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Abhilash Manari
Abhilash Manari 4.2 10 Jun 2019

First thing first: "The best value for money bike in this segment"Pros: - Good mid and top end power- Good seating position- Fare milage for a 373 cc bike- Awesome light throw by the headlights- Gives confidence while overtaking- The sound of the engine is Damm sweet, just love that bassy roar when I twist the throttle- One great feature that I saw in this bike is that, u can"t start the ride without disengaging the side stand, bike engine will go off if the side stand is engaged. So the accidents that could happen because of the negligent engagement of side stand is nullified here.- Breaking is Damm great, thanks to the dual channel absCons:- Weight: Bike is quite heavy, you won"t feel it once u picks up speed, it feels mostly when u try to pull the bike backwards or while parking.- Cornering: The bike has below average cornering capacity, again weight could have been a factor here.- Handle turn extend: The turning radius of the bike is quiet high, so it"s often difficult to turn the bike in a narrow street, and the weight of the bike makes it even more difficult.- Vibration: Even though the vibrations have said to be reduced compared to the previous model, still I can feel the vibrations on the handleOn an over all aspect, If u are looking for a bike which can do city commutes and highway cruising, and cruise at tripple digit speeds, go for it,Dominar is a beast

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 30 kmpl
Krish Vayaz
Krish Vayaz 4.6 10 May 2019

It's the best VFM bike available in India at the moment! I was considering Interceptor 650, but test drove this and zeroed on this. This is a wonderful machine. It loves to corner and zoom through the streets with ease. Take it on the open highway, you can cruise comfortably at 120kmph. It does everything a bigger bike can do at a very reasonable price. Build quality is very good as well. Overall I would say, grab one before Bajaj rises the pricing of this motorcycle. Its a steal at this price!. Well done, Bajaj

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 26 kmpl
Ravikiran Manjare
Ravikiran Ma.. 4.6 16 Jun 2019

This bike is absolute beast, however this bike is not meant to be ridden in traffic because so much power,its difficult to manoeuvre.Exhaust node is great,suspension is superb ,great headlights better than KTM 390. However bike is on heavier side . Gear shift is average ,turning radius is quite big,and the rear suspension is soft but these CONs are not that annoying and can be fixed.Well done bajaj 😎

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 26 kmpl
Surya Suri
Surya Suri 4.2 2 Aug 2019

Its a great bike, I just love it when I ride it,Great for touring Very comfortable, but when it comes to traffic it just drains the fuel, it feels heavy in low speeds if you ride slow for very long, couldn't take a sudden turn in streets. but when it comes to an open road it just excels in every part, taking an overtake is a cake walk. riding comfort, great. just loving this bike

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 25 kmpl
Sujit Thiru
Sujit Thiru 3.8 7 Jul 2019

Just got the Bike. love the features and styling, compared to he previous Generation model. Performance is better than the older generation as the DOHC engine, updated suspension (upside down forks), and double barrel exhaust gives it lot of presence in the road. Comfort, mileage and maintenance is yet to be tested. Will update in a few months of the experience.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides
Muhammed Fayas
Muhammed Fayas 4.6 12 Aug 2019

Don't look mileage for this bike.its a touring bike as well as daily commuter . Stock seat is not upto mark and as well some quality less in crash guard that's the only less quality in bike other than it is a good build bike.if you looking for touring I will suggest you to go for it

Uses this bike for : Tours
Gets mileage of : 30 kmpl
Manas Roy
Manas Roy 5.0 24 Jun 2019

It's a very good bike. It's value of money. With much powerful engine, better grips on road, comfortable riding for both rider and pillion, it's a better machine for tour and daily commute. Highway stability is awesome. It's power to over take, three digits cruising speed is again just awesome.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours
Gets mileage of : 30 kmpl
Hitesh Pundir
Hitesh Pundir 4.6 1 Jul 2019

I loved dominar 400 because of their handling and weight distribution and also loved green colour (arerol green)

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 22 kmpl
Paramesh Paramesh
Paramesh Par.. 4.2 4 Jun 2019

Using this bike for daily commute, gives me 30kmpl mileage. Comfort is good, upgraded from 100cc scooter.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 30 kmpl
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar 4.6 11 May 2019

Pickup is too much .and i love those bike who gives much speed is low cost so i love this bike

Uses this bike for : Tours
Gets mileage of : 21 kmpl
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