• Q. What is difference between automatic and manual transmission?

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Both the transmissions are good at their own place as manual transmission is really very good for off-roading and highway drive on the other hand, automatic is the best for city drive. Here are some points which will help you in choosing the right one: The maintenance cost for automatic transmission car is slightly higher than the manual transmission, Breakdown maintenance cost of manual transmission car due to transmission related failures is lower compared to automatic transmission because of lesser complexity of manual transmission. An automatic transmission is more prone to be in Non working condition than the Manual transmission. Because of the large number of parts inside an automatic gearbox, some faults may be caused by more than one component. If you are very specific about value for your money and you want best possible fuel efficiency from your car, you should buy Manual transmission and, If you are in search of driving comfort convenience and luxury, and you do not mind spending some extra money on cost of car and fuel, go for Automatic Transmission and you will be happy with the comfort and convenience of driving an automatic transmission car. Automatic transmission is highly recommended for stop-and-go congested city driving.

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    Kumar | 1 year ago

    Automated manual transmission in Maruti Dzire offers automatic operation without the clutch pedal. It also has the convenience of manual shifting. Manual transmission, on the other hand, requires the use of a clutch and sometimes feels cumbersome in the grinding City traffic but has its own advantages on the Highways and hilly areas. In sum, automatic is without the clutch while the manual requires the clutch.

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    Rohan | 1 year ago

    In automatic here you need to press the accelerator ( It is like driving Scooty) in manual here you need to shift you gear But in comparison manual transmission are having less maintenance than automatic transmission

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    Sai | 9 months ago

    For manual u should use u r mind to shift the gear and in automatic it uses its own mind to shift the gear if u want mileage u should go for manual and if u want comfortable driving go for automatic

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    Mohammad | 1 year ago

    In my car there are both auto and manual I think all other fortuner has same auto and manual gear shifting. Auto are gear sifted automatically by the car itself it is best to use in city traffic

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    Bhaskar | 6 months ago

    The transmission can be done manually is called "manual Transmission" and the transmission can be shift automatically is called "automatic transmission".

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    RABI | 2 months ago

    If you want milage go for manual and if you want comfat than automatic

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    Razik | 1 month ago

    In this price range manual transmission is good

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    Sandeep | 1 month ago

    Automatic is for comfort and manual is for Fun

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    Gautam | 10 months ago

    In manual you have to change the gear . In automatic The car will automatically change the gear. I would like to prefer automatic

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