakh

Here is a list of 9 electric scooters above 1 lakh available in India. The most popular electric scooters above 1 lakh include TVS iQube Electric (Rs. 1.00 Lakh), Ather 450X (Rs. 1.13 Lakh) and Simple Energy One (Rs. 1.09 Lakh). The top bike manufacturers that produce electric scooters above 1 lakh are TVS, Ather, Simple Energy, Bajaj, Avera. Check out best electric scooters above 1 lakh in India from TVS iQube Electric to Prevail Electric Elite.

Electric Scooters Above 1 Lakh Price List

ModelEx-showroom Price
TVS iQube ElectricRs. 1.00 Lakh
Ather 450XRs. 1.13 - 1.32 Lakh
Simple Energy OneRs. 1.09 Lakh
Bajaj ChetakRs. 1.00 - 1.15 Lakh
Avera RetrosaRs. 1.08 Lakh
SUPER ECO S 2Rs. 1.05 Lakh
M2GO CivitasRs. 1.04 Lakh
White Carbon Motors GT5Rs. 1.15 Lakh
Prevail Electric EliteRs. 1.29 Lakh

Electric Scooters Above 1 Lakh in India

Electric Vehicles Pros & Cons

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The biggest USP of electric bikes is that they produce zero vehicular pollution. Electric bikes run on electricity which means they don’t burn any fossil fuels and do not contribute to air pollution.

Low Maintenance Costs

Electric bikes have less moving parts compared to ICE bikes. Lithium-ion battery packs last for years before you might need to replace them. Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication keeps the bike running without spending big bucks.

Government Subsidies

The Government has launched benefits under FAME II scheme (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles) to encourage citizens to purchase Electric bikes and scooters. One can expect better prices with these incentives, and more manufacturers launching electric bikes.

Cost Effective

With rising prices of fuel, buyers may prefer electric bikes as the price per unit for electricity does not fluctuate rapidly. The maintenance and recharging of electric bikes is more affordable.

Higher Price Bracket

Most electric bikes cost upwards of 90,000/- as compared to fuel bikes. Hence, it requires the buyer to make a high initial investment. The major contributor to high cost is the lithium-ion battery packs in electric bikes which costs around 50% of the total cost of the bike.

Lower Range

The range of an electric bike is defined as the distance covered by it after one time charging. With a charge of about 5 hours, an electric bike can run somewhere close to 100 Kms. This makes it a little unsuitable for long distance rides.

Scarce Charging Stations

Although the number of charging stations is expected to increase over the coming years, finding a station in proximity for EV bike owners is still an inconvenience. Finding a petrol pump is relatively easier than finding an EV charging station.

Longer Charging Duration

Electric bikes may take up to 5 hours to charge fully whereas it takes only a couple of minutes to refuel a petrol/diesel bike. Fast chargers are not available at all charging stations which causes inconvenience to the user.

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Electric Scooters Above 1 Lakh User Reviews

  • iQube Electric
    86 reviews

    Top speed as per spec is 78kmph but in the normal road top speed achieved at 84kmph.Range as per the spec is 75km but in eco mode as per my calculation it would give only 67km.Suspension and design are good.Unnecessarily two drl are provided which is consuming power even though it is led lamp.App is not functioning and blue tooth connectivity is poor.App dashboard shows wrong data and they have improve lot in the app development.

    Sridarr 2 weeks ago
  • 450X
    70 reviews

    Exceptional vehicle.Absolutely no complaints whatsoever!! brilliant acceleration and handling.Only worry is the software and app which is buggy.But the quality of the vehicle and the joy of riding make up for it!! charging is hassle free.Range has always worked out more than what is advertised.

    Swapnil 2 months ago
  • One
    59 reviews

    Excellent, "simple" one scooter is amazing! range is 236 kms & top speed is 105 kmph.Lots of features, Bluetooth connectivity, 30 ltr boot space capacity, Dual disc brakes, Fixed and removable battery, Navigation, Tyre pressure monitoring system, 7 inch display etc.

    NITHIN 1 month ago
  • Retrosa
    4 reviews

    Worst scotter in indian history.Fake odo meter, Shock observers are worst.Pavilion will have feeling of falling from scotter.Customer and service care are worst of all, Took more than 10 days to resolve small issues.Very high cost spare parts and service charge.You will lose peace of mind.

    Avinash 2 months ago
  • 450X
    70 reviews

    Premium electric bike.Best in segment.World class technology.Once taken a test ride fallen in love with this bike.Sporty looks.Ather will be best electric bike brand in world.

    Shiva 3 months ago
  • One
    59 reviews

    I buy new honda shine bs vi but in 6 month i pay more then 5000 for service charges.First month in my bike engine oil likeag after 3 month my key cylinder not working, Dish pad not working, Fuel meter bulb not working, Self button not working, Front break switch for back light not working, Start pluge not working-lots of problem in single honda shine bs vi bike.If any one want bill then pls inbox me or comment me i have the bill of services.I done my service in adity honda vasai east & vasai west-palghar mumbai maharashtra-401208.

    Pappu 3 months ago

Running Cost Of An Electric Bikes & Scooters

Electric bikes typically have a range of about 50 Kms-150 Kms. Taking average consumption of an EV two-wheeler as 3 units per charge and Rs. 15 per unit of electricity, a user will have to shell out about Rs. 45 per charge. With rising fuel prices, low running costs offer a respite to all EV bike users. So, for as low as Rs. 45, you can travel an average of 100 Kms till your next charge.

Electric Scooters Above 1 Lakh Question and Answers

  • Zigwheels
    Zigwheels 3 hours ago

    The Ather 450 is among the most premium and expensive electric two-wheelers on sale in India. The Ather 450 justifies its premium price with its list of features, performance, technology and range. The Ather 450X makes 6kW of peak power and offers a top speed of 80kmph. On the features list, the Ather 450X gets built-in Google Maps as well as digital document storage. Moreover, it also features Bluetooth connectivity enabling music and phone call controls. You also get 4G LTE SIM connectivity. On the other hand, the Chetak features a 4kW BLDC motor and offers two riding modes: Eco and Sport. Apart from its well-rounded design, the Chetak is slightly plain Jane on the feature front. It gets an LCD screen, geotagging, geofencing and turn-by-turn navigation. As of now, the Chetak is available only in Bengaluru and Pune which is also a limitation the customers have to face. So if you’re looking at a quick, fun to ride and tech-loaded scooter, the 450X is a no-brainer. But the jump in price is quite significant (Rs 25k more than Chetak) if you want to buy the scooter outright. If you factor in the base scooter with a subscription to the monthly performance packs, it doesn’t sound like a bad deal. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride before making the final decision. Follow the link and select your desired city for dealership details. Read More:- Ather 450X vs Bajaj Chetak

  • Zigwheels
    Zigwheels 1 day ago

    For this, we would request you to please get in touch with the nearest RTO office in your city as they would be able to assist you better with the required information.

  • Zigwheels
    Zigwheels 6 days ago

    For now, the Ather 450X is not available for sale in Punjab. You may get in touch with the brand directly for more details.

  • Zigwheels
    Zigwheels 6 days ago

    Simple Energy One comes equipped with a twin battery setup with one fixed and one removable unit. The former takes 2.75 hours while the latter takes 75 minutes to charge to 80 percent.

  • Zigwheels
    Zigwheels 1 week ago

    Unlike the rest of the e-scooters in its segment, the iQube features a hub motor. It’s IP67 rated which means you need not worry about water seeping into the motor. However, TVS recommends not to keep the scooter submerged for any longer than thirty minutes. So leaving the scooter parked in a flooded area is a big NO. You may check out the TVS iQube Electric: Road Test Review for more details.