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Suzuki Intruder
Suzuki Intruder Rs. 1.20 lakh

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  • Q. How is Suzuki Intruder?
    Swapnil | 3 months ago

    I own Suzuki Intruder and riding it from past 1 and half years. First of all, the price paid is pretty much worthy for a bike, as my Intruder gives a mileage of 46 kmpl. I had 51 kmpl after the first service, and now it varies from 45-48 kmpl. The comfort is very nice in the city, but when you ride on highways for long drives continuously, you may find it a bit uncomfortable, light-weight and less powerful. For that reason, Suzuki has always presented it as a modern city cruiser and it justifies what the company claims.Looks of this bike are highly subjective and I have seen folks owning Royal Enfield bikes make fun of this for its looks, but some RE owners have also enquired curiously about the bike as they liked its lightweight body for city traffic (I found the folks who commented on the looks of this bike had comparatively less technical knowledge about bikes than those who are genuine bike lovers). I personally don't like/admire the over usage of plastic to design its tank and silencers, but it appears dashboard fibre (which has added to the mileage). However, I have also observed that the bike's looks do not go with all personalities and bike looks weird on many riders.The service costs are comparatively lesser than other cruisers as well and that adds to the value of the price paid. Parts (such as light bulbs) installed in this bike are average and the worst part is having the DRL halogen bulb always on the battery and not controllable by the (red) Engine start/stop switch. Pilion seat looks very small but is enough for anyone to sit there, although, a tall and a healthy person may find uncomfortable to sit on the pillion seat. The pillion shocker has good settings which can be adjusted to hard and soft (1-5 scale) and is very well on the softest setting.This bike runs and performs best with the air pressure of 29-36 (f-b) as recommended by the company and a regular dusting can take it a long way. I personally find it very good, value for money and a different bike on the road. 4 out of 5 stars, and I would recommend this bike to anyone who is looking for a bike for utility and daily commute.

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  • Q. What are the disadvantages - Intruder?
    Pradeesh | 1 month ago

    Long turn radius, comfortable top speed is 90. maximum speed is only 115 so not good for long drives... mono shock is not good as seen in other bikes. because of bucket type seating the buttock will heat up in 40 minutes of drive. cannot use for shopping :(

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  • Q. How is intruder performance and fuel efficiency?
    Dheeraj | 4 months ago

    Performance is great, fuel efficiency - you will get 44-48 on highways and 38 to 44 on city, other bad roads

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    Suzuki Intruder Mileage & Performance FAQs

    Q. What is the mileage of Suzuki Intruder in City?
    A. The Suzuki Intruder gives a mileage of 47.6 kmpl in city.
    Q. What is the mileage of Suzuki Intruder in Highways?
    A. The Suzuki Intruder gives a mileage of 54 kmpl on highways.
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