Bajaj Pulsar NS200 vs TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Price starts at Rs. 1.49 Lakh which is Rs. 2,543 costlier than base model of TVS Apache RTR 200 4V priced at Rs. 1.46 Lakh. The claimed mileage of Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is 40.36 kmpl whereas the mileage of TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is 37 kmpl. In technical specifications, Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is powered by 199 cc engine , while TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is powered by 197.75 cc engine. Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is available in 4 different colours while TVS Apache RTR 200 4V comes with 3 colours. The Comparison Bajaj Pulsar NS200 vs TVS Apache RTR 200 4V can be described on the basis of price and specifications.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 vs TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Summary

Basic Info Pulsar NS200 STD 2023Apache RTR 200 4V Dual Channel ABS
1883 reviews
500 reviews
Brand Name Bajaj TVS
Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 1.49 Lakh View On Road Price Rs. 1.46 Lakh View On Road Price
Engine Type ... Si, 4 Storke, Oil Cooled, Fi
Max Power 24.5 PS @ 9750 rpm 20.82 PS @ 9000 rpm
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol
Pulsar NS200 Colors
Apache RTR 200 4V Colors
Brakes Front Disc Disc
Brakes Rear Disc Disc
Wheel Size Front :-431.8 mm,Rear :-431.8 mm Front :-431.8 mm,Rear :-431.8 mm
Wheels Type (Pressed Steel/ Alloy) Alloy Alloy
ABS ... Dual Channel
Starting Self Start Only Self Start Only
Speedometer ... Digital
Insurance Rs. 11,202 Pulsar NS200 Insurance Rs. 11,159 Apache RTR 200 4V Insurance
Download Brochure
Download Brochure

Engine Type
Si, 4 Storke, Oil Cooled, Fi
Engine Displacement
199 cc
197.75 cc
Max Power
24.5 PS @ 9750 rpm
20.82 PS @ 9000 rpm
Max Torque
18.74 Nm @ 8000 rpm
17.25 Nm @ 7500 rpm
Emission Type
72 mm
66 mm
49 mm
57.8 mm
No Of Cylinders
Drive Type
Chain Drive
Chain Drive
Valve Per Cylinder
Fuel Type
Mapped ignition system
Compression Ratio

Brakes Front
Brakes Rear

Braking (60-0 kmph)
16 mm
Braking (80-0 kmph)
29.46 mm
Mileage (City)
40.36 kmpl
Mileage (Highway)
40.36 kmpl
Mileage (Overall)
40.36 kmpl
37 kmpl
Top Speed
127 kmph

Tyre Size
Front :-100/80-17, Rear :-130/70-17
Front :-90/90-17 Rear :-130/70-17
Wheel Size
Front :-431.8 mm,Rear :-431.8 mm
Front :-431.8 mm,Rear :-431.8 mm
Tyre Type
Radial Tyre
Wheels Type (Pressed Steel/ Alloy)

Seat height
807 mm
800 mm
2020*790*1050 mm3
1363 mm
1353 mm
2020 mm
Ground Clearance
168 mm
180 mm
790 mm
Fuel Capacity
12 Liters
12 Liters
Kerb Weight
158 Kg
152 Kg
Tail Light
Front Brake Diameter
300 mm
270 mm
Rear Brake Diameter
230 mm
240 mm

Additional Features
Smart Xonnect Technology, Glide Through Technology, Power to Weight Ratio - 0.1kw / kg, Muffler - Twine pipe and twine barrel Design, Max Speed (Urban / Rain Mode - 105 kmph), Adjustable Levers, Race Tuned Fuel Injection, Race Tuned Slipper Clutch, Racing Double Barrel Exhaust, Control Switch, Race Telemetry, Lean Angle Mode, Crash Alert System, Idle Speed - 1550 ± 200 rpm, Air Cleaner Type - Viscous Paper Filter, Brake Fluid - DOT 3 / DOT 4
Call/SMS alerts
Pilot Lamps
Turn Signal Lamp

Dual Channel
Body Type
Sports Naked Bikes, Sports Bikes
Sports Naked Bikes, Sports Bikes
Body Graphics
Self Start Only
Self Start Only
Seat Type
Pass Switch
Trip Meter
Low Fuel Warning Lamp
Passenger Footrest
Cooling System
Liquid Cooled
Oil Cooled

Pros and Cons

  • Positives
  • Negatives

Bajaj Pulsar NS200

  • Sporty handling characteristics
  • the 6-speed gearbox proves advantageous on the highway
  • and commendable performance considering the price point

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

  • Incredible handler; Lot of scope for adjustability; Packs tonnes of modern features
  • including smartphone connectivity

Bajaj Pulsar NS200

  • Design looks dated now
  • lacks adequate features and the absence of dual-channel ABS is a miss

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

  • Lacks a sixth gear
  • curbing touring possibilities; Slightly cramped lower-body posture for larger riders
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Pulsar NS200 and Apache RTR 200 4V Competitors

Recently Asked User Questions

Q. Which one is best in mileage ns 200 or apache 200 4v ???
  • If you want go for 200cc bike you should not look to mileage because if you take bike by looking mileage you will take apache200 4v but after that you will not get proper service even Apache 200 4v indicator bulb is not available on service centre from this you should think about the service of TVS
  • Depends if you tall above 6ft apache whether it might be good is a no go your knees will be crammed while below 5ft8in ns is no go you'll have to struggle as you have to balance on one leg otherwise apache is a soft rider while ns a bit harsh and while comfort is with apache performance is with ns. looks are personal perspective I like apache's looks but drive ns200 apache is better for city and touring can be done too ns is perfect for touring city rides are a bit harsh as it heats up more and isn't as agile as apache
  • I think apache 200 is easier to ride in the city whereas pulsar 200 is more powerful but the power is not usable in the city traffic as it takes time to build up. So, if you ride in moderate to heavy traffic conditions, rtr 200 is better, it also offers better handling and brakes.if you ride in light traffic conditions then pulsar is the better choice, although it does not handle all that well.
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Q. Which one is better Pulsar NS200 or Tvs apache rtr 2004v?
  • I have always been a fan of Pulsar Ns 200, but when it comes to Engine refinement and exhaust sound there is no comaprison to Apache rtr 200 4v. Now coming to Engine power, Ns has quite powerful output in terms of bhp which 23.7 in comparison to Apache mere 20.73 bhp. Also Ns has 0.3 Nm more torque than Apache.When it comes to long crusing over highways, Pulsar beats Apache at its peak with 6 gearbox as compared to Apache's 5 gearbox which helps Pulsar to attain top speed of around 145-150kmph. Both bikes have equal milegae output ie. Somewhere between 38-45kmpl (depends on how you drive)I just bought a New pulsar Ns 2019 Abs, clocked at around 178 kms and i guarantee you that i have never been more happier in my life.Only thing i miss in Pulsar 200Ns is Exhaust but seriously that is no big issue, you can install a much powerful exhaust (Akrapovic) which comes around 4000-6000 INR, and trust its the best exhaust avilable out there, put in some K&N air filters, use Motul Synthetic oil, install Hydraulic lever and you have got the Beast on two wheels. (These are the ideas from my Pulsar 200Ns, i assure you next time you see a Apache 200 rtr 4v on a highway, you are gonna pass it over like its a piece of cake on wheels😅 lol. Goodluck with your machine.
  • Lot of people were asking this question. So I do little digging about this V4 engine. Whatever I will be now mentioning is compared to NS200.Apache V4 engine is known for fast riding, Better pick up and maximum torque, There will be also less engine noise.NS200 has Triple Spark Engine, It's India developed technology, It usse the fuel in three cycle not in two comparing to other bikes. This is the reason you will easily get 40-42KM/L on highway and above 35 in city. For me NS wins
  • Both these bikes are best at their point NS 200 is more powerful , top end of the bike is awesome and liquid cooling is available, preferd towards tall riders Apache 200 is newly refined engine with sporty looks compared to ns 200 the looks of ns200 is outdated and is available in market since 6 years, Apache200 handling is better than ns 200 , exhaust note of Apache is amazing compared to ns200 cusioning of seats are better in Apache 200 , sporty DRLS, best for city riding, and about mileage,Apache also defeats ns200 in mileage company claims 44 kmpl for Apache and 35 kmpl for ns200 but rather it depends on riding bike I had achieved around 38-40 kmpl in city on my Apache Apache gets dual channel abs and slipper clutch
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Q. Is it better than Apache 200 - Pulsar NS200?
  • Well the answer depends on one's need. Pulsar ns200 is more of a mid range & top end range performer means that it will perform better on highways with good top speed higher then the Apache & you can cruise easily in the range of 80-110kmph, the Apache is not that great to be ridden above triple digits it feels to dragged. Apache is made to be very maneuverable so easy to use in city etc also a very good cornering machine. Hence one can choose as per the need. I chose the NS because do long rides so it helps to keep up with a good pace for longer kms.
  • Pulsar 200 NS is best mileage and top speed and better stopping power than compared with apache 200
  • Pulsar 200 NS is best mileage and top speed and better stopping power than compared with apache 200
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More Questions

Pulsar NS200 Vs Apache RTR 200 4V Comparison FAQs

Which bike is cheaper Pulsar NS200 vs Apache RTR 200 4V?

The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is cheaper than Bajaj Pulsar NS200 by Rs. 2,543.

Which bike offers better performance Pulsar NS200 vs Apache RTR 200 4V?

For the STD 2023 version, 199 cc Petrol engine of Pulsar NS200 produces 24.5 PS @ 9750 rpm of power and 18.74 Nm @ 8000 rpm of torque. Whereas for the Dual Channel ABS version, 197.75 cc Petrol engine of Apache RTR 200 4V produces 20.82 PS @ 9000 rpm of power and 17.25 Nm @ 7500 rpm of torque

User Reviews of Comparison

  • Bajaj Pulsar NS200
  • TVS Apache RTR 200 4V
  • Good bike in terms of performance(in terms of 200 segments) and mileage(if you drive like a human for first couple of months). To keep the bike in good condition you need to maintain it and drive it like a cool minded guy or girl, keeping all that in mind then bike will allow you keep riding it like a hooligan.The sound is awesome at high revs.Breaks are smooth not so sharp, so super beginner friendly.Styles and looks always 5 star.Get a crash guard and a break guard it surely have a plus point.

    Aditya Ishan few weeks ago
  • Ns200 bs6 is the most powerfull bike i have ever ridden in this sagement.It's fi engine claims a great ammount of punch in low end.Also it's 24.5 bhp helps to hit almost 145+kms in top end.The suspensions are slightly in stiffer side but there is no compromise with riding comfort in this bike.It's seating posture helps you to roll 2 to 3 hours nonstop.Ns200 is also a good coice for long ride.Specially for hill ride.

    Rider Soul few weeks ago
  • it's an awesome begeners motorcycle with all the features a beginner needs it's stylish comfortable and with a good 200cc engin which produce about 23bhp it's Powerful competteter and is also one of the best tourer motorcycle with comfort and with a 12L fuel tank and a minimum mileage of atlest 33KM/pl you could be rest assured

    Adish Raj few weeks ago
  • I recently bought this bike , performance is so great ,power delivery is linear, suspension is not that stiff and brakes are stunning, it's totally worth the price as it is a performance oriated 200 cc with great features. services and parts are affordable.

    Leroy Colaco few weeks ago
  • If I want to race/ride/cruise in any situation it's a perfect comfortable & fully energetic machine, I've used ever. It giving around 35-38 in the city, +40 in highways, and a long ride. One word in the 200cc category - 'beast'.

    Kp_5995 few weeks ago
Pulsar NS200 User Reviews
  • I bought this Bike for the College Purpose using it for 2 years, And Really 101% satisfied with the bike. The initial acceleration of the Bike is Just Awesome... seats are also very comfortable for the driver as well as for the Pillion🤟🏻 Engine is very Smooth and Refined 20.5 PS of power is enough... the styling of the bike is also awesome.. you can Get to the highways as well as in city any time... riding position is also Good... maintenance cost is Low ... but too much vibration at High speed... if you go 110+ you"ll definitely feel the vibrations in the handle and Foot rests.... It could get LEDs but Halogen is sufficient at night.... missing the USD Forks .... getting mileage of 38-40 kmpl....

    Mani X few weeks ago
  • This is best 200 cc bike in india.Feature you get in this bike you don't get on any bike.Reviewed and did a lot of research before making the purchase.I was about to buy ktm duke 200 but it's too expensive for a 200 cc bike when i saw rtr 200 4v and the feature, Performance, Ride quality, And fuel efficiency it was the best.If you are looking to buy a new 200cc bike then it's the bike to go for.

    Vachan U few weeks ago
  • I have been using apache 2004v from last 1 and half year and done almost 16 k.My longest trip ever was darjeeling, Gangtok and back to home and ride was about 2500 kms in 7 days.I was really impressed with performance and mileage of bike.Even in hills it doesn't felt like unpowered.

    Rahul Dubey few weeks ago
  • It is a brilliant vehicle with strong low end and midrange, easy and comfortable for daily commute, the only issue I faced so far is the gearbox, false neutrals happen too often, plus shifting down to 2nd gear, the gear lever tends to be stuck until you give acceleration

    Arun Sabu few weeks ago
  • Full package value for money Reliabile , awesome built quality Gives you amazing n truly comfortable ride on all terrains And acceleration n exhaust truly best in class I love my bike She is not just my bike , infact she is my wifey 😍😍💪

    Emanuel Massi few weeks ago
Apache 200 4V User Reviews

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