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Rs. 1.40 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price: Delhi
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Yamaha MT 15 Latest Updates

Yamaha India has been working on a dual-channel ABS version of the MT-15 and is expected to launch it soon. You can head here to read more about it.

With the new financial year commencing, the MT-15 has received a minor price hike. The previous price of Rs 1,39,900 has been hiked to Rs 1,40,900, which is Rs 1,000 more. Head here to read the full story.

Yamaha MT 15 Price

The asking price of the Yamaha MT-15 has been set at Rs 1,40,900 for the standard colours (Dark Matt Blue and Metallic Black). The fancier Ice Fluo-vermillion shade costs Rs 1,000 more while the customised options still bear a premium of Rs 4,000 over the base colours.

MT-15 Specifications

On the Yamaha MT-15, the 155cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled 4-valve motor (which it shares with the R15 BS6) makes 18.6PS and 14.1Nm. Engine outputs compared to the BS4 version are lower -- 0.7PS and 0.6Nm to be precise. While the engine tune of the MT-15 BS6 and the R15 BS6 remain the same, the shorter final drive ratio on the naked (thanks to a larger rear sprocket) makes the MT-15 BS6 quicker while commuting. Not only does the MT-15 BS6 share its engine with the R15 v3, it also makes use of the same deltabox frame, front conventional telescopic fork, and rear monoshock unit. However, the rear swingarm used on the MT-15 is a steel box-type and not an aluminium one like on the R15. Braking hardware remains the same with disc brakes at both ends. As part of the BS6 update, Yamaha is now offering a radial tyre on the rear wheel of the MT-15 BS6.

Yamaha MT 15 Variants

MT-15 Design

The MT 15 is a tiny motorcycle and thankfully, that does not change even in the BS6 avatar. The styling of the motorcycle remains the same as before, aping the likes of the bigger MT-09 and MT-10 nakeds from Yamaha. The alienesque look does grab a lot of eyeballs. In this new red and white colour, the bike looks smashing.

MT-15 Features

While it always had LED DRLs, headlight and tail light, the tail light on the MT-15 BS6 has been slightly redesigned. You get the same full-digital dash that you find on the Yamaha R15 v3 BS6 but with a negative display. Sadly, it still gets single-channel ABS as standard; no signs of a dual-channel variant in the offing. Much like the R15 v3, the MT-15 BS6 also gets Variable Valve Actuation. The tech allows the 155cc engine to generate peak engine performance at higher revs without having to compensate for lack of low- to mid-range grunt.

Yamaha MT 15 Competitors

The Yamaha MT 15 BS6 goes up against Apache RTR 160 4V and the KTM 125 Duke. While the two naked motorcycles are beginners’ sport naked motorcycles, the MT-15’s extra displacement and VVA help it have better performance on tap than the Duke.

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Yamaha MT 15 Price List in India

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
MT-15 Dark Matte Blue
155 cc |
Rs. 1.40 Lakh
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MT-15 Metallic White
155 cc |
Rs. 1.40 Lakh
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MT-15 Ice Fluo Vermillion
155 cc |
Rs. 1.41 Lakh
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Editor's View of Yamaha MT 15

  • Upside

    Powerful and versatile 155cc engine.Lightweight and extremely compact.Looks sharp and attractive, especially in the white/red colour.

  • Downside

    It is a bit pricey.Stiff ride quality.No dual-channel ABS.

  • Our Verdict

    The Yamaha MT 15 BS6 is more than just the R15 v3 sans fairing. The naked looks sharp, is light, and can be a hoot to commute. However, the compact riding posture might be a bit too tight for large riders. What is also disheartening is the poor switchgear and build quality as well as the lack of dual-channel ABS.

MT-15 Detailed Review

A streetfighter from Yamaha had always been a dream for Indian enthusiasts. The original FZ16 really kick-started this, but that was soon diluted into a muscular commuter. And while the FZ25 got our hopes up, it could never get the blood flowing and remained a handsome commuter at best. If you wanted performance from Yamaha, your only option was to turn to the R15. In its V3.0 avatar, the R15 packs the ideal engine-transmission combination for city, highway and track use. That said, putting up with the committed riding position and the stiff ride is like going through a workout session every time you swing a leg over the bike.

The MT-15 is supposed to bridge the best of both worlds: the FZ’s convenience with the R15’s mad performance. How does all of this translate in the real world?

A Samurai’s stare

Yamaha MT15

The MT-15 makes its intentions clear right from its stance. The front is designed as a samurai warrior’s mask with bright white pilot lamps and round LED headlight which manages to light up the road well. The design involves a lot of creases in the mask itself and looks quite busy but that only adds to the drama.

Yamaha MT15

From the side, the MT-15 gets a lot of muscular elements like the 10-litre fuel tank, sharp tank extensions which look like air intakes, and radiator covers. With these, the bike looks compact but powerful. The MT badge finished in silver too stands out in this configuration. The wheels get fluorescent highlights which are in sync with the MT logo, but the fluorescent green alloy wheels found on the international-spec bike are surely missed here.

Yamaha MT15

The exhaust has been carried forward from the R15 and a redesign would have been more in sync with the bike’s sharper appeal. The small LED tail lamp looks smart, but we really think a tail tidy for the number plate holder would make the bike look even sportier. Overall, the MT-15 is one of the better-looking bikes in the segment and manages to garner a lot of attention, especially with that samurai-like face.

Yamaha MT15

But we do have a complaint. The fit and finish of these body panels don't do justice to the design, or to the strong reputation for quality that the Yamaha brand has garnered. The plastics feel flimsier than the R15 V3.0’s, and that’s a bike which already got some flak for the quality of its compromised plastic.

Half-hearted attempt

Yamaha MT15

While the MT-15 is just a naked version of the R15 V3.0, Yamaha seems to have cut corners in some places. Compared to its faired sibling, the MT-15 misses out on a cast aluminium swingarm, which has been replaced by a steel box-section one, and you only get single-channel ABS. Also, the new switchgear is an ergonomic nightmare. Not only are the horn and indicator switches interchanged, their awkward placement means you have to leave the handlebar grip when you want to reach them.

Yamaha MT15

Speaking of ergonomics, there is no denying that the MT-15 is a lot more comfortable than the R15 V3.0. The tall and flat handlebar means you sit upright with a slight forward tilt, keeping you in a commanding position. The pegs are set slightly backwards as well. But the seat is fairly hard and would start to numb your backside over long highway rides, though it’s quite manageable even during extended city commutes. What's surprising is that though the rear seat looks small, it actually offers a decent amount of room and will be comfortable for an average-sized pillion. At 810mm, the seat height is 5mm lower than the R15 and should be accommodating for most.

Yamaha MT15

The negative LCD display has bold readouts for all possible information you’d need. But because the console is placed so close to the handlebars, you will have to tilt your head to read it. Same is true with the rear-view mirrors as well. While the MT-15 is definitely our choice of the siblings in the real world, these small niggles hold it back from feeling like a thoroughly sorted machine. And while none of these are deal-breakers, it's not something we have come to associate with Yamaha. However, there is an easy way to fix all of these issues, or at least ignore them… just twist the throttle.

VVA magic on the streets

Yamaha MT15

The R15 V3.0 redefined performance for 150cc motorcycles, and that same motor is present in the MT-15 as well. The engine revs cleanly all the way to its 12,000 rpm redline and nowhere in between does it feel like it's lacking drive. This has been achieved with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA). The engine uses two intake valve cams, one that works under 7,400 rpm and the other above it, ensuring linear and constant power delivery throughout the rev range.


Engine - 155cc Liquid-cooled FI | Power - 19.3PS at 10,000rpm | Torque - 14.7Nm @ 8500rpm


Yamaha MT15

This translates to clean acceleration off the line, especially in the city. The MT can even pick up from speeds as low as 30kmph in sixth gear without any fuss. You can open the throttle anywhere, in any gear, and the MT-15 feels lively and accelerates with a sense of purpose. While most of the nakeds like the RTR200 or the NS200 will have to shift close to 8,000 rpm, the MT-15 blows past the 10,000 mark with ease. This gives you a lot of freedom in the city to either hold a gear or shift up for overtakes. It feels absolutely mad and allows you to be on the ball all the time, making simple commutes feel like chase sequences from action movies.

Yamaha MT15

The bike managed a 0-60kmph time of 4.21 seconds while reaching 100kmph took 12.08 seconds. These numbers are 0.72 seconds and 0.66 seconds slower than the R15 V3.0 respectively. The reason for this is a 4kg lighter kerb weight and a larger rear sprocket. Confused? Well, with the lack of weight at the front (also due to the upright riding position) and added torque at the rear wheel thanks to the shorter final gearing, the MT-15 likes to pop the front wheel during hard launches. And once you start going fast, wind resistance puts up another hurdle to get past.

Yamaha MT15

However, these aspects work in the MT’s favour in city conditions. It takes 5.31 seconds for the bike to get from 30-70kmph in third gear, and 6.48 seconds to reach from 40-80kmph in fourth gear. These numbers are not only better than the R15 but the best amongst all the bikes we have tested up to the 180cc segment. Ride calmly and the bike will return an impressive 52.02kmpl as well.

On the highway, the MT feels stress-free till 95kmph, but you can still cruise easily at low triple-digit speeds. Beyond the 6500 mark, however, you will feel a buzz on the handlebars and footpegs. Stay south of 100kmph and the MT manages to return 48.58kmpl.

Yamaha MT15

Then comes the gearbox. The 6-speed shifter on the MT-15 is possibly the best you can buy for this money. The shifts are sure, precise, and thanks to its short travel, very quick as well. Complementing this is the light assist and slipper clutch which makes shifting even from sixth to first a breeze.

Braking, with the single-channel ABS, though, leaves a bit to be desired. The bite feels lacking and the ABS itself feels a tad bit intrusive. However, the 282mm front and the 220mm rear disc offer good progression and the bike remains stable under hard braking. Still, 38.25 metres from 80kmph and 21.40 metres from 60kmph are not figures to write home about.

Go for the gap

Yamaha MT15

Streetfighters are supposed to be sharp, precise and agile inside the city. The MT-15 is all of that. While Yamaha has kept the same rake angle as the R15, a shorter trail thanks to a fork offset helps its agility inside the city. The bike feels light on its feet and can be easily flicked in between traffic. And combined with that ever-energetic motor, the MT darts for every gap that opens up.

Yamaha MT15

But push the MT-15 in corners and it’ll scare you at first. With the shorter trail and lighter front, the bike is very quick to tip in, which can be unnerving. This doesn’t inspire much confidence and forces you to think every time you plan on entering a corner. On top of that, when leaned over, the front end feels a bit vague and doesn't offer much feedback.

Yamaha MT15

The suspension too has undergone a minor change of tune to compensate for the lighter weight and redefined purpose. While it's still stiff and will let you feel every bit of the road surface, the ride never gets jarring, even over larger bumps. The rear suspension’s rebound damping is a bit on the aggressive side, and sharp bumps will give you an occasional jolt, but it never feels overly stiff. That said, a softer seat or softer suspension would have gone a long way to improve its city prowess.

To the cash counter then?

Yamaha MT15

Not so soon. The MT-15 will certainly leave a strong impression on you. But the bike is not without its flaws. It forces you to recalibrate how you use switchgear; the hard seat can be an issue on long highway stints, and you will need to rethink how you attack corners on winding mountain roads. Even the fit and finish of the motorcycle will at times let you down a bit. But there’s something to this motorcycle that really has you seeing past these problems.

Yamaha MT15

That engine-transmission, for one, really speaks to your heart like nothing else. The motor revs like no other in the segment (or from one higher), and the VVA makes the bike feel alive every time you twist the throttle. Its might not feel as mad as the KTM 200 Duke but it definitely feels more polished, precise and refined, almost like a samurai. It makes every commute an event and that's exactly what you want from a streetfighter.

What’s going to pinch you is the asking price. Even with the lower-spec swingarm, single-channel ABS, lower fit-finish levels, a flat handlebar and fewer plastics, the MT-15 is just Rs 4,280 less expensive than the R15 V3.0. This begs the question... where did all of the cost-cutting go? Because, at Rs 1.36 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), there's no getting around the fact that the MT-15 is an expensive proposition.

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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying MT-15

Q. When will MT-15 new colour variant launches 2021 in India?
  • As of now, there is no official information available for the launching of the new color so we would suggest you to stay tuned for the updates.
Q. How many days warranty of MT-15 wheel?
  • For this, we would suggest you to get in touch with the nearest authorized dealership as they will help you better with your concern. You can check the authorized dealers here.
Q. I am planning to buy Hornet 2.0 or Yamaha MT-15 could you suggest which bike is better in terms of both performance and mileage?
  • As per your requirements, we would suggest you to go with the Honda Hornet 2.0. With a frugal engine, agreeable ergos, light handling, and a comfortable ride, the Hornet makes for a great city bike. On the upside, when you cruise at an economical speed, the motor gingerly sips from the 12-litre fuel tank to return 55.11kmpl. It gets even better in the city, with a very respectable mileage figure of 57.35kmpl. The 184cc single-cylinder air-cooled mill on the Hornet 2.0 is the largest that Honda makes in India. It produces 17.27PS at 8,500rpm and 16.1Nm at 6,000rpm. Honda claims it has a healthy mid-range performance. Moreover, we would suggest you take a test ride for a better understanding of performance and comfort. Click on the link and select your desired city for dealership details.
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Q. For daily commuting with Pillion, which is better choice, YZF R15 V3 or MT15?
  • R15 v3 is better choice bcoz MT 15 pillion seat is quite small and very hard in comparison to R15 V2....
  • R15 V3
  • Mmm
Q. Which car is the best Bajaj Pulsur NS200 Or MT-15 ?
  • YOU should try both bike of any friend if any have. both are different machine what do you want from the bike good performance go with ns it will also give 40kmpl mileage if you drive accordingly. mt is also a good bike it will give good mileage of 45 48 i guess. if its your first bike for regular use then go with mt ns have lot of power to drive and its aggressive machine then mt. for what purpose do you want think that first ns is not family bike.
  • 1st of all this 2 are bike not cars and and the are very different bike mt15 is 155cc and ns is 200 cc if you want more mileage then go to Mt if you want more power choose ms is upto you what you want
  • Car ? ......... hmm both does their own job
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Q. When MT-15 is launch with dual channel ABS?
  • When dual channel ABS is launch? It's overpriced one mt15 It has 155cc engine then why the go that much price? Its not worth for that much amount 130000 is good and decent price!.
  • It's already overpriced for what it offers. If it comes with dual channel then the price can go up by 5k which makes the youth chose the r15 over it.
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1295 reviews
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  • 5.0

    Most overpowered 155cc naked beast.Can literally smoke duke200 duke 125 ns150 apache series at top end speed.

  • 3.4

    This bike mt-15 is a bike that offers the same performance as that as of the yamaha r15 -v3.The bikes performance has met the class of the brand and this will definitely add a reputation to the brand.The braking of the bike is appreciable as the front braking system is abs and the back braking is a disc brake.The negatives of the bike are the pass light and the horn are placed at an uncomfortable position.This bike might be difficult for long drive.

  • 5.0

    Going to street race and many bike race.I have a.Rc390.Royal enfield classic 350.I have a love on this bike.

  • 5.0

    The engine is of top notch quality, It's buttery smooth, The styling and looks are awesome on this bike and best part is its mileage this is a perfect street fighter

  • 5.0

    I'm impressed by the look, Torque, Power mileage all are extraordinary.Its street fighter don't feel the city traffic.

All MT 15 User Reviews
  • 5.0

    I am riding this bike for 2 months and the bike is just rocks. The bike is very powerful according to its segment, sometimes I feel that I am riding a 200cc bike or more. Some pros as per my views-1. Initial pickup is excellent.2. Midrange is mindblowing. Sometimes after midrange pull, you can feel, extra pickup..that might be because of VVA.3. At high-end it is smooth..Though I didn't test it beyond 100kmph. But at the high end, you don't feel any vibration.4. Sporty design. Look and feel is class in its segment.5. Clutch is very light. As MT15 has an A&S clutch, no rear wheel locking at high gear & low-speed combination, and aggressive downshifting.6. Front braking is awesome, the rear one is ok ok.7. mileage is good.8. Side stand engine cut-off feature enabled.Some cons as per my views--1. Front mudguard should be a little extended. The current one causes problems during the rainy season.2. The pillion seat should have a properly designed grab handles(The current one looks good but is not too useful). Also, the seat could be a little extended(Though most of the time I ride this bike with a pillion and we don't face any such problem. For two healthy persons, the seat length is not suitable for long rides).3. Yamaha should use some kind of radiator guards like KTM Or Dominar.Overall MT15 BS6 is a perfect choice.

  • 4.2

    It has been always an headache in dealing with the mechanics and supervisor over there in the Yamaha authorised service center THE NELLIKUPPAM INDUSTRIES located in the sub urban VILLUPURAM district of tamil nadu the complaint will be tedious if i start to list out the things right from the day one so highlighting only the important things 1)in 2020 February approached the service center for hearing a weird noise from the engine and the vva was activated in the 7000 rpm instead of 7500 rpm,the supervisor said it was okay but after another 2 weeks the sound became worse by March first week and again went to the service center and asked for the service engineer availability and they said he will arrive only once a month ,and left the bike over there but the service engineer did not arrive at all ,so i asked the mechanics to look over the problem and it took almost three weeks to solve the problem.regarding this i have already filed a complaint online but no proper response was found2)again a coin ringing noise was coming from the engine and went to the service center and again asusual they said it was normal but again after two weeks the engine fault sign in the diplay is blinking if they had recognize the issue and resolved earlier this would have not become this worse

  • 4.6

    Hi All, 27th Aug'2019 I purchased my Dark Machine MT15 B4, My Previous bike was Yamaha R15 V1, After sold my R15, I'm just really confused to buy which bike to solve my purpose - Daily Commute & I love Bike Touring for all-terrain once in a year. Then I found the one Yamaha MT15, Last year I ride from Kolkata to Arunachal -Tawan on my machine, I really love to share about this machine - Good 3 digit respectable speed up to 135Km/Hr, One of the most that I love it's fuel economy approx my bike average meter reading shown 2.0/100Km which comes to 50Km/Lt milage. Good Suspension & it's riding position for long travel. It's very easy to handle on any bumpy road, off-road & good road too due to its weight. Slipper Clutch & VVA technology works awesome - you can feel the power output after 7K RPM. But like in every good quality there must some bad too. What I personally feel. 1. The fuel tank is not enough for any long travel - total capacity 10Lt - 8Lt main & 2Lt reserve and which need to be there for Fi Fuel Pump. Fuel Tank must be around 12Lt 2. The headlight is good enough for city ride but fades away on the highway you need more extra lights for the highway on this bike. Those 2 drawbacks which I found on my recent trips approx 3600Km done. KOL - ARUNACHAL -KOL.

  • 3.8

    Let me be frank on this topic . Have been watching lot's of videos and researching on MT15 in india . The price is a bit high compared to the R15 because of the lack Cast Aluminium Swing Arm , all LED lights , USD fork and dual disk brakes . MT is cheaper by only few thousand rupees but i would love that to be almost around 15000 compared to the R15 .. But the best part is the engine . Let it be on low rpm or high the engine out performs all the 150cc - 160cc bikes in india , it also gives a strong compitition to few 200cc bikes too . Secondly the mileage 40-45 plus mileage is promised with no drop in performance and i don't believe there is any other bike in the market which can out run the MT 15 in terms of performance with mileage . MT has a weight of 138kgs which is very light which helps the rider to do easy flicks in the cities and High rpm performance ensures high speed in highways .. 10 ltr fuel tank is a bit on the less side compared to other bikes in the market but the mileage of 45+ ensures a long distance travel with a full tank .. Take a test drive and if your heart tells you this is the one for you go for it . Money is nothing but figures of zeros and ones .. bike is a feeling and an emotion thats personal..

  • 4.6

    Review after first Service 1000km in 20 days After sales service is OkaySeat Comfort: It is Good for City ride , needs extra seat cushion for long ride (Because it's street fighter/ city commuter sports bike)Suspensions: soft in slower speed, stiffer in high speed because of linked mono suspensionPerformance: pickup is so good (after all Master of Torque). you won't regret at any time in city mild traffic and highway.Build Quality: Premium\Average build quality, Mud guards are not useful at all. Needs extension for front mud guardLittle Vibrations feel after 65kmph.. mirrors are also vibrating above 70kmph... I don't know why!? I didn't hear this in YouTube review.Big Instrumental console, DRL, Head light, Ice flip vermilion colour are eye catcher.Instrumental console's features are very useful (live kmpl, avg kmpl, avg kmp/100L , trip1 trip2 tripF(auto Reserved mode), Time)Also we can hang/lock Double D ring helmet directly using under seat Helmet Holder.Wrost thing is no space for any other than documents under the seat.Milage: I am receiving 45kmpl in heavy traffic of Mumbai, 56kmpl in city and 67kmpl on highway with speed/extra premium fuel on MT 15 bs6 in Mumbai.. that's really amazing 🤗❤️

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Yamaha MT 15 Images

  • Left Side View of MT-15 BS6
    Left Side View
  • Head Light of MT-15 BS6
    Head Light
  • Head Light of MT-15 BS6
    Head Light
  • Speedometer of MT-15 BS6
  • Engine of MT-15 BS6
  • Fuel tank of MT-15 BS6
    Fuel tank
  • Seat of MT-15 BS6
  • Rear Tyre View of MT-15 BS6
    Rear Tyre View
  • Front Tyre View of MT-15 BS6
    Front Tyre View
  • Front Mudguard & Suspension of MT-15 BS6
    Front Mudguard & Suspension

MT 15 Colours

  • Metallic Black
  • Dark Matte Blue
  • Ice Fluo Vermillion

Yamaha MT 15 Offers

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    MT-15 Metallic White offers
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    Validity : 04 May-31 May
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    MT-15 Dark Matte Blue offers
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MT-15 FAQs

What is the price of Yamaha MT 15?

The ex-showroom price of Yamaha MT 15 is 1.41 Lakh. Check On Road Price of MT 15. .

Does the Yamaha MT 15 have ABS?

Yes, ABS feature is available in Yamaha MT 15. View full specification of MT 15.

Which is better Yamaha MT 15 or TVS Apache 160 4V?

Yamaha MT 15 Price starts at Rs. 1.40 Lakh which is Rs. 33,585 costlier than base model of TVS Apache 160 4V priced at Rs. 1.07 Lakh. Compare Yamaha MT 15 vs TVS Apache 160 4V on the basis of price, specs, features, reviews.

What is the EMI of Yamaha MT 15 in Delhi?

The EMI for the base variant of Yamaha MT 15 in Delhi is Rs. 4,059 per month @ 9.45% for a tenure of 36 months.

What are the colours available in Yamaha MT 15?

Yamaha MT 15 is available in 3 colours : Metallic Black, Dark Matte Blue and Ice Fluo Vermillion. View colour images of MT 15.