Hero Lectro Electric Bikes

4.3 is average rating of Hero Lectro Electric bikes by 47 users
Lectro Electric bikes price starts at Rs. 18,999 for the Essentia SST, Glide SST and E-Zephyr SST and goes up to Rs. 26,999 for the top models like the Lectro Electric Essentia, Electric Glide Lady, Electric Glide Unisex and Electric E-Zyhpr. Lectro Electric offers 7 new bike models in India. Essentia (Rs. 26,999), Glide Lady (Rs. 26,999) and Glide Unisex (Rs. 26,999) are among the popular bikes from Lectro Electric. In the year 2019, Lectro Electric is going to launch 1 new model in India. Select a Lectro Electric bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

Hero Lectro Electric Bikes Price List in India - December 2023

ModelsEx-showroom PriceMileage/Range
H5Rs. 29,99930 km/charge
H3Rs. 28,49930 km/charge
F1Rs. 38,999250 km/charge
C5XRs. 38,99930 km/charge
C1Rs. 32,99930 km/charge
WINN-XRs. 44,41970-75 km/charge
WINNRs. 49,99955-60 km/charge
F3iRs. 42,99925 km/charge
F2iRs. 39,99925 km/charge
C8iRs. 39,99925 km/charge
C9Rs. 43,99925 km/charge
C7+Rs. 34,99925 km/charge
C7Rs. 34,99925 km/charge
C8Rs. 36,99930 km/charge
C6Rs. 34,99925 km/charge
C5Rs. 30,99930 km/charge
C3Rs. 28,99930 km/charge
F6iRs. 57,99960 km/charge

Hero Lectro Electric Bike Models in India

Key Highlights of Hero Lectro Electric Bikes

The key Highlights of Hero Lectro Electric Bikes include a diverse range of models like the popular Hero Lectro H5 and Hero Lectro H3, offering options like best mileage, most expensive, and lowest price. They also boasts an extensive network of 296 showrooms.
Popular Hero Lectro Bike ModelsHero Lectro H5, Hero Lectro H3, Hero Lectro F1, Hero Lectro C5X, Hero Lectro C1
Riding RangeF1 (250 km/Charge)
Most Expensive Hero Lectro BikeF6i (Rs.57,999)
Lowest PriceH3 (Rs.28,499)
Fuel TypeElectric
Hero Lectro Bike Showrooms296 Outlets
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Hero Lectro Electric Bike User Reviews

  • H5
    6 reviews
    Class economy 

    It's the best in class economy and have front suspension in this price is unbeatable

    Shantanu 6 months ago
  • H3
    5 reviews
    Nice experience 

    It was a nice experience using it i use it to go to school one full charge last upto 5 days for me i don't even have to peddal the whole way one thing is that it does not have have detachable battery

    Rudra 6 months ago
  • F3i
    2 reviews
    Please reconsider before 

    Please reconsider before buying.Our cycle has failed brakes time and again.The brakes are complicated and not suited for this bycycle.It takes a bit to get it repaired every 50km you ride.Stand is too weak to withhold the weight of the cycle.

    Mithun 1 year ago
  • C8i
    1 reviews
    I must say, a very cool bike 

    I must say, A very cool bike my hero.Before deciding to buy an electric cycle, I chose the home brand amongst all other brands and hero didn’t disappoint me.I smart feature is unique where i can monitor my cycle on my phone.

    Anonymous 8 months ago
  • H5
    6 reviews
    It's good to buy very low 

    It's good to buy very low price is this 26km per charge i has used 2 years and it's so comfortable to ride this bike

    Priyanshu 10 months ago

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Hero Lectro Electric Bike Comparisons

Bike comparisons can help you choose the right vehicle by comparing their features, performance, price, etc. By comparing these factors, it is easier for you to pick the right bike that suits your needs and preferences.
  • Hero Lectro H3
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 28,499
    Hero Lectro H5
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 29,999
    H3 vs H5
  • Hero Lectro F1
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 38,999
    Hero Lectro H5
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 29,999
    F1 vs H5
  • Hero Lectro C5X
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 38,999
    Hero Lectro H5
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 29,999
    C5X vs H5
  • Hero Lectro C1
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 32,999
    Hero Lectro H5
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 29,999
    C1 vs H5
  • Hero Lectro WINN-X
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 44,419
    Hero Lectro H5
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 29,999
    WINN-X vs H5
  • Hero Lectro WINN
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 49,999
    Hero Lectro H5
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 29,999
    WINN vs H5
  • Hero Lectro F3i
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 42,999
    Hero Lectro F2i
    Hero Lectro
    Rs. 39,999
    F3i vs F2i

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Hero Lectro Electric Bikes FAQs

Which are the most popular bikes of Hero Lectro in India 2023?

Top most popular bikes of Hero Lectro in india are H5, H3 and F1 available in India with starting price Rs 29,999

Which is the cheapest Hero Lectro bikes in India?

The cheapest Hero Lectro bike in India is H3, which is priced at Rs. 28,499.

Which is the best mileage bike in Hero Lectro?

F1 is the most mileage efficient model in Hero Lectro with a mileage of 250 km/charge.

What is the price range of Hero Lectro ?

Hero Lectro bikes in India comes in the price range of Rs. 28,499 to Rs. 57,999.

Which are the best Hero Lectro bikes under 50000?

The popular bikes offered by Hero Lectro in this segment are Hero Lectro H5, Hero Lectro C5 and Hero Lectro C6

Discontinued Hero Lectro Bikes

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