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  • Q. Which will be better for touring among RTR 180 ABS, Hornet 160R ABS DLX and Pulsar 220 F ABS?
    Sagar | 2 years ago

    I love RTR 180 abs but not denying with this fact that it vibrates while riding at 80+ speed and max speed is 125+ beyond is not safe where pulsar 220f has more power and abs , touring is better that RTR 180.

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  • Q. Hi.Is Apache RTR 180 ABS worth buying in 2018? And are there any vibrations post 90-100 kmph? And how is the braking in ABS model? Please reply fast. Planning to buy an ABS equipped bike. I'm also considering Hornet and Gixxer ABS variants.
    Tehemtan | 3 years ago

    " Worth buying " is something you only can decide. Yes there will always be vibrations, before and after 90 and 100 lmph because the rpm is such that any increase above 6000 in any gear will cause vibrations. Apache 180 is expected to touch 90 to 120 kmph between 6000 and 9000 rpm. No idea how efficient ABS is in ordinary, day to day commuting and highway cruising. You will get to know only if you go racing on gravel and wet surfaces. Forget about Hornet and Gixxer. They are 160 cc as compared to 180 and are lower in bhp by at least 10 %.

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  • Q. Which is best RTR 180 with ABS or RTR 200 with drum?
    Vivek | 2 years ago

    It depends upon the rider and area to........ If you live in dry states you can go for drum but in wet areas abs will be of great help..... And between 200 and 180 maintenance and mileage will give you real worries..... The Choice is Yours 👍☺️

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    TVS Apache RTR 180 Overview

    TVS Apache RTR 180
    TVS Apache RTR 180
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    • 3.0

      Mine is an ABS variant. The RTR needs a lot of development in terms of comfort, stability and braking. The seat offers very unpleasant feeling during driving through rough surface. At above 70 kmph of speed, the bike shivers. The stability is tremendously disrupted during conering. Lastly, the most important part of driving : braking. It feels like requiring a lot of effort in bringing about control over the bike in emergency. The ABS needs to be replaced with a next gen one. The existing variant is not so accomplished. I have been regularly commuting since January 2014 and I have faced problems with ABS 6-7 times altogether. May a times, even while driving, it stops working and resumes after some time or engine restart. With so many complaints said, speed is the only factor on the positive side which has fastened me for such a long time. Otherwise, its rivals such as Bajaj Pulsar, Yamaha Faser and Honda CBR are are better at these points at cheaper price range. So, the company needs to give attention on the above matters in order to keep pace on the race.

    • 3.0

      I bought apache rtr 180 with dual disk brakes in january 2016.Yesterday i sold the bike.I will write my honest review about the bike.First good things, Its speed and power.Before apache i had pulsar 180 but i must say apache is far better than pulsar in terms of speed & power.I also like the sound a lot.Ride quality is good.Now bad things.First of all is mileage.Its really depressing to get 30-35 kmpl when petrol is 90rs per litter.No matter how much servicing maintenance i did, It gave me 35kmpl only and for last one year i am getting 30kmpl.Be it in city or highway.Secondly rusting.Tvs should really look into this matter.There are rusts in so many under areas.No other bike gets rusty within 3 years.Thirdly the brakes & grip isn't something which gives you confidence at high speed.Once it skided on a completely dry road and i fell down.Luckily i was only at 50kmph so nothing serious happened.Thanks to helmet.Fourth : vibration.It really gets into your nerves after a year.You loose all confidence to go faster.Thats all guys.

    • 4.2

      Apache Rtr 180 is definitely a good commuter bike. It is basicaly designed for city riding. Its engine is torqy and power starts to build up right from 3000 rpm and goes upto 7000. Its top end has very poor pull as engine only generates noise. Vibrations are very much felt at every point on bike such as footpegs , side view mirrors and visor . Nothing can be done to avoid it.Seats are comfortable but start feeling itchy after 40 - 50 kms of ride.Mileage in cities is around 40 - 42 KMPl and on highways increases upto 45-48 KMPl.stock tyres are not that good , provide less grip on wet road.Its maintenance is cheap untill you have to replace any of mechanical parts. Normal service will cost around 575₹ under free service .1025 ₹ paid service.for 2018 model.

    • 4.2

      Basically my bike was registered after one year later by the date of purchase but as overall 10 year of experience i would like to inform that company should work on this bike in some points like 1.Engine refinements 2.Slipper cluch 3.Sixth gear (most important because of its dna of racing )4.Liquid cooled engine.5 vibrations in footpags, Handle bar is a serious issue6.4v engine optimisation as new generation requirments 7.Bhp and torque should be increasedpls consider on these points point tvs motors bkz its a beast bike and also a legendary bike too i had clocked 141 km/h after 10 years of joyful ride and i expect more by this beast in feature ☺️.

    • 4.6

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