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Q. Are there any automatic transmission cars in Hyundai?
  • New Santro has also.
  • Yes Hyundai offers automatic transmission in some of its offerings.
  • Except Xcent i guess all other models have AMT.
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Q. Whether automatic version can be driven both manual and automatic - Grand i10?
  • Automatic transmission are of 3 types. Different manufacturers adopt one of three types or sometimes two.1). Torque converter type. This type has no manual option.2). CVT type. This too has no manual option.3). AMT or AGS type. Here you can select a manual mode BUT the gear shifting is just an up and down movement and NOT in the traditional H pattern, which kindly note. Plus there will be no clutch.
  • Torque converter does have L and 2 as manual gears
  • Manual mode in at cars are basically automatic cars but u have to shift gears but downshifting is automatic
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Q. What is difference between automatic and manual transmission?
  • Both the transmissions are good at their own place as manual transmission is really very good for off-roading and highway drive on the other hand, automatic is the best for city drive. Here are some points which will help you in choosing the right one: The maintenance cost for automatic transmission car is slightly higher than the manual transmission, Breakdown maintenance cost of manual transmission car due to transmission related failures is lower compared to automatic transmission because of lesser complexity of manual transmission. An automatic transmission is more prone to be in Non working condition than the Manual transmission. Because of the large number of parts inside an automatic gearbox, some faults may be caused by more than one component. If you are very specific about value for your money and you want best possible fuel efficiency from your car, you should buy Manual transmission and, If you are in search of driving comfort convenience and luxury, and you do not mind spending some extra money on cost of car and fuel, go for Automatic Transmission and you will be happy with the comfort and convenience of driving an automatic transmission car. Automatic transmission is highly recommended for stop-and-go congested city driving.
  • Automated manual transmission in Maruti Dzire offers automatic operation without the clutch pedal. It also has the convenience of manual shifting. Manual transmission, on the other hand, requires the use of a clutch and sometimes feels cumbersome in the grinding City traffic but has its own advantages on the Highways and hilly areas. In sum, automatic is without the clutch while the manual requires the clutch.
  • In a manual transmission the operation of gearbox is with help of a clutch but in a automatic transmission the gear box work without clutch pedal. The automatic transmission is mainly used in metros cities .
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Q. What are available options for a automatic petrol car under 8 lakhs?
  • There is an ample number of petrol automatic cars available under 8 Lakhs. For a perfect car choice, a comparison is to be done on the basis of price, size, space, mileage, performance, features, and other specs. Follow the below link to the list of the available cars - Cars. Moreover, you may have a test drive of the shortlisted cars for a better idea of comfort and drive quality by visiting the nearest dealer in your city. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership and selecting your city accordingly - Dealers.
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