Top selling Cars in India

  • The Maruti Dzire sits at the top of the compact sedan segment quite comfortably. A whole lot has improved with the new generation, and this time around, it actually deserves the number one spot.
  • The Swift is a better car than before in many ways: it is more practical, has the latest equipment and features, and very importantly - is fun to drive. But, this focus on handling and driving pleasure has made it less of a family hatchback. The ride is noticeably on the stiffer side, while this may make the enthusiastic drivers happy, the family man/woman may have to look someplace else for their next premium hatchback.
  • On the design front, the Alto 800 feels dated, but its strength lies in its reliable mechanicals, extensive sales and service network, low running costs and a strong resale value. Its USPs aren't visible to the naked eye and yet keep it at the top of its game.
  • The Alto K10 offers the same no-frills ownership experience that you'd associate with an Alto in a package that's quite a bit faster than the basic Alto 800. It has its shortcomings, which swell up when parked next to the Kwid. Thankfully, it packs no surprises, and that's its strength.
  • If you want to buy the Baleno because everyone else is, go ahead. It truly is a well-rounded package. We’re glad ABS and dual airbags are standard no matter what variant you choose. We’d recommend the slightly naughty RS variant - because we’re fun that way.
  • The Maruti Suzuki WagonR is still one of the best hatchbacks to buy in its segment, in spite of it being given a major upgrade back in 2010! Nothing combines space, performance, fuel-efficiency, low running costs and long-term reliability like the WagonR. There is even a more stylish version of the WagonR if the design of the standard car looks a bit too sedate to you.
  • The Elite i20 has stood the test of time and the facelift does just enough to keep the it relevant in a highly competitive segment. The new i20 features a few changes but is essentially still the same car with slightly improved driving dynamics. So if you’re looking for a frugal yet youthful family hatch, the i20 is still a viable option.
  • The Grand i10 may not have zing, but it’s as good as budget hatchbacks get. Hyundai has got the recipe of a small city hatch spot on. There’s no reason you shouldn’t consider buying one.
  • The Brezza ticks the basics of punch, practicality and peace of mind. If you can bear the ridiculously long waiting periods, you’ll end up with a compact-SUV that won’t let you complain. But, in all probability, so will everybody else.
  • The Celerio, though being the first car to introduce Indians to the concept of affordable automatic cars, has not been able to attract enough people, thanks to tough competition from better looking, better-equipped cars, priced lower and higher than it. It is not a bad car per se, but the multitude of options in the market don't help it stand out.

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