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  • Q. Sir, does it have 6 airbags version? If not, are they going to launch with this feature soon - S-Cross?
    Saumya | 1 year ago

    No it do not have 6 air bag version. Till now no updation is their that they are going to launch with this feature.

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  • Q. Which variant have you used? What was the on road price that you got? And how many airbags does it have - S-Cross?
    Sandeep | 3 months ago

    Zeta model,in 2016 1100000 something, 2 airbags on front

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  • Q. It's available in sunroof facility - S-Cross?
    Jaisal | 6 months ago

    I don't think. Latest model I am not sure. I bought s cross in 2015 and i didn't find sunroof facility at Nexa Showroom.

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  • Q. Is there a parcel tray available with the Delta variant - S-Cross?
    Sriranga | 1 month ago

    I'd say yes for my Delta 2017 Dec model.

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  • Q. What is meant by Cruise control - S-Cross?
    Shivraj | 3 months ago

    Cruise control is a device with which you can select the desired speed and put it under control, the car travels/cruses constantly at that speed at all times be it an uphill or downhill or a flat road. The desired speed is maintained at all times.When you want to set the speed you may drive the car at the desired speed and press the cruise control button and set button.When you set it on cruise control you may take off your leg form the accelerator. car under cruise control is displayed on the instrument panelThe advantage of this device is you may avoid over speeding inadvertently and also get a better fuel average.The cruise control device gets disconnected when you apply the brake. You may accelerate when required to speed up and when you take your foot off, the car decelerates to the preset speed, we can also alter the set speed by a select button called reset.Cruise control can\\\'t be set when the car is in 2nd gear or below 45 kmph speed.

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  • Q. When does the low fuel alert blinks in Maruti Suzuki S-Cross? What will be the remaining fuel just after the yellow blinks?
    Umang | 5 months ago

    The low fuel warning comes on when there is about 60kms of tank range left according to the on board computer. In liters there should be around 8 liters of fuel in the tank. You can check the car manual to be sure.

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    Q. What are the colours available in Maruti S-Cross?
    A. Maruti S-Cross is available in 5 colours:
    • Premium Silver

    • Caffeine Brown

    • Granite Grey

    • Pearl Arctic White

    • Nexa Blue

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