Compare Yamaha YZF R3 Variants

321 cc | 35 kmpl

About Yamaha YZF R3 Competitors

DSK Benelli 302R: The Benelli 302R isn’t an outright performer thanks to its weight. However, if performance isn’t a priority and if you are looking for a lot of pose value, the 302R is a good option. It feels smooth, offers confidence-inspiring handling and a very dramatic exhaust note that is similar to much bigger bikes.

Kawasaki Ninja 300: The Kawasaki Ninja 300 didn't garner a lot of fame in India, owing to its price tag. But with the new pricing, the future looks a lot more promising for the Ninja 300. It does come ac

Kawasaki Ninja 400: The Ninja 400 is dearer by a bit more than Rs 1 lakh over the Yamaha R3. This too gets ABS like the Yamaha R3, with an added bonus of a slipper clutch. There is also a charging dock placed near the fully-digital instrument console, which will aid your long distance tours. It produces 2PS more power but gets 10Nm more torque over the Yamaha R3. So if the performance along with a comfortable riding posture is on top of your list, the Ninja 400 is a good choice. But if that extra cash is a concern, then the Yamaha R3 is no compromise.

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