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KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke

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KTM 390 Duke Spare Parts Price List

KTM 390 Duke Parts Authorised Dealer Price Extra GST 28% Total Price
Side View Mirror 680 190 870
Engine Guard 4300 1204 5504
Rear Brake Pads 1150 322 1472
Front Brake Pads 1150 322 1472
Fuel Tank Cap 550 154 704
Clutch Lever / Brake Lever 1350 378 1728
Chain Sprocket 2675 749 3424
Timing Chain 1150 322 1472
Clutch Plate 1110 310 1420
Oil Filter 550 154 704
Air Filter 240 67 307
*These are estimated price and may vary based on location. Price mention above is in Rs
*SGST (State GST) + CGST (Central GST) = GST

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Recently Asked User Questions and Answers

Q. How much kilometers can it go in one liter Duke 390?
  • The mileage of KTM 390 Duke is around 25.7 kmpl. Moreover, the actual mileage totally depends on several factors like driving conditions, road condition, tyre pressure, etc. In order to improve the mileage, we would suggest you drive slower. Driving fast can reduce your fuel efficiency by up to 33% if you are traveling above 60 mph. It is best to change gears appropriately and match the gear and the RPM carefully.
Q. Why does my 2018 KTM duke 390 cut out when I slow down?
  • Hi Brian, what do you mean by the term “cut out” ? Does the engine stalls or it doesn’t respond ? If that is the case then you need to visit the service center.If you don’t mean engine stalling or shut down then your answer is that Duke 390 has a very High Compression Engine. Hence whenever you slow down from a very high speed, you have to select the gears and clutch release ratio accordingly. It has to be in conjunction of the selected gear. Try practising it. If still you feel the same. You should visit the service center and ask the professional to ride the bike at your desired speed where you are sitting as a pillion and ask them to slow down to reproduce the issue. Check if it’s still happening. Ask them to repair the same. If they say that it’s normal then it’s okay.
  • This could be due to the lower initial RPM setting. We would suggest you to get in touch with the nearest authorized service center and they would be able to assist you with the details. Follow the link and select your desired city for service centers.
  • It maybe because of not changing gear to a lower gear while slowing down. if you are following the gear pattern then it might be the problem with the injector and combustion.
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1849 reviews
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  • 5.0

    Best bike my life and please try again this bike please aap sabi bhi is bike ki taraf ek bar dehk lo

  • 3.8

    Brutal performance with the upgraded electronics in the bs6 version is a sweet upgrade.After the new fireware update ktm hs resolved the quickshifter+ issues and now it's a bliss to shift.Punch the throttle to reach a place, And you have reached!.

  • 5.0

    Perfect ok perfect ok perfect ok perfect ok perfect ok perfect ok perfect ok perfect ok perfect ok perfect ok perfect

  • 4.2

    Best in segment.And fun to ride.The only issue is off course mileage which is not less around 25km/l but it can be improved and heat a little bit in traffic should provide dual fans for cooling like in adv390.Otherwise it's a beast.

  • 5.0

    Ktm duke 390 is the best bike in the given amount.As its good for city commutes, Its good for touring, Its good when the performance is demanded, And when it comes to looks it still the best.And the safety feature and technology used is so advanced for the price band they are offered in.So its the best bike in 3 lakh rupees.

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  • 3.8

    I am using this bike for only one thing, thrill. I will not talk about the other aspects, like heating, heaviness on the handle, etc. All I will recommend is that if you are someone new and starting out for the first time please rethink your investment in the 390 , this is a very powerful machine. My idea of thrill is to go out twice a week with full gear and go racing around the city. the reason i do this is my limitations to go out on the highway as I don't make much time. I say my prayers each time I gear up because only I know how I ride, that being said the 390 is a beast and it's hard to tame for even experienced riders. I don't promote what I am doing but I want to share this especially with new riders.

  • 4.2

    it is great for this price range and you cannot expect naked bikes with such low weights in this price segment. it's mileage is average because it is kind of a street race bike. the console you get on this bike cannot be given by another company. but it's price range is bit high for middle class people. you cannot expect best seat comfort in a race bike but the riders seat is above average it has compact space and it wont be fit for fat people both in seat and looks. the pillion seat is not so comfortable. it has trellis frame and the console has Bluetooth connectivity. you can research in YouTube for more information like max speed test and mileage test etc.

  • 5.0

    First of all let me start with how smooth the bs6 390 engine is. It's super smooth compared to bs4 and an absolute heaven when compared to bs3. The underbelly exhaust took care of the heating problem pretty well. It's only your left foot that will get somewhat toasty that too in heavy traffic and your not moving. And with quickshifter I believe there's a common problem with the throttle regulator, to be frank it doesn't work that good🤦. Mileage shouldn't be your criteria if you are planning for 390, for me it gives about 26 to 28 on highway and 22ish in the city. The new colour scheme is a killer grey and black and white is good too.

  • 4.2

    Excellent bike as performace is top notch.Have very good accelaration and bike will move as rocket as you twist the wrist.Do not recomend for a beginer rider.Very good for the long ride as well.Though wife complained of hard seats afetr 850km done in one day, I didnt feel a thing.Rider seats are much softer and wider than the pillion.Mainatance can get pretty expensive when need to chagne the parts and need stock original products ex: tyres!! rims will get bent in every 15k km lol, Chain and sprocket extras.Even after all this till date i am enjoying each day my bike.Adrenaline rush.

  • 4.6

    Superb bike q: should you buy one? a: absolutely.You see, The ineffective quickshifter does not change the fact that the 390 duke is still a great motorcycle.You can still change gears the traditional way.The quickshifter on the 390 duke is just a bragging right as none of the motorcycles in its segment has one.Heck, The next motorcycle to come with a bi-directional quickshifter is its own big, Mad cousin, The 790 duke! in any case, While a quickshifter is a nifty thing to have on the race track, It usually isn’t a make or break factor when buying a motorcycle in this class.

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