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Rs. 51,000 - 51,614
Discontinued Model since 3 Feb 2016

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Yamaha’s RayZR now features a MotoGP inspired livery priced at Rs 59,028, a premium of just Rs 1,500 over its standard variant.

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Q. Yamaha Ray ZR never goes over 80 kmph?
  • Top speed of Yamaha Ray ZR is around 80km/h and it may vary according to tyre pressure, engine health, air drag, road conditions, riders weight etc.
  • It does
Q. Whats the mileage of this scooty - Ray ZR?
  • 45
  • 43 to 47 for Normal Petrol and 48 to 52 for Shell V-Power.
  • I really do not know exact ,as my ray is 7 years old now
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Q. Hey which is the best scooter Honda dio & yamaha ray zr?
  • Both the scooters have similar figures of power, fuel economy and price. Although, there are few differences which are mentioned below: - Yamaha has taken the competition a step ahead with the provision of optional disc brake at the front, which is not available in Honda Dio. - Honda still continues to use the aging trailing link with spring-loaded hydraulic damper type at the front whereas, the Ray-ZR uses oil filled telescopic forks which are far more superior in terms of handling and stability. - The Honda Dio has the smallest wheelbase at 1,781mm which aids to its manoeuvrability. - The ground clearance is the least for the Yamaha Ray-ZR at 128mm while the Dio have clearance of 158mm. - The Honda Dio is equipped with Combi-Brakes which is a boon for amateur riders and misses out in Ray ZR. The Dio features a moto-scooter design and has low seats height which is ideal for youngsters and college-goers. It has been around for a while but the added dash of modernity has given it some much needed freshness. On the other hand, a youthful design and well-engineered mechanicals, the Yamaha Ray-ZR constitutes a fairly attractive package for college-going boys. It could also make for a safer and much cheaper alternative for young men who opt against buying motorcycles. In truth, the scooter could also attract the fairer sex with convenient handling mannerisms, thus supporting its cry for also being a family scooter. Click on the given link to compare both the scooters: https://bit.ly/2NYhJWI Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride in order t judge your comfort and performance. Click on the given link to get your nearest desalership details: https://bit.ly/2jv2aXQ
  • I prefer Ray ZR bcz it have many plus like disk break, allow wheels, and telescopic fork and smooth rear dual suspension like bikes and very torque advanced engine than dio and it performs well at higher rpm also it's top speed is higher than dio i used drag race with my frnds dio that time i realise this, in pickup dio is like zap it really quicker than ZR, the pickup is the only disadvantage in ZR but after 60kmph ZR takes lead and yeah ZR wins. Also ZR is very comfortable scooter like mature scooters like activa, maestro. It have Large seat it's very comfortable for long rides even with pillion no trouble. But In dio you will get back pain in long rides even in solo that i experienced in my frnd dio also the pillion is very short and hard like rock it's not comfortable as much like ZR it's smooth like butter when compared with dio. And the mileage is my ZR gives 40kmpl. And it's handling is too good and with disk break it gives you more confidence level while riding but dio didn't give that. Dio is just a teenage squids scooter only for city rides. ZR is very matured one for long life. Or you need all this one like squid performance and also comfy and with better top speed and safety with technology then go with TVS Ntorq 125 trust me dude it's all rounder but i don't know about it's engine life. That's it I shared all my experience. Now decision is yours 👍
  • I will vote for the Honda Dio. I have completed 83 K Kms. yesterday. I started the scooter after 04 months and it started within 03 kicks without any problem. All the spares are readily available. Performance wise Dio shd be better as comp to the Yamaha Ray.I suggest you drive both the vehicles to get a feel of the vehicle engg. If given a choice, I will purchase Dio anytime since the scooter specs are similar but performance wise, Honda Dio rocks & is more reliable.For info., I plan to take my Honda Dio on a 1500 kms.tour in May, so you will understand now....
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Q. Which is best between Access 125 and Yamaha Ray ZR
  • Performance wise both are same but you will get comfort in Suzuki access but will come with low milage and high maintenance cost
  • Prefer suzuki for an all round package
  • Suzuki Access 125 is better Scooter..
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Q. Which is the best among Activa 5g vs RAY ZR?
  • Best is to go with N-torq in the similar price range. My family is loyal to Honda so we have Grazia, Activa, Aviator. Now, i use these 2 vehicles on regular basis - Duke 390 and N-torq. SR150 which my brother uses. To be honest... I think SR150 is best but it is highly overpriced... Now lets come to the price section where activa belongs... So, after riding its all siblings... The best one is N-torq which is a TVS brand. I was a Honda loyal customer just like my family but N-torq is way better in every aspect so i had to move to N-torq. I would advice you the same to go with N-torq. It is the best choice.. You better take a test ride of all the three vehicles then purchase which one you feel best comfortable with..
  • Activa has outdated mechanicals most part unchanged from 1st generation but fresh features and is lot less refined compared to yamaha ray zr but yamaha is a bit costly in comparison not much though and its worth the premium it has
  • For comfort go for RayZr. Activa causes back pain. As the mileage is almost the same and also the Rayzr is good for highway commute as compared to Activa. The only problem with Rayzr is the fiber body it has. You have to fix the front side in every service as it starts to make noise while commuting through a bad road with potholes.
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  • 4.2

    This moped has both Postive and Negative performance. Positive:1. Good Power 2. No Vibration on High speed. You can go up to 80kms without vibration 3. Good Handling & Breaking system. Disc works perfectly and stops quickly when required 4. Stylish and good boot space 5. Nice road Grip and Tyres provided by Yamaha ...Negative:1. Mileage is very poor. It gives 30-35km per ltr, Where they say 66km per ltr in the advertisement. 2. No Good Initial pick up. Takes times for pick up 3. If you are not riding your vehicle for 2 days it is very difficult to start and takes a lot of time for initial pick up.For Indian customers, Yamaha should look for Mileage so that they can acquire the market in Mopeds and make customers happy.

  • 3.4

    If you are looking for stylish low rider seat scooter for city commute that"s the best option. If you are looking something that is durable enough on Indian roads must look for some other options. This scooter is not at all durable as being an owner for a year I can listen to every, body part making a buzz while moving on a road. The resale value for this vehicle which I can sense will not be that much as after one year of use it is looking like 3 years old. I will give full marks in styling that"s why we have purchased it. Engine performance is decent as it will give you no vibration up to 80kmph, the engine doesn"t take stress even while over speeding (Speed Limit is 60 kmph :))

  • 4.2

    performance good, low rpm pickup is awesome, mass centralisation helps a lot and aided with stiff suspension setup it handles pretty well, but stiff suspension means ride is less comfortable, looks are attractive and attracts attention, features aren't many, braking is good with disc brakes offering good stopping power, seat is wide and supportive, slight issue is its low ground clearance and 12 inch wheels, digital meters would have been better

  • 5.0

    My RayZR, Sharky, he is my first motorized 2 wheeler. I have him since 2016 and still get excited every time we go for a ride. The stunning looks that Ray ZR had back then was incomparable with other scooters of the segment. I have had a lot of memories with it and I use him for daily commute to office and everywhere else.

  • 4.6

    Ray zr is one a kind scooter since 2017 i am riding to till date for daily commute for my work it never let me down with it long rides or mild rides when you take sharp cuts and curves or it riding posture every aspect is perfect really it a great product if you maintain well this scooty mileage is pretty good...

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