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Certified used cars are top-quality, inspected used cars backed by warranties. These cars cost higher than any non-certified used car but much lesser than that of a new car. Not all certification programs are equal though. It is recommended that the buyer compares different certification programs before making her choice.
Pros :
     • Certified cars give a sense of security because of extensive inspection and warranty coverage
     • These cars are pre-selected and hence there is scant chance that the vehicle has a bad history
     • Manufacture backed certification programs come with servicing benefits and guarantee peace of mind for the consumer

Cons :
     • Certified used cars cost more than that of a non-certified used car
     • Though manufacturers make sure that the car is free of problems, there is no guarantee that it will be trouble free over the next few years
Shoppers who might prefer a new car, but can't quite afford one, are typical Certified used car buyers. With warranty coverage, you get a vehicle that's likely to be among the better choices out there. Sure, it's priced higher than an ordinary used car of the same type, but substantially lower than a new one. Just about everybody seeks a sense of security when buying a used car. It especially works great with young buyers.