Deltic Electric Scooters

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Deltic Electric scooter price starts from Rs. 58,490 for Drixx and goes upto Rs. 1.26 Lakh for Trento. Deltic manufactures four scooters which are Electric powered. Deltic Drixx is one of the top Scooter in India . Choose a Deltic Electric scooter to know all the details, including the latest price & scooter offers at dealer showrooms in your city. You can also check out the specifications, images, scooter mileage, user reviews from fellow Deltic scooter owners and unbiased reviews by our auto experts.

Deltic Electric Scooters Price List in India - December 2023

ModelsEx-showroom PriceMileage/Range
DrixxRs. 58,49070-100 km/charge
LegionRs. 62,49070-100 km/charge
TrentoRs. 1.26 Lakh75 km/charge
ZGSRs. 95,49070 km/charge

Deltic Electric Scooter Models in India

Key Highlights of Deltic Electric Scooters

The key Highlights of Deltic Electric Scooters include a diverse range of models like the popular Deltic Drixx and Deltic Legion, offering options like best mileage, most expensive, and lowest price. They also boasts an extensive network of 43 showrooms and 1 service centers to ensure customer satisfaction.
Popular Deltic Scooter ModelsDeltic Drixx, Deltic Legion, Deltic Trento, Deltic ZGS
Riding RangeTrento (75 km/Charge)
Most Expensive Deltic ScooterTrento (Rs.1.26 Lakh)
Lowest PriceDrixx (Rs.58,490)
Fuel TypeElectric
Deltic Scooter Showrooms43 Outlets
Deltic Scooter Service Centers1
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Deltic Electric Scooter User Reviews

  • Drixx
    17 reviews
    Bad service 

    Very bad service and not respond after 1 month and his accessories is not available in surat

    Anonymous 1 month ago
  • Legion
    4 reviews
    "Unleash Power and Dominance with the Deltic Legio 

    I use daily the Deltic Legion Bike to dominate the thoroughfares. This model has captured my heart because of the provision it offers solid avail and an authentic lift experience that's packed with strength and rigidity. The Deltic Legion guarantees that you can explore any terrain by offering seats and an ordering lift. Its engine delivers strong power and force, making it suitable for both trace driving and off- road conditioning. The Army's outside design exudes roughness and continuity, but the accentuations give comfort and mileage. The primary areas of inflexibility and strong form quality that geniI use dailys integrate.

    Anonymous 4 months ago
  • Trento
    4 reviews
    "Experience Luxury and Performance with the Deltic 

    The Deltic Trento Bike lets you go in luxury. I am fond of this model because it provides good avail and true riding sapience while being filled with intricacy and experience. You may explore panoramic excursions with confidence thanks to the Trento's strong lift and wide seats. It's suitable for both long peregrinations and regular driving thanks to its engine's overall effect and productivity. The Trento's surface design exudes style and presence, while its highlights give space and ultramodern invention. Professionals I use daily it becaI use daily of its affable ergonomics, swish design, and adaptable perpetration.

    Anonymous 4 months ago
  • ZGS
    4 reviews
    "Unleash Power and Style with the Deltic ZGS Motor 

    Enjoy strength and effectiveness with the Deltic ZGS Bike. This model has captured my heart because of the provision it offers reliable avail and true riding sapience while being completely equipped with power and skill. You may advance with confidence becaI use daily to the ZGS's wide seating and engaging lift. BecaI use daily to the strong force and strength of its machine, it has a considerable presence in public. The ZGS's outside design exudes aggression and vigour, while its interior features comfort and slice- edge invention. Aces include their excellent prosecution, charming idea, and accommodating dealing with. Yet, implicit downsides might include a stronger suspense setup for rough areas.

    Anonymous 4 months ago
  • Drixx
    17 reviews
    "Experience Thrills with the Deltic Drixx Motorcyc 

    I use daily the Deltic Drixx Bike to release the rushes. This model has captured my heart because of the provision it offers reliable avail and true lift sapience while being packed with excitement and fineness. The Drixx offers open seats and a distinctive lift, icing an adrenaline- stinking experience. Its engine provides notable performance and power, making it an plainly thrilling option for riders seeking vigour. The Drixx's outside design exudes aggression and vigour, while its interior has ultramodern comforts. Professionals I use daily its energising prosecution, appealing plan, and attentive attention.

    Anonymous 4 months ago

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Deltic Electric Scooter Comparisons

Scooter comparisons can help you choose the right vehicle by comparing their features, performance, price, etc. By comparing these factors, it is easier for you to pick the right scooter that suits your needs and preferences.

Deltic Electric Scooters Question and Answers

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Deltic Electric Scooters FAQs

Which are the most popular scooters of Deltic in India 2023?

Top most popular scooters of Deltic in india are Drixx, Legion and Trento available in India with starting price Rs 58,490

Which is the cheapest Deltic scooters in India?

The cheapest Deltic scooter in India is Drixx, which is priced at Rs. 58,490.

Which is the best mileage bike in Deltic?

Trento is the most mileage efficient model in Deltic with a mileage of 75 km/charge.

What is the price range of Deltic ?

Deltic scooters in India comes in the price range of Rs. 58,490 to Rs. 1.26 Lakh.

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