• Q. Hello, I have a question, if the bike encounters small accident does the body frame gets damaged badly because honda dio does not have a stable body frame even with a small accident whole body frame gets ruined. I mean to ask that does this bike has fibre body or metal body - NTORQ?

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    Navneet | 2 months ago

    Toyota innova hitts my ntorq on the right side but there are minor scratches or paint peeled but body not cracked or broken. Ntorq have fiber body but amazingly strong fiber body.

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    Arpan | 4 weeks ago

    Ntorq has got plastic body but it's body is fully stable. Yeah it could get scratches though but it will never get destroyed except the lower grey portion which is a bit soft

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    Abhishek | 5 months ago

    See first of all metal body is all about rigidity to outer body it has nothing to do with the frame. And it is not about minor or major accident, even if a scooter falls from a standstill it can bend forks or even break them. BTW it has fiber body.

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    Rajeesh | 1 month ago

    Ntorq has a full body in fibre a high collision might have higher damage than the scooters with metal body, So drive safely

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    Alankar | 2 months ago

    Yes noo problem because tvs ntorq has far better frame and body it also stable and also it depends on yu how you use

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    Youtube | 1 month ago

    Ntorq has fibre body but I have met accidents with it but nothing is as bad as Honda dio my fibre has no big damages

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    Ranjan | 3 months ago

    I faced very small accident but I didn't get any severe 😣 damage. But it's body is made of fibre so no guarantee of major damage.

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    Partha | 2 months ago

    It has fiber body. Fiberglass is lighter and stronger than metal. It can absorb impact better.

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    Harshad | 4 months ago

    The best option is to buy tvs radeon. It's frame is made by chassis metal. We know how much stronger is bikes chassis this vehicles frame is made-up of chassis metal

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    Suren | 1 month ago

    Fibre body. Will get damaged. Please do not have accidents

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