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  • Q. Which variant of RTR 160 4v is better fi or the carburetor?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    The claimed mileage of TVS Apache RTR 160 4V is 60kmpl. Although, our experts has tested its carburetted on road and found that it gives class leading figures of 50.9kmpl in the city and 56.1kmpl on the highway. Also, mileage can be differ and depends on one's riding style and how it is maintained.Though we’re yet to test its FI variant, there is a minor difference in the refinement levels of the FI and the carburetted bikes though. The FI is just that little bit smoother, and also offers up a slightly sharper throttle response. And when you’re in the very upper band of the rev range, the FI doesn’t feel out of steam. The carburetted bike on the other hand feels a little gruntier, though it is a little gruff as well. But in many ways the carbed bike feels more enjoyable to ride, thanks to its slightly punchier power delivery in the mid range. In case of long rides, it might bother you to take a break due to its aggressive riding position.

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  • Q. Fi vs carburetor which is good? What is the Apache RTR 160 4V FI city mileage?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Modern bikes do not require any constant attention for starting up the engine. The new bikes are fuel injected electronically. There are special electrical circuits which take care of the pressure required inside the engine to compress the fuel which in the earlier time was done by mechanical norms. The Kick is used in the carburated bike to make the required pressure in the engine. This is how the combustion engines get its first start. Some times when the bike is cool and there is no pressure inside the engine the bike gets problems and require many kicks to start the engine. while in the fuel injection system where the bike starts hassle free. You can easily park your vehicle for a longer time but the bike's battery would self drain in about a month's time and thus you would either have to jump start the vehicle or replace the battery so that the fuel pump may get charged develop fuel pressure and start the fuel injection.The city mileage of TVS Apache RTR 4v FI ABS is around 60kmpl (ARAI certified).

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  • Q. Mileage difference for carburetor vs fuel injection - Apache 160 4V?
    Idris | 1 year ago

    Carburetor will give you good mileage then Fuel injection

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