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Hero MotoCorp is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India. The brand made such an impact on the Indian two-wheeler market that every other aam aadmi knows about the Splendor, which offered the masses an affordable, reliable mode of transportation. Even today, the Hero Splendor is the highest-selling two-wheeler in the country, ahead of the Honda Activa. With the commuter market conquered, Hero has now been focussing more towards the enthusiast segment where there’s a lot more scope to grow. The brand’s XPulse range is all set to be launched in April 2019, and there are quite a number of other interesting products planned for the year as well.

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Hero bikes price starts at Rs. 38,990 for the cheapest bike HF Deluxe and goes up to Rs. 1.07 lakh for the top model Hero XPulse 200. Hero offers 22 new bike models in India. Splendor Plus (Rs. 52,800), HF Deluxe (Rs. 38,990) and Glamour (Rs. 63,600) are among the popular bikes from Hero. In the year 2020/2021, Hero is going to launch 3 new models in India. Select a Hero bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

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Q. Is Hero Xtreme 200S better than Apache RTR 200 4V?
  • No absolutely not, it's only been 2500 km and my bike has problems like engine oil leak,
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Hero User Reviews

  • Splendor Plus
    1655 ratings
    Splendor Plus

    Very niceग्रामीण इलाकों में बहुत ही अच्छी बिक्री होती हैं खासकर राजस्थान में आदिवासी मीणा समाज की बहुत पसंदीदा बाईक हैं राजस्थान में मीणाओ के पास 95%hero की बाइक है

    KAMLESH 4 months ago
    Splendor Plus User Reviews
  • HF Deluxe
    725 ratings
    HF Deluxe

    Overall performance is good enough for a bike that has done 100k kms. Engine still packs punch. Only issue currently is that Cam chain needs to be replaced every 8-10k kms. I am unable to get to the root cause of this issue. Thats the only issue i am currently facing.

    Adeeshnoor 1 week ago
    HF Deluxe User Reviews
  • Glamour
    916 ratings

    Bike is not good... But my new bike give me battery and gear problem, Soon the battery charge runs out.. My glamour fi bike it give average 50 to 55 km per litre...... it's easy to drive.. . smooth..but maintain cost is little higher...This bike is not too bad...hero is reputed company. But some showroom can't give proper servis...they can't co-operative with castomar.....

    Prodyut 1 month ago
    Glamour User Reviews
  • Passion Pro
    877 ratings
    Passion Pro

    I have the Bike of Passion Plus, Which is not showing in the models list. So i have selected Pro. Bike is very comfort and easy going, Mileage is Less(45kmpl) as compare to company quoted. Maintenance is Average, because of Hero parts cost is high compare to other companies, and at showrooms they do charges very high compare to local service stations. it is 97.5CC bike, so pick up is good compare to other vehicles.

    Ravi 1 year ago
    Passion Pro User Reviews
  • Super Splendor
    486 ratings
    Super Splendor

    Nice bike with comfort driving, nice control, with Good Power (125 CC), Mileage is 50 to 55 KM/L which is very good for a 125 cc engine. Nice performance , Comfort riding even in long distance. Just a little problem is shifting gear from 1st to 2nd. This problem is available in all model of super splendor. But it will NEVER create too much problem. Otherwise everything is OK. Even after using 4 years Engine sounds like new.

    Ujjwal 4 months ago
    Super Splendor User Reviews
  • XPulse 200
    77 ratings
    XPulse 200

    Over all its a good bike ,moneys worth.but i also think that it could have been more, like more top end and the front brake lever locks when you go over rubles and its kind of dangerous

    Patrick 2 months ago
    XPulse 200 User Reviews
  • Pleasure
    253 ratings

    It's worst bike... I bought 2018 march puduvayal PKN motors.. 50 speed going automatically engine ll stopped... Showroom was not clear this issue...So many mechanics problem continues.... Please don't buy hero pleasure..

    Ragu 4 months ago
    Pleasure User Reviews
  • Xtreme 200S
    42 ratings
    Xtreme 200S

    Pros : Friendly power delivery. Comfortable ride experience. I don"t even need to downshift to overtake other vehicles. Cons : every time i come to a stop and use the side stand my leg gets interrupted by the foot rest. The turn signals make no sound, as a result i keep forgetting to turn it off after taking turns, in a city ride this may lead to a bad situation. Being a 200 cc segment, hero should provided a better cooling system, since an air cooled engine is not suitable for longer rides. It gets only gets 2 valves in the combustion chamber which limits the air flow and thus reducing the power output. On the plus side, bieng a hero product you will get best service and maintenance all over India. As a hero product it gets best quality materials. The spare parts are almost half the price than that of bajaj, yamaha, tvs or any other company.

    Suman 5 months ago
    Xtreme 200S User Reviews
  • Pleasure Plus
    37 ratings
    Pleasure 2019

    days ago I bought hero pleasure plus.. new version.. In the next day it stopped suddenly in the way.. today hero service centre send a mechanic.. he open the scooter.. but till now facing same problem.. tomorrow I will go to service centre again

    Aditi 2 months ago
    Pleasure 2019 User Reviews
  • Maestro Edge
    409 ratings
    Maestro Edge

    As a scooter this is quite good at looks and performance. Styling is nice like modern vehicle in this segment. 110CC engine is also performing well in city as well as in highway, but when speed exceed to 60 kmph it makes much sound that power. I have also done some 200 km outing(including hills) with it, and it performs good. You can ride is smooth in between 30 - 50 kmph. Maintenance is also very low, Hero"s parts are also cost less. only issue is with the milage. I am getting 40 - 42 kmpl from the beginning. It will be best if it can manage to give around 50 kmpl for city ride.

    Kalyan 3 months ago
    Maestro Edge User Reviews
  • Splendor iSmart BS6
    20 ratings
    Splendor iSmart BS6

    my best bike is ismart110 cc my comfortable bike is my family best bike

    Parmeshwar 2 weeks ago
    Splendor iSmart BS6 User Reviews
  • XPulse 200T
    25 ratings
    XPulse 200T

    I owned the bike for 15 days as of today . am happy with what I have got . only miss out is power and punchy response from the 200 cc bike rest all am more happy to have . before taking the bike I know it will low in tourq and performance on high speed as of now I reach only 115 tops on my bike .but am ok with it because I loves riding the bike for long run on moderate speed not in over speeding .overall am happy.Those who loves retro design this bike will sure makes u feel good .(am Rajdoot-175 1996 owner) so I felt this bike seems like same looks for me .those who love fun in riding with dashing speed not suits for you guys .One of the best bike I ever had from Hero after Hero glamour in 2006.after 2006 I gone for Honda unicorn instead of Hero . now again am back to hero for this Xpluse impressive design and decent performance.

    Aravind 5 months ago
    XPulse 200T User Reviews
  • Passion XPro
    244 ratings
    Passion XPro

    1. Buying Experience: Particularly only middle class people will buy this bike, I bought this bike from a famous showroom in Chennai ( Adyar Motors), First of all they give false commitment, Even before buy service was not good. Delivery Exp > They Make my bike ready with polish installed guards helmet lock ( but not working) Even they not filled the air in tier and didn't even informed me. 2. Riding Experience *My First Gear* So happily Started funny butterfly inside me, after second day i found vibration in foot rest 2nd thing every time you put the first gear in morning it produces a lot of sound, i asked to rectify this in my first service but they have not done anything ( Service Given in Palani Motors -Kolathur) and I asked the mechanic about this problem he said this problem is coming in all new model bikes. 3. Performance - Mileage guess ( 65-70km Rs100) Pickup not impressive, Running speed ok, after continues ride of just 12 to 13 km engine heat produce very hot you cant keep legs in right side foot rest, i don't know what to do.Simply saying Please don't buy this Bike Hero Passion Xpro disc.

    Praveen 7 months ago
    Passion XPro User Reviews
  • Duet
    164 ratings

    good for the kids for a long weekend of the summer months of their life in safiie valley of new Orleans in safiie valley of new Orleans in new Orleans and the city hall is the most famous of the many popular attractions and the best places for tourists and visitors alike is

    Anjum 1 month ago
    Duet User Reviews
  • Destini 125
    114 ratings
    Destini 125

    i thought bike was fantastic but hero proved me wrong. for the initial 2 services bike was good, after that trouble started and bike is turning off when you are traveling despite i3s mode is off. it's getting turned off at signal points..it has become life threatening, when you drove in peak traffic. i don't know what is causing for a new bike to switch off continuously if break is applied.This was the first bike that I bought but it's a bitter memory for me. my father suggested to go for activa or access 125 now I had to pay off for my choice.i just wanted hero to fix this issue, i doubt whether they fix or not.

    Ghjk 2 months ago
    Destini 125 User Reviews
  • Maestro Edge 125
    54 ratings
    Maestro Edge 125

    no experience till now. but I want to experiencer the ride of this scooter.

    Akhil 3 months ago
    Maestro Edge 125 User Reviews
  • Xtreme 200R
    93 ratings
    Xtreme 200R

    I bought this bike in the month of Sep 2018, in looks the bike is good but there are a lot of technical glitches, the quality of material used in this bike is not upto the mark, the engine sound has changed completely, makes a loud knocking sound and Hero has come up with some changes to the head of the engineTalking about the overall experienace this bike is pathetic the brake pipes are routed in such a way that the cables are cracking which results in the front brake not working, ABS is a buying feature for this bike and if that doesn"t work then whats the sense, in my view Hero is not capable of making such bikes anymore, I am in the middle of a war with Hero about their quality and trust even if I hate someone to the core I will not suggest you to buy this bike or it"s upgrade the 200S, I invested my hard earned money in this bike and if your safety is not guaranteed then whats the sense of Buying a product like this.I REQUEST YOU ALL TO FIRST DIVE THIS BIKE ON A HIGHWAY AND ONLY THEN GO FOR THIS BIKE, IT"S NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY YOU ARE PUTTING IN, IT"S BETTER TO YOU SHELL OUT SOME MORE MONEY AND GO FOR ANY OTHER BIKE THAN HERO BIKES.TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY.

    Robin 5 months ago
    Xtreme 200R User Reviews
  • Xtreme Sports
    200 ratings
    Xtreme Sports

    I reached 90000Km. Doing periodic service once reached 2000km, I am facing one major problem in this model bike, Stopping the Engine while in the drive, it will happen again I try to rectify the issue with the help of TVS authorized service center, but they won"t give solution to solve this problem. Later the same problem occurred, this time I goto local mechanic, they simply solve the problem by pumped oil in the engine plug hole and start the engine, the actual issue here is piston run with friction. It is the major defect in this Model bike.

    Mohanraj 4 months ago
    Xtreme Sports User Reviews
  • Passion Pro 110
    132 ratings
    Passion Pro 110

    In this segment this one is very good bike.... I have already completed 108000 KM in this bike still no big problem and it is still running...... in the beginning milage more than 60 and performance was pretty good but after 80k km yes performance was reduce and milage reduce to 50-55 imply.... but still I am ridding it.....

    Bikash 7 months ago
    Passion Pro 110 User Reviews
  • Achiever
    139 ratings

    Its an amazing bike for a person who want safety and comfort journey then please this bike is very good. Style is not bad Mileage is also ok , Sound is nice but clutch cable need to change after 3 to 6 months..

    Rafiqul 5 months ago
    Achiever User Reviews
  • Splendor iSmart BS4
    194 ratings
    iSmart BS4

    I buy this bike in2016Very very poor experience Engine problem arise from first month dealer ensure me bike will be repaired but problem continued after repaired again problem arise in engine and still continue bro please please don"t buy splendor ismart very fuddu bike .Worst experience Lot of issue in bikes of hero company after they separated from Honda. They are making Indian population a big fool by selling fuddu ismart technology under brand name of Hero moto.corp. They was good when brand was Hero Honda. Now they are fuddu company called hero moto Corp. Worst companyWorst bike

    Sukhpalgill 1 year ago
    iSmart BS4 User Reviews

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