TVS Apache RTR 160 Images

  • Right Side View of Apache RTR 160
    Right Side View
  • Front Right View of Apache RTR 160
    Front Right View
  • Head Light of Apache RTR 160
    Head Light
  • Engine of Apache RTR 160
  • Fuel tank of Apache RTR 160
    Fuel tank
  • Seat of Apache RTR 160
  • Exhaust View of Apache RTR 160
    Exhaust View
  • Rear Tyre View of Apache RTR 160
    Rear Tyre View
  • Front Tyre View of Apache RTR 160
    Front Tyre View
  • Front Suspension View of Apache RTR 160
    Front Suspension View
  • Rear Suspension View of Apache RTR 160
    Rear Suspension View
  • Model Name of Apache RTR 160
    Model Name
  • Front Indicator View of Apache RTR 160
    Front Indicator View
  • Front Brake View of Apache RTR 160
    Front Brake View
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TVS Apache RTR 160
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TVS Apache RTR 160 User Reviews

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  • Mileage (349)
  • Comfort (249)
  • Looks (217)
  • Performance (178)
  • Experience (147)
  • Engine (120)
  • Pickup (118)
  • Speed (97)
  • Power (92)
  • Maintenance (84)
  • Service (72)
  • 5.0
    I had a very good driving

    I had a very good driving experience while driving.It has a good mileage of 39km/ltr.I bought it two moths earlier and it's very good.

  • 38 km per litre smooth engine

    38 km per litre and smooth engine but chain spraket issue comes again and again otherwise overall bike is so good 😊

  • Low consump

    This bike is very efficient, And have a low consumption rate.The parts are very strong and durable.Infact, I have fall in love with this motor bike.

  • 160cc motorcycle

    I'm a young boy riding a 160cc motorcycle that's hasn't enough power i need more powerful and best controlling bike.

  • Favoured script

    Best indian blog in favoured script for the same you urhhd you today morning baby god bless you today

  • 4.6
    I'm a owner of

    I'm a owner of rtr 160 2v for 1 year.I will say my experience is very good and first impression was very good.I will discuss the pros and cons straight.Pros: 1.Looks, Comfort and posture is great.2.Pillionseat is also comfortable and every pillion of mine is satisfied.3.Initial acceleration is impressive and beyond expectations.Seriously it will feel like a highend sports bike in the initial.0-60kmph in almost 5 seconds.Top speed: 125kmph(mine), But it will go more like 130+.4.Exhaust sound is very soothing and sweet, Feel like a very good exhaust.5.Smooth engine and gear shifts make the ride very addictive.6.It has 3 modes like urban, Rain and sport.Every mode is perfect for their situation.7.Suspension also work well.Cons:1.Mileage is not so good as company says.I ride in sports mode almost all time and gives about 33-35kmpl.And it gives around 38kmpl in urban and rain.But it will not effect you cause the feel of the bike is very soothing.2.This bike needs good control, Cause the acceleration is not easy to handle at first.{i tried to think more cons but honestly i didn't get more}conclusion: if you are a college student or in 20s and you want to get a sporty commuter bike and good acceleration and speed you will definitely love this.You will love this like i do seriously.

  • Taming the Streets with Power

    Thе TVS Apachе RTR 160 is an еmbodimеnt of powеr and agility on thе strееts. Its robust 160cc еnginе еnsurеs that еvеry ridе is еxhilarating, dеlivеring a thrilling pеrformancе. Thе Apachе's aggrеssivе dеsign and racе-inspirеd fеaturеs makе it a hеad-turnеr, whilе thе rеsponsivе handling adds to its charm. On thе flip sidе, this еxtra powеr comеs at thе cost of fuеl еfficiеncy, and thе ridе can fееl a bit firm on rough roads. Dеspitе thеsе drawbacks, еvеry journеy on thе Apachе RTR 160 is a thrilling advеnturе, making it a solid choicе for ridеrs sееking a powеrful and stylish companion.

  • Sports bike with great mileage

    TVS Apache RTR 160 is a performance oriented motorcycle from the TVS. This scooter comes with a powerfull 160cc engine, which is very refined and powerful to drag the best in the segment power. The seating posture is also good and provides comfortable ride. The suspensions in the bike are very good and handles the bumps with ease. The design of this bike looks very pld school and consist of the old fashioned angles in the looks. This bike also lacks the modern features liks Combined beaking system, digital console etc but drives out a great mileage.

  • An icon itself

    An icon itself, the all new TVS Apache RTR 160 offers a marvellous riding journey to the owners. It provides an impressive fusion of good performance and functionality for all. I admire its powerful engine, with which the two wheeler ensures a reliable drive through for long urbanised commute while maintaining the fuel efficiency at its best. Its fuel tank capacity is good. In-built with tubeless tires, it assures safety and ease on the road. The bike has a sleek finish design which is attractive, and it's a joy to ride it around.

  • An Agile and Thrilling Ride

    I recently purchased the TVs Apache RTR 160 and I am loving the thrilling ride it offers. The race tuned engine provides an impressive power to weight ratio and delivers quick acceleration. The motorcycle handles well in corners thanks to the rear monoshock suspension. The front disc brake along with the single channel ABS work well to ride Apache RTR 160 quickly and confidently. The split seat and raise handlebar position provides sporty riding stance. The sharp and edgy design makes it stand out on the road.


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