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TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Latest Updates

The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V ushered in a new era of performance-oriented motorcycles from the bike maker, making it the company’s first bike with a 4-valve head. TVS has provided the naked with a few updates, the last one being the BS6 updates it received late last year. While available in multiple variants earlier, the RTR 200 4V BS6 is available in just one trim.

Apache RTR 200 4V Specifications

The 197.7cc single-cylinder air-cooled motor, with an oil-cooler, is fuel-injected, the carb variant couldn’t make it to BS6. While 20.5PS of power remains constant, peak torque rating has taken a serious hit -- from 18.1Nm on the BS4 motor to 16.8Nm now. The five-speed transmission gets slip and assist clutch. TVS has also introduced a feature called Glide Through Traffic or GTT. It helps the engine build up revs and bumps up the engine torque to get off the line smoother. This can be done by just modulating the clutch and with no throttle input. One of the major reasons why the Apache RTR 200 4V BS6 remains an able handler is its brilliant chassis. The double-cradle chassis is extremely potent for cornering fun with the suspension setup able to handle sport as well as daily riding situations. It still uses a conventional fork and monoshock setup, the latter suspension unit being tuned by KYB. TVS continues to use petal disc brakes at both ends with dual-channel ABS arriving as standard. The only new bit in terms of hardware are the tyres. TVS now offers a TVS Protorq radial rear tyre as an option alongside the usual bias-ply Pirelli Angel CiTy rubber.

Apache RTR 200 4V Design

The Apache styling DNA remains intact with the RTR 200 4V as the BS6 model now gets a LED headlight. It lends the bike a sharper face but the overall design is still familiar. It arrives in two colours with red accents on the body panels.

Apache RTR 200 4V Features

First featured on the TVS NTorq 125, the SmartXonnect Bluetooth console has made its way to the Apache RTR 200 4V. This update came a few months before the BS6 model. Aside from the usual trip-related data, the console helps you track your lap times, top speed, and even lean angles, although you have to keep your mobile connected to the dash for the last feature. And if you do keep your phone connected to the console, you will be able to receive calls as well as text alerts and make use of the turn-by-turn navigation feature.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Competitors

The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V BS6 locks horns with familiar rivals such as the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 and the KTM 200 Duke BS6. Bajaj is yet to officially launch the BS6 Pulsar but the prices of the bike will be on par with the Apache. However, the Duke has become a lot pricier in comparison to the TVS.

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TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Price

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V price start at Rs. 1.27 Lakh (Ex-Showroom). TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is offered in only one variant - STD.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Price List in India

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
Apache RTR 200 4V STD
197 cc |
Rs. 1.27 Lakh
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TVS Apache RTR 200 4V News Updates

Editor's View of TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

  • Upside

    Grunty and free-revving motor, Great exhaust note, Feature-rich

  • Downside

    Quick steering can be a problem for newbies, Slightly on the expensive side

  • Our Verdict

    The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V has been one of the nicest 200cc motorcycles in India. It is sharp and agile while maintaining a friendly power delivery. The lack of a sixth gear though limits its touring potential.

Apache RTR 200 4V Detailed Review

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Apache RTR 200 4V

Q. Can we change the rear tyre to RTR200 section like KTM?
  • TVS Apache RTR 200 4V comes with a rear tyre of 130/70-17. You may increase the tyre size to 140/70-10 but upsizing the tyre to 150/60-17 would be difficult as swingarm and suspensions will not allow you to. Moreover, for better clarity, we would suggest you to exchange your words with the authorised service centre. Check out authorised dealership details.
  • Does it come in Matt red ???
  • What color options
Q. Is Apache RTR 200 4V Race edition of BS4 engine available?
  • For the availability, we would suggest you walk into the nearest dealership as they will be the better people to assist you because it depends on their stock book. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership and selecting your city accordingly - Bike Showrooms
Q. Abs indication is continuously glowing on my TVS Apache RTR200 bs6. Is it any indication of problem?
  • In this case, we would suggest you to get it checked at the authorized service center because there might be some malfunction with the bike ABS and to be on the safer side it's always good to get it fixed as soon as possible. You can click on the following link to check the details of the nearest authorized service center - Service Center.
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Q. Which one is better Pulsar NS200 or Tvs apache rtr 2004v?
  • I have always been a fan of Pulsar Ns 200, but when it comes to Engine refinement and exhaust sound there is no comaprison to Apache rtr 200 4v. Now coming to Engine power, Ns has quite powerful output in terms of bhp which 23.7 in comparison to Apache mere 20.73 bhp. Also Ns has 0.3 Nm more torque than Apache.When it comes to long crusing over highways, Pulsar beats Apache at its peak with 6 gearbox as compared to Apache's 5 gearbox which helps Pulsar to attain top speed of around 145-150kmph. Both bikes have equal milegae output ie. Somewhere between 38-45kmpl (depends on how you drive)I just bought a New pulsar Ns 2019 Abs, clocked at around 178 kms and i guarantee you that i have never been more happier in my life.Only thing i miss in Pulsar 200Ns is Exhaust but seriously that is no big issue, you can install a much powerful exhaust (Akrapovic) which comes around 4000-6000 INR, and trust its the best exhaust avilable out there, put in some K&N air filters, use Motul Synthetic oil, install Hydraulic lever and you have got the Beast on two wheels. (These are the ideas from my Pulsar 200Ns, i assure you next time you see a Apache 200 rtr 4v on a highway, you are gonna pass it over like its a piece of cake on wheels😅 lol. Goodluck with your machine.
  • In our comparison test with the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, the NS200 came across as a well-balanced package that’s ideal for your daily city runs, occasional highway cruising and even for some fun on the twisties. The Bajaj Pulsar NS200 offers a lot more grunt, better-stopping power and well-balanced ergonomics in comparison to the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V. It also feels a lot more relaxed at high speeds. The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is a comfortable city bike with plenty of grunt and agility for a quick race off the traffic lights and to tackle some twisties as well. But the engine feels too strained out on the highway. Also, ergonomically, with the high-set footpegs it’s a tight spot for someone taller than 5 feet 10 inches. Even the brakes fail to inspire confidence under hard braking. Luckily though, TVS does offer ABS as an option. But then, the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 also gets ABS, a single-channel unit. Apart from that, the Bajaj is also a more well rounded motorcycle that does everything just right. The ride quality too is better on the Bajaj. So, if your daily riding consists more of city commutes, the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is the way to go. But if you are looking to ride your bike out on the highway as well, the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is a more potent tool to opt for.
  • Pulsar NS200 falls in the price range of Rs. 1.0 to 1.11 lakh (Ex-showroom, Delhi). The naked street-fighter retains the single cylinder, liquid cooled, triple spark, 199.5cc DTS-i engine which generates 23.5PS of maximum power at 9500rpm and 18.3Nm of peak torque at 8000rpm. It comes with an option of single-channel ABS as well & has claimed mileage of 30kmpl with a top speed of 135kmph. To know more, click on the link: https://bit.ly/2oX2IeV On the other hand, Apache 200 4V priced between Rs. 96,000-1.09 lakh (Ex-showroom, Delhi). It is the new iteration of TVS's 200cc motercycle which is equipped with slipper clutch that reduces the clutch lever effort and its 197cc air and oil-cooled single cylinder motor comes in two variants: carburetted and fuel injected. The carburetted mill makes 20.5PS at 8500rpm while the fuel injected one makes a slightly higher 21PS at 8500rpm. In safety feature RTR 200 has optional dual channel ABS that reduces the breaking distance while improving the staibility. To churn out more, click on the link: https://bit.ly/2ruIPJp You can compare these two bikes on the following link: https://bit.ly/2pdyKl9
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Q. Which bike is better Apache RTR 200 4V or Apache RTR 160 4V
  • Obviously RTR 200 4V is better bike among these two because of reasons given below1.Styling :- RTR 160 4V is Downscaled Version of RTR 200 so looks are subjective this statement is not applicable here And if you will look in pictures RTR 160 4V will look equally good but in real life the difference is apparent in RTR 200 it looks wider and musculer and has splitted seats and gold coloured front forks which stands it out from the commuter crowd.2.Performance :- here also RTR 160 4V can't even stand a chance and there is no argument that RTR 200 4V is sportier bike and it is faster by a big margin whether it is acceleration or top speed RTR 200 will always ho faster and will give you more adrenaline rush.3.Mileage :- mileage is slightly better on RTR 160 4V but it is not a big difference, only 5 kmpl will be lesser on RTR 200 4V in normal riding condition RTR 200 4V gives a mileage of 37-40 and RTR 160 4V gives a mileage of 42-45 but if you are a hardcore rider and if you will ride your bike mostly on highways and if you will ride your bike on speeds like 100 and 110 then RTR 200 4V will give you more mileage because as a 160 cc bike it will be the top end for RTR 160 4V and as my friend told and as i have saw it on youtube milage goes down to 32-35 kmpl and for RTR 200 that speeds are normal because it is 200 cc bike and it is easier for a 200 cc engine to maintain 100 kmph constant speed and it will give normal mileage under these conditions4.handling :- Here also RTR 200 4V's Handling is better than RTR 160 4V's handling because RTR 160 4V has Wide Handlebar and RTR 200 4V has Clip on handlebar and clip on handlebars are known for their sporty handling so if you like cornering so much than RTR 200 is the perfect bike as it also offers you super stickey and grippy Pirelli tyres which are absent on RTR 160 4V5.Comfort :- here both bikes are eqaully good and you might think that RTR 200 4V has clipon handlebars so it will more aggressive and less comfortable but it is not the case because it's handlebars are raised Clip-Ons and they doesn't affect comfort and RTR 160 4V's Wide handlebars are also similar to other bikes in it's segment so both of them give you same comfort.6.Refinement and Vibrations :- if you are thinking that RTR 200 4V and RTR 160 4V are similiar to RTR 160 and RTR 180 than it is not the case both bikes are so much refined and they have very less vibrations which are present only in top end and in top end also vibes are very negligible.7.Features :- RTR 160 4V is very feature rich bike but it can't stand a chance against it's father RTR 200 4v which has more features than RTR 160 4V like Gear position indicator and better looking instrument cluster because of white backlight and it comes with slipper clutch which and it is first bike to have Slipper Clutch in it's segment and it is very rare in higher segments also and it is a very useful feature it is far better than normal clutch and both bikes have ABS on board but the ome on RTR 200 4V is Dual channel ABS so It is Functional on both the tyres front and real while RTR 160 have single channel ABS and it is only operational only on front tyre so if you will press rear brake suddenly then rear wheel will end up in locking and slipping.8.Verdict :- if you are on tight budget than RTR 160 4V makes sence but if budget is not concern and you can spend about 20 thousands more you can end up buying a better bike.Thanks
  • It depends on your budget nd mileage...Both the bikes are best sellers in their segments you will get slightly better mileage in 160 Fi abs than rtr 200 fi nd you have to pay slightly lesser for 160cc...Rtr 200 has an edge over 160 in terms of ART-Slipper clutch...both the bikes are almost similar you can't get wrong with any of the two so choose according to your need nd mileage.
  • Both the bikes are good and value for the money bikes in their segment. If you require more power then you can go for TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition 2.0 and if you are on a budget and require a frugal fun to ride bike then you can go for TVS Apache RTR 160 4V. Read More: - 5 Best Value-For-Money Motorcycles Upto 400cc: https://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/news/5-best-valueformoney-motorcycles-upto-400cc/32213
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Q. Apache RTR 200 4V Race 2.0 Edition have Fi with ABS available or not ?
  • Yes it’s available but due to high price it doesn’t compete with others like Pulsar NS200, FZ25 and Gixxer 250 so company has not updated it in their website also but if you need the one then contact your nearest TVS dealer they will provide you in pre-book basis. It’ll cost around 1.6 lakh on road.
  • The Indian Government has also enforced the ABS mandate rule for all bikes (newly launched & existing) with engine capacity greater than 125cc from April next year. In April this year, the Government made ABS compulsory for all bikes (125cc and above) that are going to be launched henceforth. So, in might be possible that FI variant will get ABS but as on now there is no official update regarding ABS version with FI form the brand.
  • No, it is the major drawback in this bike. You can only have abs or fi. I think Tvs has to think about it. Another drawback is Fi variant is available only in white color. Otherwise there is no doubt in the comfort and performance . It is marvellous!
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  • 5.0

    Best bike in 200 range and more stylish and unique.. performance wise still no issues.. good pick up.

  • 5.0

    Over all very nice motorcycle I love mate red colour and performance is very good. He never disapoint me

  • 5.0

    Awesome bike with good performance and style

  • 3.4

    Nice bike rate cost and mileage cost

  • 4.6

    Overall bike is very good. Apache is most powerful bike in whole 200 cc bikes.

All Apache RTR 200 4V User Reviews
  • 2.6

    Braking performance is not good above 70 KPH, it should be better in this respect. I have faced bad rare braking experience after 700 Kms of riding, and just repaired it from Service centre. Rare brake is bouncing back and found metalic sound while pressing hard, like brake is fouling with some metal body. Most disappointing thing is that lot of TVS Apache 200 4v owner faced problem like me in wrong Gear indicator. It is a very specific problem in this machine, which may cause accident, and dangerous for rider. TVs service point also acknowledge about the Gera indicator and GPS sensing problem. I have already discussed with other owner was present in the service center, he also acknowledged the same issue. This is my second service, and TVs service point informed me that though they have repaired the problem for now, but in near future I may face the same problem. What I understand from this is - it is an inherent problem or common manufacturing defect of the model, which is very very risky because for my case I have after switch off my two wheeler after make it neutral, after a while again when I self start it, instantly digital instrument console showing it on Second Gear mode, if anytime accidentally I release the Clutch unaware of looking the colsole, Machine may rush-off of move forward from my hand & control, and result is an accident. Thus TVs is selling a defect Two_Wheeler, they know very well about their problem, because I just talk today with some of their GM, communicate via phone with the help of Service Manager of the my TVs service center, in Kolkata. Customer should move to the consumer forum regarding the problem. TVs is cheating customer

  • 4.6

    I have purchased the bike on 15th october 2018 after researching about a month i watched more than 50 videos including mileage test,braking, handling and suspension of popular youtuber like motorbeam, motoroctane, powerdrift, dino"s vault and a non-popular faces. When i was researching i rode gixxer and gixxer sf,hornet,ns 200,fz2.0,fz25,hero extreme 200r apache 160 4v and apache 200 4v out of all bikes i like apache 200 as it checks all boxes and is a fully packed bike in its segment. I think it is the best bike in it"s segment after duke 200.PROS-Best in class 200cc bike..High speed stability no vibration found on speed upto 125kmph.Superb handling easy cornering Fully faired all digital console Best street naked look Comes with ART-slipper clutch and boy Clutch feel is very light.Braking is decent...Stops in 0-60kmph in just 2.9 sec.Gearshift is smooth.Throttle is amazing.CONS- Minor cons like lack of side stand indicator.Lack of 6th gear it feels while riding on highways.Cold start problem due to single spark plug.Headlight could be led for the price..Only major issue faced in a month is bike starting issue in cold each time i have to apply choke to start the bike every morning.Overall-4.6/5Best in its price.

  • 4.2

    I have purchased the bike on 15th October 2018 after researching about a month i watched more than 40 videos including mileage test,braking, steering, suspension of Motorbeam,motoroctane,powerdrift,dino"s vault and a non-popular face aayush. when i was researching i rode gixxer and gixxer sf,hornet,ns 200,fz2.0,fz25,hero extreme 200R apache 160 4v and apache 200 4v out of all bikes i like apache 200 it is a fully packed bike in its segment i think it is the best bike in it"s segment after duke 200.PROS-high speed stabilityInitial pickup and throttle is amazingSmooth suspensionBrakes is satisfying stops 0-60kmph in 2.9secClutch feel is very smooth comes with ART Slipper clutchGearshifts are smoothCutting corners is goodGood tyre gripFully faired all digital consoleBest in class Street naked look.CONS-Major-Lack of 6th gearCold start problemEngine heats up little bit but not that muchMinor-headlight should be LEDLack of side stand indicator.Only issue faced in a week is bike starting issue in cold i have to apply choke to start every morning...and nothing else perfect bike in its price.

  • 5.0

    I bought this Bike for the College Purpose using it for 2 years, And Really 101% satisfied with the bike. The initial acceleration of the Bike is Just Awesome... seats are also very comfortable for the driver as well as for the Pillion🤟🏻 Engine is very Smooth and Refined 20.5 PS of power is enough... the styling of the bike is also awesome.. you can Get to the highways as well as in city any time... riding position is also Good... maintenance cost is Low ... but too much vibration at High speed... if you go 110+ you"ll definitely feel the vibrations in the handle and Foot rests.... It could get LEDs but Halogen is sufficient at night.... missing the USD Forks .... getting mileage of 38-40 kmpl....

  • 4.6

    First I like to buy pulsar ns bcoz it"s look more handsome and epic... But it cost huge, so I compared more bikes... I test the apache I"m pretty excited, bcoz it"s midrange performance is absolutely terrific... And it price was so affordable for budget persons and offers a list of features like dual channel ABS, fuel injection, LED drl, trip metre, topspeed recorder, mad finish colour scheme, LED tail lamps, first in segment sliper assist clutch....omg!!! 😳... And also it"s consumes some cons like.... 😔inefficient powerdelivery in topspeed... Overall it"s an best value for money and it"s provide 45kmpl milege... Not bad... 😀

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TVS Apache RTR 200 4V FAQs

What is the price of TVS Apache 200 4V?

The ex-showroom price of TVS Apache 200 4V is 1.27 Lakh. Check On Road Price of Apache 200 4V. .

What is the Tyre and Wheel type of TVS Apache 200 4V?

TVS Apache 200 4V has Tubeless tyre and Alloy wheels.

Does the TVS Apache 200 4V have ABS?

Yes, ABS feature is available in TVS Apache 200 4V. View full specification of Apache 200 4V.

Which is better TVS Apache 200 4V or TVS Apache 160 4V?

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Price starts at Rs. 1.27 Lakh which is Rs. 24,550 costlier than base model of TVS Apache 160 4V priced at Rs. 1.02 Lakh. Compare TVS Apache RTR 200 4V vs TVS Apache 160 4V on the basis of price, specs, features, reviews.

What is the EMI of TVS Apache 200 4V in Delhi?

The EMI for the base variant of TVS Apache 200 4V in Delhi is Rs. 3,673 per month @ 9.45% for a tenure of 36 months.

What are the colours available in TVS Apache 200 4V?

TVS Apache 200 4V is available in 2 colour : White and Black. View colour images of Apache 200 4V.