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Yamaha India plans to increase its Indian two-wheeler market share to 10 percent in the next five years. Motofumi Shitara, Group Chairman of Yamaha India said that the company has plans to push up its production capacity from the current 1.7 million units to 2.5 million units in the next five years. This would also make India Yamaha's largest production hub. In the coming years, Yamaha will also be moving away from the mass market segment and instead focusing on premium products.

Yamaha Bike Price

Yamaha bikes price starts at Rs. 52,247 for the cheapest bike Ray Z and goes up to Rs. 20.39 lakh for the top model Yamaha YZF R1. Yamaha offers 20 new bike models in India. YZF R15 V3 (Rs. 1.41 lakh), FZ-S Fi Version 3.0 (Rs. 98,680) and MT-15 (Rs. 1.36 lakh) are among the popular bikes from Yamaha. In the year 2020/2021, Yamaha is going to launch 6 new models in India. Select a Yamaha bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

Yamaha Bikes in India

*Prices shown for Delhi
  • 4.3
    Yamaha YZF R15 V3
    Rs. 1.41 lakh onwards
    155 cc  48.75 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 4.3
    Yamaha FZ-S Fi Version 3.0
    Rs. 98,680 onwards
    149 cc  50 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • Yamaha Bikes Family

  • 4.3
    Yamaha MT 15
    Rs. 1.36 lakh onwards
    155 cc  48.58 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 4.2
    Yamaha FZ-Fi Version 3.0
    Rs. 99,200 onwards
    149 cc  50 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 4.3
    Yamaha YZF R1
    Rs. 20.39 lakh onwards
    998 cc  15 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @6%
  • 4
    Yamaha Fascino
    Rs. 56,023 onwards
    113 cc  66 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 4.3
    Yamaha FZ 25
    Rs. 1.35 lakh onwards
    249 cc  45.6 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 4.2
    Yamaha YZF R3
    Rs. 3.52 lakh onwards
    321 cc  35 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @6%
  • 4.1
    Yamaha Ray ZR
    Rs. 54,881 onwards
    113 cc  66 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 3.8
    Yamaha SZ-RR
    Rs. 71,483 onwards
    149 cc  50 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 4.3
    Yamaha YZF-R15 V3 BS6
    Rs. 1.46 lakh onwards
    155 cc    Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 3.9
    Yamaha Saluto
    Rs. 59,880 onwards
    125 cc  78 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 3.8
    Yamaha MT 09
    Rs. 10.55 lakh onwards
    847 cc  25.85 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @6%
  • 4
    Yamaha Ray Z
    Rs. 52,247 onwards
    113 cc  66 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 3.8
    Yamaha FZS-FI V3 BS6
    Rs. 1.01 lakh onwards
    149 cc    Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 4
    Yamaha Fascino 125
    Rs. 66,430 onwards
    125 cc    Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 4
    Yamaha Fazer 25
    Rs. 1.45 lakh onwards
    249 cc  32.9 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 3.6
    Yamaha Alpha
    Rs. 53,102 onwards
    113 cc  66 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%
  • 4.2
    Yamaha YZF R1M
    Rs. 20.39 lakh onwards
    998 cc  15 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @6%
  • 3.8
    Yamaha Saluto RX
    Rs. 53,080 onwards
    110 cc  82 kmpl  Petrol
    Get Loan starting @9.7%

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Recently Asked User Questions about Yamaha

Q. What is the expectation of Saluto BS6 availability?
  • Please understand that as the new generation of bikes are revealed, they will do good for the environment but you end up paying for it. The bike remains the same. Let me give you another example. If one vendor is selling tomatoes at RS.25/- and the guy down the isle is selling the same tomatoes at RS.30/- would you be in a hurry to buy the more expensive ones ? Well that is your situation right now.
Q. Is there any changes in the seating position seems like it is little bit higher in Yamaha BS6 FZ S FI version 3 compared ro normal FZ S FI version 3.
  • There are no cosmetic changes made in the bike, the only change which is made by the brand is in engine and i.e upgraded to BS6 now.
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Yamaha User Reviews

  • YZF R15 V3
    988 ratings
    R15 V3

    1. Have purchased dark knight edition in August 2019.2. Mileage part is awesome. Since i ride in Mumbai city I get a mileage of 40-45.3. First service done. Make sure you do not got full tank petrol. It may affect mileage.4. Who ever is having back or neck ache, check out correct riding posture for sport bike. Hold the tank with your laps and keep the pressure away from shoulder and palm to avoid pain.5. I have started new insta channel. Please support:Insta id: r15_Mumbai. During rainy season you would need to get an additional tyre hugger to avoid getting mud all over your legs or pillion

    Vasim 1 month ago
    R15 V3 User Reviews
  • FZ-S Fi Version 3.0
    311 ratings
    FZS V3

    Super smooth...Ride comfort is good... you will feel no back pain after a long ride... engine is perfectly tuned for city as well as highway rides.. on paper the power and torque may feel low. but it is quite ok for commuting in city and long drives... initial pickup may feel low, but mid rage is superb.. you need to stress the engine to cross 💯 or 110... if you ride smoothly then definitely you can get 50kmpl milage...

    Kalyan 2 months ago
    FZS V3 User Reviews
  • MT-15
    229 ratings
    MT 15

    I own the MT-15 (international specification) and use it in the Philippines. Here are my PERSONAL comments. Odometer is currently @12,200 km. This is a one person bike, unless your pillion passenger is a spider monkey. (a) Best features are:Yamaha quality, technical prowess & dealer presence/support; powerful high-revving motor @ 10,000 rpm and 6-speed gear shift with slipper clutch; v. stable and safe handling even on rough highways. multi-function meter is replete with useful info; headlight is effective up to 50 kph. (b) My "neutral"opinions: seat is not comfortable beyond 1.5-to-2 hours at a time; rear wheel fender is too short to protect back of operator from getting mud-spattered in the rain; the pillion seat is unusable as there are no grab handles on the int"l spec model; the seat is1quite high and not recommended for short riders. (c) my negative comments: intl model does not have ABS brakes which is an attractive safety feature; handlebar location of the horn button is far to the right of the normal position on a bike...this is a design flaw in my opinion as 50% of the time my thumb can"t find the horn in emergency situations, even after 2,200 km!. (d) Other observations: I have no data on fuel consumption as I don't track it; to realize this bike's potential, operate the motor to it"s maximum 19 hp @ 10,000 rpm and max torque @ 8,500. THIS IS WHAT MAKES THIS BIKE SPECIAL. Note: it took me 2,000 km of use in order to loosen up the engine, achieve max output and deliver the fun factor; finally two of the 3 colour schemes are boring in my view---matte black and v. dark blue. I purchased the ice flo/silver gray model which I prefer. Handlebar mirrors are effective.

    John 6 months ago
    MT 15 User Reviews
  • FZ-Fi Version 3.0
    163 ratings
    FZ V3

    Good bike with neat braking system and decent mileage.. but me being a tall rider of 6 ft I have been facing back pain and discomfort in the knees occasionally if I ride for long. One thing I didn't like in this bike is the mudguard.. the semi open mudguard is not designed properly and during rains it will spill on the sides of the bike and pillions lower part of the pant will be damaged due to splash.. Yamaha should think on retaining the old mudguard that they had used for FZ

    Narayana 3 weeks ago
    FZ V3 User Reviews
  • YZF R1
    42 ratings
    YZF R1

    Superbikes are not meant to be used daily. But i have clogged over 40k km in the beast. Since it is over 10 years now, i can see some degradation. But the built quality is beyond perfection. My bike looks fresher than a 2 year old modern bikes...

    Albert 6 months ago
    YZF R1 User Reviews
  • Fascino
    250 ratings

    Some or other body parts breaking. First the battery failed exactly a week after the warranty, when we gave it for service just a month before itself the battery was not good. In spite of complaining about that to the service center they said it is all good. Within 15 days it failed. The side view mirrors always in loose condition. The design itself is horrible, even if a child touches the mirror it will get loose.Chock is another nonsense they have in this vehicle. Within 6 months they forced us to change the cable / chock parts 3 times. Every time when we go for service we have to hear a nasty lecture how to maintain the vehicle before they bill 1000 rupees.NOT GOOD FOR LADIES - IF YOU WISH IT SHOULD RUN WITH ONE OR TWO VISITS IN A YEAR TO SERVICE CENTER. BE PREPARED TO VISIT SERVICE CENTER EVERY MONTH. Being the 2nd costliest vehicle in the market the performance is not satisfying.

    RAMANATHAN 9 months ago
    Fascino User Reviews
  • FZ 25
    377 ratings
    FZ 25

    A good practical bike for the city and Highways too. At the end of the day most people like to cruise at speeds of 110-115 and this bike is just phenomenal at those speeds. Anyone who thinks of touring at speeds in excess of 130-140 needs to look elsewhere. A very underrated bike and with the addition of ABS its just a superb proposition.

    Rongon 1 week ago
    FZ 25 User Reviews
  • YZF R3
    79 ratings
    YZF R3

    Hey I am Robisankar. I am a businessman. For 5 year’s i go toLindsay Street, just off Chowringhee Road to maintain my business whice is stay from my house about 22 Km. This is not so close to me. I am now 32 years old & i have one 9 year’s Son. Now I tell you about here my 3 rd Bike. Even this bike i use personally two bike at all. Firstly i use Honda CG 125 , Secondly I use Bajaj Pulser 150 for two years.As a maintainer of a business i am busy for maximum time & the distance between my house & my office so far. Bike is a vechile where no need to wait for anyone. So i have to crying needeed a bike. So the maintain my time & root use of my time i buy my Motorcycle. When i sell my last bike my friend & my cute son tell me to buy a big bike. Accedentis the main cause of my slling this bike. I wan to know firstly that i don’t buy another bike. But situation have forced me to buy a bike. So few days later I go some brand’s showroom & Finally I bought amaha YZF-R3 motorcycle. I choose this bike for ABS braking system. I think it gives me very safety & speedy also. I bought this bike with Rs 3,45,000. This day is very memorable for me. It is so biggi for me. Firstly I drive my Bike & i can realize the difference between my previous Motorcycle.When i reached my home i feel much better to ride this bike. It has so speed though i can’t take the top speed. I am worried about it’s mileage because only 20 kmpl mileage of it’s. It is not unusal also cz it has 321 cc very powerfull engine.As a describer on my bike. It’s so nice, big & styling. Braking system is just owsome. Relax seat system i very enjoy to seat here & ride experience. When i bought this bike it gives me 25 kmpl mileage now after 4,000 km it gives me 20 kmpl mileage. I am sure about that it gives me this mileage a long time because i concern about this mileage with a specialist. This mileage is not a matter for me. I make a long tour about 600 km per one day when I & my friend make a journey by Motorcycle. I notice one think that i have not suffer from my neck pain for riding a long drive. It’s 2 chanel Abs system is so working i just trial about this Abs syestem with my safety dress. But good news it’s work just super for the result I observe my experience without any injury .For the long time with this bike i want to tell all of bike rider that it is really a nice bike. I don’t tell to claim it mine as a rider i enjoy it & it gives me speedy ,comfort , abs safety & most of popular ause it gives me Styling bike riding Experience. My son also enjoy this bike to seat behind me .The young man tell me pappa more speed, more speed. But all time i ride my bike with a fresh sence & secure. I change gear oil regularly & service for a month regular. I have no more big cost in behind this bike . It is so free for me now at all. At the last I tell one think I really enjoy this bike & I also love my this Yamaha YZF-R3 Bike.

    Motorcycle 1 year ago
    YZF R3 User Reviews
  • Ray ZR
    175 ratings
    Ray ZR

    This moped has both Postive and Negative performance. Positive:1. Good Power 2. No Vibration on High speed. You can go up to 80kms without vibration 3. Good Handling & Breaking system. Disc works perfectly and stops quickly when required 4. Stylish and good boot space 5. Nice road Grip and Tyres provided by Yamaha ...Negative:1. Mileage is very poor. It gives 30-35km per ltr, Where they say 66km per ltr in the advertisement. 2. No Good Initial pick up. Takes times for pick up 3. If you are not riding your vehicle for 2 days it is very difficult to start and takes a lot of time for initial pick up.For Indian customers, Yamaha should look for Mileage so that they can acquire the market in Mopeds and make customers happy.

    Praveen 8 months ago
    Ray ZR User Reviews
  • SZ-RR
    182 ratings

    Very light good ground clearance, good for daily commute, maintenance is less on this bike. I did 38000 km with small trips(300-400 km up and down). Changed both tyres to Michelin, ByBRE brakes, Battery once post 30km...Mileage all depends on how you ride at time for me it was low around 28-32 after recent servicing at Yamaha showroom. It gradually increased and now it's giving 40-42.

    Kameshwar4u 4 months ago
    SZ-RR User Reviews
  • YZF R15 V3 BS6
    34 ratings
    R15 V3 BS6

    YAMAHA BEAST ....Powerful bike in 150 segment, full feature loded in this low price segment, feel like a mini super bike, awesum designed body, great pickup with good balance and no vibration on full speed, aggrasive riding poisture may feel uncomfortable for mid age person but youngstar fall in love, redial tyre for sharp cornering. Assist and slipper clutch gives more smoothness to gear downshift, cherming led headlight good but could have been better. Abs offers you better security for sudden breaking. Worth for money....

    Satya 4 weeks ago
    R15 V3 BS6 User Reviews
  • Saluto
    83 ratings

    Its 11 months now I purchased saluto 125cc bike. Till now have crossed 5000 km running and haven't face any issue with bike.. Average was initially 55-60 but as of now it's 65+. It improved after 3rd service. No vibration at 65kmph speed. Comfort to drive with medium speed. Easy to handle. Only problem is gears shifting is hard. Specially first and second. Hope the mileage will stay as it is for long time :). Best of luck..

    Arjun 10 months ago
    Saluto User Reviews
  • MT 09
    16 ratings
    MT 09

    So far so good, just a little uncomfortable for longer rides.

    Craig 3 months ago
    MT 09 User Reviews
  • Ray Z
    126 ratings
    Ray Z

    As this is a scooter it's not too good for For my use , because I am working as Marketing Professional. It's mileage is between 38-40kmpl which is moderate. Looking to comfort level and performance it's best budget scooter. Engine durability is very powerful as compared other scooter.As a scooter it's best as per my experience but I don't recommend it for marketing purposes.But it's very good build quality and speed and comfortable..

    Partha 8 months ago
    Ray Z User Reviews
  • FZS-FI V3 BS6
    12 ratings
    FZS-FI V3 BS6

    FZS V3 BS6 is good bike... i got around 55kmpl before first service... riding comfort is excellent... i felt linear power delivery on ride...

    Shine 2 days ago
    FZS-FI V3 BS6 User Reviews
  • Fascino 125
    13 ratings
    Fascino 125

    Iam using facino 110cc almost 4.5yrs complete iam very happy to have that now i will replace with facino 125cc Insha Allah

    Mubeen 3 weeks ago
    Fascino 125 User Reviews
  • Fazer 25
    76 ratings
    Fazer 25

    I bought it on 2/10/2017 and writing this review on 2/10/2018. In this 1 year I had this bike only for 9 months. Rest 3 months it was at workshop. Reason: no availability of spare. I ordered a brake pad (which needs to be changed in every 5000km) they brought the product in 1 month. So for one month I couldn"t ride my bike. Today I was on a commute and bike suddenly got off (I was riding almost 120kmph) and it got off. I tried to start it but i couldn"t. This bike is out of understanding of local mechanics. I had to pull it for 1 hour on a highway to reach nearest yamaha workshop. They couldn"t even start it and i was asked to come to next day. Concluding suggestion: don"t buy it. It"s more a headache than a bike. High maintenance cost and non availability of spares. Rather go for ktm or royal enfield.

    Vivek 1 year ago
    Fazer 25 User Reviews
  • Alpha
    69 ratings

    Not worth for the cost, All outside parts are fiber materials, kick start was frequently not working properly even though after 3more service, no mileage as expected only giving 30-35km, battery was very worst, key was frequently not working, brakes was not working properly, frequently skidding, the scooter was not safe if you ride more than 40km/hrs.

    V 4 days ago
    Alpha User Reviews
  • YZF R1M
    16 ratings
    YZF R1M

    R1M is best or R1 which one best

    SK 1 month ago
    YZF R1M User Reviews
  • Saluto RX
    26 ratings
    Saluto RX

    i bought this bike in YATIE WHEELS vadodara. milage is nearly 50 km/ltr. pick up like 50cc scooty. yamaha serviec staff is unskilled. they are lier . even company and engineers are not supporting. they are playing with customer's feelings. i strongly advice that do not buy any YAMAHA bikes.

    Ketan 1 week ago
    Saluto RX User Reviews

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  • Yamaha MT-15 Road Test Review
    Yamaha MT-15 Road Test Review

    You would have to look at the 200s if you if you are looking for your first performance naked. But Yamaha now finally has an alternative which might not win a game of trumps, but is an absolute joy inside the city. Is that enough to threaten the 200s’ territory?

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    Is the MT-15 just another 150cc commuter, or is it a pukka little streetfighter worthy of the MT monicker?

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