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Yamaha bikes India offers 7 new models in India with price starts at Rs. 67,230 and goes up to Rs. 1.46 lakh . The popular bikes of Yamaha include YZF R15 V3 (Rs. 1.46 lakh), MT-15 (Rs. 1.39 lakh) and FZS-FI V3 (Rs. 1.02 lakh) . The cheapest Yamaha bike is Fascino 125 (Rs. 67,230) and the most expensive one is YZF R15 V3 (Rs. 1.46 lakh). Yamaha bikes in India are expected to launch FZ 25 (Rs. 1.40 lakh), YZF R1 (Rs. 20.39 lakh) and XSR155 (Rs. 1.40 lakh) in the year 2020-2021 . Select a Yamaha bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.Looking for Yamaha Scooters?

Yamaha Bikes Price List (2020) in India

ModelEx-showroom Price
Yamaha YZF R15 V3Rs. 1.46 lakh
Yamaha MT 15Rs. 1.39 lakh
Yamaha FZS-FI V3Rs. 1.02 lakh
Yamaha Fascino 125Rs. 67,230
Yamaha FZ-Fi Version 3.0Rs. 1.00 lakh
Yamaha Ray-ZR 125Rs. 67,530

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About Yamaha Bikes

Yamaha is a Japanese two-wheeler giant which started India operations back in 1985. Yamaha India plans to increase its Indian two-wheeler market share to 10 per cent by 2024. The Group Chairman of Yamaha India, Motofumi Shitara, said the company has plans to increase its production capacity from the current 1.7 million units to 2.5 million units in the above mentioned period. This would also make India Yamaha's largest production hub. In the coming years, Yamaha plans to move away from the mass market segment and instead focus on premium products. A prime example of this are its 125cc scooters: the Fascino 125, Ray Z 125 and Ray ZR 125. These scooters replace its previous 113cc predecessors as well as its entry-level scooters and motorcycles like the Alpha, Saluto 125 and Saluto RX 110. Yamaha’s future products will comprise premium scooters and motorcycles with engine capacities above 124cc. Yamaha's new bikes in BS6 range includes the R15 V3, MT-15, Fascino 125, Ray Z 125, Ray ZR 125, FZ-FI V3, FZS-FI V3, and FZ 25. The company will be introducing the new FZS-FI BS6 this year. This is expected to be followed by the XSR155 and NMax 155 scooter.

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Yamaha User Reviews

  • R15 V3
    1385 reviews & ratings
    R15 V3

    I have owned this bike for about a year and I have very little to complain about. Mileage is more than I could ask for from a sport 150cc, the clutch is light not being harsh on your hands and a perfect beginner bike overall. And if you ever get underwhelmed by the power there's plenty you can do to make up for it! Only complains about the seating posture which gets to your back on long rides.

    Maninder 10 hours ago
    R15 V3 User Reviews
  • MT 15
    57 reviews & ratings
    MT 15

    Initial acceleration and better handling is make very fun when mt rides on road (എം‌ടി15 റോഡിൽ‌ സഞ്ചരിക്കുമ്പോൾ പ്രാരംഭ ത്വരണം, മികച്ച കൈകാര്യം ചെയ്യൽ എന്നിവ വളരെ രസകരമാണ്)

    White 1 day ago
    MT 15 User Reviews
  • FZS-FI V3
    78 reviews & ratings
    FZS-FI V3

    Previous owns motorcycle from other manufacturing company such as Honda Hero Bajaj Suzuki than after buying the Yamaha product I was satisfied you can say it's Great handling character, if riding is sensible you can achieve a great economy like what I am getting on highway is 68 kpl, built quality is good only thing this motor lag is in terms of top end performance the bottom & mid range performance you won't complain it adequate for city ride bumper to bumper traffic conditions the motorcycle is comfortable you can Cruze all day long it's only lag on highway in terms of top end performance it that is not your priority than I would rather suggest anyone to go a head with the Yamaha product.

    Siddhesh 3 days ago
    FZS-FI V3 User Reviews
  • FZS-FI V3
    78 reviews & ratings
    FZS-FI V3

    2011 i bought fz and then in 2016 upgraded to Fz V2. Positives: Refinement, Handling, Ligh Weight, Easy to flicker in the city, Smooth Gear Box. Neutral: Mileage is 40. Service Cost. Negatives: Less power if u compare with the segment( U will feel it on the highways), Yamaha Service centers are worst(trust me I have tried every single service center in Delhi).No Doubt about the bike but service u have to be really careful. If ur a Yamaha Fan boy: buy itLooking for Highway Cruising: Please go for atleast 200cc.Everyday commute: If you r ok with the mileage of 40 then good or else look for other options.

    Sanjay 1 week ago
    FZS-FI V3 User Reviews
  • MT 15
    57 reviews & ratings
    MT 15

    after 3 years of fz I bought mt15, the only reason behind this is Yamaha engine and styling and yes comfort is small issue here. Because of narrow and hard seat you will not feel comfortable on long rides (I solved it by using seat covers) apart from this it serves my purpose ✴️✴️✴️

    Two 1 week ago
    MT 15 User Reviews
  • R15 V3
    1385 reviews & ratings
    R15 V3

    Ive used R15 v3 for almost a year. The overall performance is outstanding, the mileage is good than expected for its performance, The maintenance cost is also affordable.

    Naveen 2 weeks ago
    R15 V3 User Reviews

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Yamaha Bikes Expert Reviews

  • Yamaha FZ-S Fi V3.0 vs TVS Apache RTR 160 4V: Comparison Review
    Yamaha FZ-S Fi V3.0 vs TVS Apache RTR 160 4V: Comparison Review

    Is the new FZ doing enough to one-up what we believe is the clear benchmark in the sporty 150-160cc segment?

    Jul 30, 2019
  • Yamaha MT-15 Road Test Review
    Yamaha MT-15 Road Test Review

    You would have to look at the 200s if you if you are looking for your first performance naked. But Yamaha now finally has an alternative which might not win a game of trumps, but is an absolute joy inside the city. Is that enough to threaten the 200s’ territory?

    Jul 24, 2019
  • Yamaha MT-15 First Ride Review
    Yamaha MT-15 First Ride Review

    Is the MT-15 just another 150cc commuter, or is it a pukka little streetfighter worthy of the MT monicker?

    Mar 16, 2019
  • Yamaha FZ25: 5500km Long Term Review
    Yamaha FZ25: 5500km Long Term Review

    Our long-term FZ25 came back after a major repair just in time for the monsoons. Were the rain Gods kind enough?

    Aug 3, 2018
  • Yamaha R15 v3.0 Road Test Review
    Yamaha R15 v3.0 Road Test Review

    Does the new R15 manage to stay relevant in this age of high-performance entry-level motorcycles?

    Jun 23, 2018
  • Yamaha R15 V3.0 Is Awesome: True Or False?
    Yamaha R15 V3.0 Is Awesome: True Or False?

    We expect great things from the new R15 V3.0. But what direction is the third gen of this Yamaha taking? Racier, friendlier, or both?

    Mar 14, 2018

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Yamaha Bikes FAQs

Which is the cheapest Yamaha bikes in India?

The cheapest Yamaha bikes in India is Fascino 125 , which is priced at Rs. 67,230.

What are the commuter bikes manufactured by Yamaha?

Yamaha offers 2 commuter bike in India namely Yamaha MT 15 and Yamaha FZ-Fi Version 3.0.

Which are the best Yamaha bikes under 80000?

The popular bikes offered by Yamaha in this segment are Yamaha Fascino 125 and Yamaha Ray-ZR 125

What is the price range of Yamaha bikes?

Yamaha bikes in India comes in the price range of Rs. 67,230 to Rs. 1.46 lakh.

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