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Yamaha is a Japanese two-wheeler giant which started India operations back in 1985. Yamaha India plans to increase its Indian two-wheeler market share to 10 per cent by 2024. The Group Chairman of Yamaha India, Motofumi Shitara, said the company has plans to increase its production capacity from the current 1.7 million units to 2.5 million units in the above mentioned period. This would also make India Yamaha's largest production hub. In the coming years, Yamaha plans to move away from the mass market segment and instead focus on premium products. A prime example of this are its 125cc scooters: the Fascino 125, Ray Z 125 and Ray ZR 125. These scooters replace its previous 113cc predecessors as well as its entry-level scooters and motorcycles like the Alpha, Saluto 125 and Saluto RX 110. Yamaha’s future products will comprise premium scooters and motorcycles with engine capacities above 124cc. Its current BS6 range includes the Fascino 125 BS6, Ray Z 125 BS6, Ray ZR 125 BS6, FZ-FI V3 BS6, FZS-FI V3 BS6, FZ 25 BS6, R15 V3 BS6, and MT-15 BS6. The company will be introducing the new FZS-FI BS6 this year. This is expected to be followed by the XSR155 and NMax 155 scooter.

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Yamaha bikes price starts at Rs. 51,817 for the cheapest bike Ray Z and goes up to Rs. 20.39 lakh for the top model Yamaha YZF R1. Yamaha offers 21 new bike models in India. YZF R15 V3 (Rs. 1.41 lakh), MT-15 (Rs. 1.37 lakh) and FZ-S Fi Version 3.0 (Rs. 98,680) are among the popular bikes from Yamaha. In the year 2020/2021, Yamaha is going to launch 3 new models in India. Select a Yamaha bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

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Q. When Yamaha R15 V4 will be launched in India? Will it have ABS? What would be the price?
  • There is no chance that Yamaha would launch r15 v4 for the next few years . Soon yamaha will upgrade R15 V3 and it will come with ABS as standard . This might increase the price with an additional tag of 10,000-15,000 INR.
  • Must launch soon with required improvement
  • Maybe launched no announced prizes
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Q. My height is 5.4ft, is R15 V3 comfortable for me??
  • Seating position of R15 V3 is slightly more aggressive.It can be ridden comfortably at sporty seating angles but you have to get used to that.It will be difficult for your ride height to manage in city especially in Traffic, Your shoulder Starts paining after a few minutes of ride better go for naked motorcycle if you are in city
  • Go for r15 as mileage is best ,also maintainence is affordable ,specs are awesome .. if you are a beginner and also if you are pro r15 is best you can go for rr310 but depends upon the budget ,also mileage is less and maintenance is high, of course due to the bigger engine..it's your choice at last..
  • Asking about Comfort in a sports bike is like asking for seven seater in a lumborgni.Height is not a matter if you know how to control the bike.You can buy riding shoes customised will definitely increase your comfort.Avoid hectic traffic until you get used to the bike .Thanks.
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Q. FZ 25 BS6 launch date? Any upcoming glossy colour? Any leads by zigwheels?
  • BS6 would be compulsory starting April 2020.If you're willing to cough up the price difference, then wait for BS6. Otherwise go for BS4
  • Is that possible please change Gearbox and including 6 gearbox , than see your YAMAHA fz 25 market ( full hawa ) in 2020 and 2021
  • Please update in Yamaha fz250 BS4 change into BS6 and changes in speedometer and 6-gearbox
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Yamaha User Reviews

  • FZ-S Fi Version 3.0
    390 reviews & ratings
    FZS V3

    Poor service and service is available 100 km away from my place Rewari and in just 10months one of front shockers is leaked which doesn't come in warranty.

    Sarwesh 5 days ago
    FZS V3 User Reviews
  • FZS-FI V3 BS6
    38 reviews & ratings
    FZS-FI V3 BS6

    Being a owner and riding for 3months(2700km) i'm sharing my personal opinion: Pros: 1)Looks and style -naked and perfect in this segment2) Mileage-40-45kmpl. Good for daily commute. 3) Handling and riding posture great. 4) Braking perfect, it will respond smoothly. 5) speed 0-60 no issue at city and highway, above 85 kmph it struggles on highway, you feel vibrations and if your weight 60-75kg you might feel wind factor also on highway. 6) Rider-Pillion seat perfect for 2 persons. Not more than 2..Cons: 1) Some sound observed in 0-40kmph speed in low rpm.. Though service technician said it's normal in fz.. But I don't like.. Compare to honda little notchy or scratchhy sound observed. 2) Top end you will miss on highway for sure. Confidence will low on highway due to 5no point mention above. 3) Body parts(plastic or fibre) material should be better. If you want to buy for your daily commutes its perfect. It's good for highway and touring also but within 90kmph speed.. I've travelled 300-350km(3times) in a single day within 6-7hrs without facing any issue except 5 no point mention in pros. Hope this will help. This is my personal opinion.. you might differ..

    Joy 1 week ago
    FZS-FI V3 BS6 User Reviews
  • FZ-Fi Version 3.0
    192 reviews & ratings
    FZ V3

    comfortable for daily usage and it's like a big motorcycle for an 150cc bikes and the handle bars I am sure everyone loves it.seats are bit hard for 100km ride .pillion comfort is good.the tank looks bulky and good.fI works good and abs it's single only in front that's enough for a 150cc engine and the power is more than enough for city rides.For long rides it's the engine that got heated up and you can feel the heat in your legs. vibration are low. cruising over 100 is comfortable for long ride because vibration is low overall performance is good and comfortable

    Selva 1 week ago
    FZ V3 User Reviews
  • Ray ZR
    222 reviews & ratings
    Ray ZR

    Good bike for both genders.. Also style. Perfect mileage and pick up.. Definitely good break system and shock absorber Relay good.. 😍😍Happy face

    K.s.k.thusharagan 1 week ago
    Ray ZR User Reviews
  • MT-15
    293 reviews & ratings
    MT 15

    I bought a brandnew yamaha MT-15 8months ago and all I can say is that it is very comfortable to handle with. Performance? Not a bigbike but it looks like one and runs with 125-140 or 140+ if you customized the sprockets and adjusted its weight. So far I was able to test my bike’s durability on and off road and the good things is that even if you crossed a high level of water and the only thing you can see is your handle bar, you don’t need to worry as long as you hold the clutch and the accelerator keep punching and don’t let the engine shut off. That’s how we survived our on/off road rides. Also, you don’t have to customize your pipes to put the sound in much greater shape. All you have to do is to cut the opening of your unit’s air filter under just a little bit and notice the change of the sound of your pipe. It’s like a racing type of pipe sound. Thank me later! 👍

    Jason 1 week ago
    MT 15 User Reviews
  • FZ-S Fi Version 3.0
    390 reviews & ratings
    FZS V3

    its best choice dailyriderrsstylish a fat bike. and the plus point "YAMAHA " enginepower,headlights, horn,braking,all are verygood i am 90%happy..but comfort and seat not good..but too badmilege 52-55 milege service coast 500-600 only

    Shammas 1 week ago
    FZS V3 User Reviews
  • FZ-S Fi Version 3.0
    390 reviews & ratings
    FZS V3

    I use for Fz-s V3 for daily commute of 25 km. It includes heavy traffic areas and a bit of highways as well. The comfort this bike offers is fabulous. Superb handling. If I ride normally around 50-60kmph I get mileage of 47-48kmpl if I do 70-80 I get around 42-44 kmpl. very happy with the performance

    Vishal 2 weeks ago
    FZS V3 User Reviews
  • FZ 25
    443 reviews & ratings
    FZ 25

    Very good acceleration but lesser top speed cuz only 5 gears are there. So expressway driving could be time consuming but it'll comfortably cruise at 110kph higher than that kinda upsets the calm of the engine.

    Vivan 2 weeks ago
    FZ 25 User Reviews
  • MT-15
    293 reviews & ratings
    MT 15

    It cannot simply be defined or compared as if to other different riders definitely have different choices when ot comes to select one out of such a great competition current days. Yamaha MT-15 is different in consept and style as conpared to other members of Yamaha family. MT-15 has a great performance when it comes to 150cc segments. The engine is tuned very differently as compared to R15 version 3. MT-15 has an unexpectedly high acceleration. It is worth a competition against Apache RTR 200, Pulsar 200NS, Yamaha FZ-25 and even KTM Duke 200. Except KTM Duke 200 all the above bikes are almost equal competition to each other. Duke 200 undoubtedly has a bigger and faster engine but I wouldn't mention it in the first place if I didn't want this to have a point afterall. MT-15 has a better desin and graphics as compared to Duke 200, slipper cluth and single channel ABS is more fun and better performing than in dual channel or no ABS KTM, the Deltabox is way better than the KTM cahssis undoubtedly. MT-15 is lighter in weigh which makes it more fun riding. MT-15 is also a good off-ride bike, despite being a street fighter, it's low weight and ride hieght is an advantage against all the previously mentioned bikes. For long tours, yeah riding MT-15 will be a pain that's quite similar feeling in most of the low cubic capacity street fighters. MT-15 is also comfortable for tall and short riders both, other advantage would be alvarious parts and options to custom your MT, that's quite fun.

    Anti 2 weeks ago
    MT 15 User Reviews
  • YZF R15 V3
    1205 reviews & ratings
    R15 V3

    I bought my FAVOURITE R15 V3 in May 2019 from a showroom located in Sohna Road, Gurgaon. It is a comfortable ride for sports bike enthusiasts. Unfortunately, it lags comfort and the co-passenger might feel discomfort during long rides. It is not suitable for a common man looking for a family two-wheeler.Nonetheless, it is an apt riding motorcycle for a single rider. One of the key advantages that one can benefit from riding this motorcycle is that it corrects the posture of the rider. So, a ride won't face back issues. Although, long rides are still not suitable for this motorbike. You can ride it comfortably by slightly bending elbows and bending the back like a sports rider.

    Pranav 2 weeks ago
    R15 V3 User Reviews

Yamaha Bikes Expert Reviews

  • Yamaha FZ-S Fi V3.0 vs TVS Apache RTR 160 4V: Comparison Review
    Yamaha FZ-S Fi V3.0 vs TVS Apache RTR 160 4V: Comparison Review

    Is the new FZ doing enough to one-up what we believe is the clear benchmark in the sporty 150-160cc segment?

    Jul 30, 2019
  • Yamaha MT-15 Road Test Review
    Yamaha MT-15 Road Test Review

    You would have to look at the 200s if you if you are looking for your first performance naked. But Yamaha now finally has an alternative which might not win a game of trumps, but is an absolute joy inside the city. Is that enough to threaten the 200s’ territory?

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  • Yamaha MT-15 First Ride Review
    Yamaha MT-15 First Ride Review

    Is the MT-15 just another 150cc commuter, or is it a pukka little streetfighter worthy of the MT monicker?

    Mar 16, 2019
  • Yamaha FZ25: 5500km Long Term Review
    Yamaha FZ25: 5500km Long Term Review

    Our long-term FZ25 came back after a major repair just in time for the monsoons. Were the rain Gods kind enough?

    Aug 3, 2018
  • Yamaha R15 v3.0 Road Test Review
    Yamaha R15 v3.0 Road Test Review

    Does the new R15 manage to stay relevant in this age of high-performance entry-level motorcycles?

    Jun 23, 2018
  • Yamaha R15 V3.0 Is Awesome: True Or False?
    Yamaha R15 V3.0 Is Awesome: True Or False?

    We expect great things from the new R15 V3.0. But what direction is the third gen of this Yamaha taking? Racier, friendlier, or both?

    Mar 14, 2018

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