Rs. 1.74 - 1.83 Lakh
Ex-showroom Price, Delhi
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Jawa Latest Updates

Jawa BS6 has finally started reaching dealerships after its official launch back in March 2020. The company has also revealed the specifications of the BS6-compliant bike. There is a marginal drop in performance and a small gain in kerb weight, with the BS6 bike being 2kg heavier than its BS4 version. Know all details here.

Jawa Specifications

Now in its BS6 guise, the 293cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder mill produces 26.51PS and 27.05Nm of torque. These new figures are 0.86PS and 0.95Nm lower than the BS4 version. The motor runs on a 6-speed transmission. It has gained a considerable amount of weight, now tipping the scales at 172kg. In terms of hardware, the Jawa uses a double downtube frame with a conventional telescopic fork and dual shocks at the rear which get 5-step preload adjustability. Anchoring the bike is a single 280mm disc up front with ABS while the rear runs a conventional 153mm drum brake to keep costs in check. Its 18-inch front and 17-inch rear tyres come wrapped in 90/90-section and 120/80-section rear tyres. A low seat height of 765mm should be a boon for short riders.

Jawa Variants

The Jawa is available in two variants: single-channel ABS and dual-channel ABS.

Jawa Design

Thankfully, the iconic Jawa sticks to its retro roots. The design is reminiscent of the original bike, which is quite appealing to our eyes. It features a dome-shaped headlamp, which extends and forms a cover around the front fork. Other notable design features include vintage-style fenders, a teardrop-shaped fuel tank garnished in chrome, and a rather small single-seat setup.

Jawa Features

The bike comes with liquid-cooling and an old-school instrument console reading out the fuel level and speed.

Jawa Competitors

It rivals the Royal Enfield Classic 350 BS6 and the Benelli Imperiale 400. The latter will be updated to comply with BS6 norms later in the year.

Jawa Price

The price of Jawa starts at Rs. 1.74 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 1.83 Lakh. Jawa is offered in 2 variants - Single Disc BS6 and the top variant Jawa Double Disc BS6 which comes at a price tag of Rs. 1.83 Lakh.

Jawa Price List in India

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
Jawa Single Disc BS6
293 cc |
Rs. 1.74 Lakh
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Jawa Double Disc BS6
293 cc |
Rs. 1.83 Lakh
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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Jawa

Q. मुझे jawa or meteor कौनसी खरीद करनी चाहिए?
  • Both Jawa Classic and Royal Enfield Meteor 350 are good cruiser bikes, however, selecting one would depend on certain factors such as your budget, features required, usage of the motorcycle, ride quality, etc. The Jawa uses a short-stroke, performance-oriented engine with a 6-speed transmission. Sure it’s fast, but it lacks the retro laidback charm of an under square engine, something we think is crucial for a buyer in this segment. The 293cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine generates 26.51PS of power and 27.05Nm of torque on the Jawa. On the other hand, the Meteor 350 gets a much refined 349cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, counterbalanced engine that puts out 20.48PS and 27Nm. If you are looking for a comfortable cruiser with a thumper engine and a good amount of features, then the Meteor 350 would be a better pick. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride for a better understanding of comfort and compatibility. You may click on the link and select your desired city for dealership details.Read More: - Jawa vs Royal Enfield Meteor 350
Q. Is it good to buy Jawa Motorcycles Jawa?
  • Not now let jawa prove itself in roads properly. Because lots of delay in launching poor service support. Jawa is just a hype nothing more . 24 years ago i owned old jawa & driven it for thousands of KM . It will thrill me every time i touch the handle bar & pump it to alive the engine. The exhaust thump & interval between the next thump is wonderful. Flick & Kick is a experience . I used to get mileage around 30 kmpl to 35 kmpl. Now to coming new jawa . I have driven new jawa with imaginations for more than 250 km i got mileage of 18 kmpl. Engine is powerful till 110 km/hr then it straining to climb speed with vibrations & becomes too noisy .The exhaust sound is like hero splendor bike. There are lots of welding visually seen around new jawa . They recreated visibly old jawa . Visually good bike. I didn"t get moved or ringed & impressed while riding.I never need a bike for visual pleasure.I prefer RE 350 segment & RE 350 thunderbird is good choice.
  • My friend bought jawa jawa mileage is easy 30-35 KMPL and instant pickup is 10 time better than RE ! no vibration until 100 km/hour , RE vibration start from 70 KM/hour the power of JAWA 27 BHP and RE 19.5 BHP . you know BHP means Break horse power after transmission gear box jawa look wow i think you work for RE on net
  • I am using it for more then 7 months and have no critical issues . Rust on few joints (Being in Goa) is normal .
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Q. Should I go for a Jawa Motorcycles Jawa or Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350? Please suggest.
  • Jawa is just a hype nothing more . 24 years ago i owned old jawa & driven it for thousands of KM . It will thrill me every time i touch the handle bar & pump it to alive the engine. The exhaust thump & interval between the next thump is wonderful. Flick & Kick is a experience . I used to get mileage around 30 kmpl to 35 kmpl. Now to coming new jawa . I have driven new jawa with imaginations for more than 250 km i got mileage of 18 kmpl. Engine is powerful till 110 km/hr then it straining to climb speed with vibrations & becomes too noisy .The exhaust sound is like hero splendor bike. There are lots of welding visually seen around new jawa . They recreated visibly old jawa . Visually good bike. I didn"t get moved or ringed & impressed while riding.I never need a bike for visual pleasure.I prefer RE 350 segment & RE 350 thunderbird is good choice.
  • Jawa is more fun, but doesn't provide you adequate pillion ride's space. so if you ride alone and your height is below 6 feet. jawa is better
  • Both or good
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Q. What is the approx service cost of Jawa or Jawa 42 for a year - 42 - 42 - 42?
  • Sorry to say but it's wrong first service is cost near about 1700 . just only service. nothing is extra
  • First service 1000 rs 1150 in surat
  • First service 1000 rs 1150 in surat
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Q. Is Jawa 42 comfortable to ride for a tall person at 5.9 foot? Also what does the handlebar difference mean to riding position between Jawa 42 and Jawa classic - 42 - 42 - 42?
  • Take a test ride to check it. classic has better riding position for long distance
  • You Should Must go for Bullet CLassic 350
  • Sane as far as i know
Q. Which is cheaper - Jawa Standard or Jawa 42 - 42 - 42?
  • Jawa Motorcycles Jawa is priced between Rs. 1.73 - 1.82 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) and Jawa Motorcycles 42 is priced between Rs. 1.6 - 1.69 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).So, Jawa 42 is little costlier than Jawa STD.
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Editor's View of Jawa

  • Upside

    Extremely attractive appearance, Strong engine, Handles well and brakes feel sharp

  • Downside

    The engine is vibey and sounds harsh, Poor pillion comfort, Speedometer is unreadable on the move

  • Our Verdict

    Granted, Classic Legends have managed to retain the essence of the original Jawa, but the new and improved Jawa just doesn't feel as special as the original. Here's why. The bike's short-stroke, high-compression motor simply isn't meant for cruising. It revs hard and likes to be kept on the boil, attributes that are unlike any laidback cruiser. And that's what eats into the bike's charm. The Classic 350 and Imperiale 400, although slow, offer a comfortable and relaxed ride. Aspects you'd be looking at if you want to cross continents or simply cruise on the highway.

Jawa Detailed Review

Heartachingly pretty, that's what the resurrected Jawa is. The visually overwhelming outcome of Classic Legends’ revival of the Jawa is gorgeous enough to make you forgive it anything. Well, just about. But in the time since it was launched, in 2018, the brand behind this stunning motorcycle hasn't had its gameplan unfold in the most glitch-free manner. Those flaws needn't be brought up because they are fresh in the memory of those still seething with mild rage at the premise of having to wait indefinitely for deliveries. Instead, allow me to investigate whether riding the Jawa in the real world is a strong enough sensory experience to make one forgive it all the recent misgivings.

Now, the Jawa, unlike its predecessor from roughly five decades ago, is a four-stroke motorcycle (duh!) but that's not the only bit that makes it contemporary. It is, in fact, the most advanced engine in its class, which constitutes the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and the new Benelli Imperiale 400, and the only one that’s BS6 ready (not compliant), too.

Sounds like just the antidote to the Royal Enfield-only diet we've been served for a decade now, right? Exactly my thoughts as I swung a leg over with more than the usual dose of enthusiasm. A moment later, having recalibrated to reaching out for the ignition key slot positioned to the right-hand side under the 14-litre fuel tank, I fired it up. More recalibration. It’s hard to get used to this sort of busy engine note from a motorcycle that looks like the one your dad rode in his heyday. Sizing it up, the air of nostalgia settled heavily on my inappropriately kitted-up self (this bike screams out to be ridden with a battle-scarred half-face lid and a wrinkled leather jacket!). The pretty headlight cowl with that round instrument pod that looks like a larger-than-life replica of your grandmother’s wristwatch, and either end of the handlebar emerging from within it, conforms to Jawa’s design language - heck, it’s almost exactly like on the bike that time swept away!

But you already know everything you need to about the meticulousness with which Classic Legends has gone about with the visual resurrection of the legendary Czech brand. What about the more significant resurrection, though? The one involving riding the motorcycle, that is. It was in the search for this answer that I snuck this shiny new motorcycle between my legs into first gear and released the lightly sprung clutch lever.

Riding a Jawa for the first few times, believe me, is a somewhat overwhelming experience - but only if you’ve ridden the one from the sixties. That’s because it seats you in an identical, low, somewhat-Alsatian stance, to the original. And just like the original, it feels tightly packed together - almost clinical, you could say. However, if you’re buying a new Jawa to ride one with its nose pointed purely down memory lane, then you’ve probably already made up your mind. It’s imperative, therefore, that I offer perspective on what the new Jawa is like to ride without those sepia-tinted goggles. In this context, the Jawa feels a bit too… modern. That’s not to suggest Jawa should have dialled in a degree of crudeness but, as I discovered over five substantial riding days, this feeling crept up every time I fired it up, and remained. Let’s go deeper into this.

What sets the tone for the Jawa’s riding experience is that detailed-to-obsession mantelpiece housed within the body-coloured double-cradle frame - the engine, in case you’re still wondering. The 293cc engine is a champion of bragging rights, having been supplied with suffixes to the tune of liquid-cooling, a 4-valve head, DOHC, fuel-injection and far superior output figures - 28.3PS and 28Nm, by the way. The 6-speed gearbox, offered with a slipper clutch, is an equally competent unit, too. The result of this combined configuration is a performance that’s quite in the spirit of the original Jawa, but with a feel that doesn’t articulately spell ‘heritage’ or ‘retro.’ It feels rather, dare I say, generic. It’s quick and fast, undoubtedly, and you can hustle it in the same way you can a Pulsar or a Duke, but that sense of inherent old-world goodness is somewhat amiss. The new Jawa’s potential for speed feels deliberate, rather than a by-product of its genes, and while that makes it a rapid mile-muncher, it’s got little to offer as a sensory indulgence.

This still works if your riding pattern is predominantly confined to the city. A hard launch from standstill to 60kmph is done away with in just 4.07 seconds and 100 comes up in a respectable 12.59 seconds. These numbers are significantly stronger than those of its competitors (you’ll read more about this in the comparison review coming up soon), and I have to admit, the Jawa works really well as a pocket rocket. The gearbox, too, is a no-nonsense affair and with short, precise shifts, it’s a perfectly worthy alternative (perhaps even an upgrade) to your existing sub-300cc motorcycle but in a timeless design package. Before I forget, I must hasten to mention the Jawa’s impressive fuel-efficiency numbers. How does 41.26kmpl in the city and 35.64kmpl on the highway sound to you? Seriously good, I’d say. Oh, and if you thought that was a typo, well, hold that thought until you read about the Jawa’s engine-character further into this story. Let’s move on, for now?

What strongly helps the Jawa’s performance-cause is its lightness. A 170kg, 28PS machine with a compact footprint thanks to a 1369mm wheelbase should tick all the right boxes in the department of fun, and the Jawa proves this theory’s accuracy. On the brakes too, the Jawa is fantastic (despite our test bike being equipped with a drum brake at the rear), coming to a halt from 80kmph in 35.95 metres and from 60, in 20.54 metres. That’s better than you can manage on a Classic 350, is what I’ll say for the benefit of perspective. The brakes also feel very progressive and ABS is not what you’d call intrusive, thankfully.

It’s also sprung very well; nothing fancy, just a conventional telescopic fork and a pair of gas-charged shock absorbers doing their job. The ride quality is pliant, offering a good balance between comfort and handling, although the not-so-generous amount of travel on offer can get it to bottom out with two full-sized riders on-board or on very poor roads. However, what little the Jawa compromises in ride quality, it overcompensates with very responsive handling. Unlike in the case of, say, a Royal Enfield Classic, you have to acquire no new skill or technique to ride the Jawa - it’s as intuitive as any present-day sub-300cc performance bike you can think of. In the interest of stability, the short wheelbase has been offset by what appears to be a reasonable raked steering head. This, combined with the low weight and the 18-/17-inch (F/R) tyre combination, makes the Jawa very flickable in any environment and at any speed. In fact, having spent a decent amount of time traversing rain-ravaged roads and even what felt like a motocross track, I couldn’t help noticing the Jawa’s scrambler potential. Hopefully, Jawa will build us one soon enough!

However, regardless of where you choose to ride it, the Jawa is - and feels like - a small machine. The 765mm seat height makes it supremely accessible to those of you who are shorter than 5’8 even, but for taller riders, the handlebar-seat-footpeg geometry feels cramped, especially over a long distance. Not helping matters is the flat, contour-less seat, which has an ever-so-slight rearward slant. While the padding on offer is decent, it is, firstly, too small a seat to fit two XL-sized riders, and with the pillion seated in a similarly cramped fashion (and with nothing substantial to hold on to), touring on the Jawa is going to require ample breaks. On another note, I also found the Jawa grazing its underbelly with two aboard, although not in an alarming way or anything. What I did find alarming, though, were all the scuff marks my riding boots left on the side panels and even the engine casing. I’d have wept if this had happened to my own motorcycle, especially within the first full day of riding it! And another thing - that elegant speedo is surely a thing of beauty, but its horizontal orientation, along with the lack of colour-contrast makes it largely illegible on the move. If that wasn’t bad enough, it also tends to turn into a sort of small aquarium (condensation!) every time it rains or after you’ve washed it.

These issues aside, out on the highway, the Jawa is a confident little machine. Speed is available in plenty and Jawa has done well in terms of keeping vibrations mostly in check below 90kph. That is to say, it’s never completely vibe-free but with a 100 or so on the clock (it literally looks like one, too!), it feels a bit strongly buzzy. While the engine has enough grunt to pull away cleanly even at that speed, the engine’s character doesn’t resonate with the sensation of touring. It’d perhaps be alright if this wasn’t a classically styled motorcycle, but on something that looks the way the Jawa does, what you expect on the highway is a sense of ease and relaxation. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The same can be said about the Jawa even on the other extreme of the speed spectrum. You’d better not attempt to brag about its low-speed tractability - because it barely has any - and if you’re the easy-going types and like to putter around in high gears at low speeds, the Jawa only has disappointment (and some serious engine knocking) to offer. Want to do 50kph in fifth? Fourth, even? Impossible. This nature is only too obvious, mind you, given Jawa’s choice of a short-stroke, high-compression motor. This oversquare motor (with a 76mm bore and a 65mm stroke) certainly lacks nothing in terms of clean, committed acceleration but for anything short of that style of riding, it feels out of its comfort zone. Now, some Jawa purists will rightfully argue that Jawas (and the subsequent Yezdis) have always been about performance, but Classic Legends’ intent with this revival project was, I’m sure of this, to create something far more inclusive. In other words, something that would retain its identity while also appeasing the appetite of those looking to move beyond the Royal Enfield. In the present case, sure, the Jawa outperforms the Classic 350 in every aspect, but from a personality perspective, it falls way short.

But aren’t motorcycles meant to be subjective? Absolutely! But if you look over your shoulder, at the collective subjectivity of the lakhs who’ve bought Royal Enfields in the last decade, it becomes clearer. Someone buying into this class of motorcycle wants a functional takeaway as much as a characterful, emotionally enriching experience. Even without considering the much talked about masculinity, the alpha-male aspect eternally associated with ‘Bullets’, the simple truth is, a motorcycle in this class needs to go beyond the sum of its components, or even performance.

At Rs 1.64 lakh (ex-showroom), the Jawa is a fairly priced motorcycle, but its overall value is debatable. I say this because, astride the Jawa, you’re engulfed in the warmth of nostalgia only when you look at the motorcycle. And when you do, it really is a rewarding experience. It’s the sort of motorcycle you’ll want to park inside your house, by your bedside, even. But a motorcycle is always more rewarding when in motion, going someplace agreeable, and in that regard, the new Jawa is not quite the classic legend you’d have imagined it to be.

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351 reviews
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  • 3.8

    Predictable wonderful performance, Dashing looks.Eye catcher, Engine responsive.I am sure can get little more mileage with fine tuning of riding habits.

  • 4.6

    jawa is the best bike ever of you want to be a real biker use jawa

  • 3.4

    Engine is excellent until now (after 10 months of use).Very bad after sales.Spare parts not available in most places.

  • 4.2

    The jawa trumps in every department.The mileage is a little less owing it to being a 293 cc high power and higher torque bike.The only downside is the saddle comfort.I have opted for a cushioning the saddle in few days.

  • 3.8

    Coming to comfort it has a nice and relaxed riding position.But the seat is a bit hard.It could've been much better.Rear suspension sucks.

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  • 3.8

    Buying experienceIt was good but not like ktm where the customer is treated very wellTaking a bike has to be everyones dream maybe Java is unaware of that feelingRiding experienceMalegaon 110 km from Nashik is a complete highway but still had to face a lot of problems of ground clearanceIf the weight of both the rider and the pillion is above 120 then the rumble strip also touches the engine guard with easeAnd this seat will give you the most Pain He is very painfulServicing and maintenanceThere are some problems due to the service center in NashikThe brakes in front of the vehicle which work and it is excellent but if you talk about the back brakes then you will get a lack of confidenceMaintenance is a little expensiveAccessories are also very expensive brand money is taken branded quality is not givenThere is no answer to this bike when it comes to looksWhen you go on the road everyone sees this beauty and keeps lookingPeople are very happy to see Java in the era of the 1970s and 1980s Seeing their happiness you also get a lot of happinessThat you have bought some very valuable bikeperformance etcThe performance was very good 10 hours and 600 km chant were very goodThe high speed could not go above 120There is really no answer to the vibration You do not feel any vibration till the speed of 80 and when you go above 90 you start lightly and around 100 you feel very wellIt is fun to drive the bike in front of the 3rd gear in the 1st and 2nd the vehicle gets hot oven for 15 minutes.Good enough for the highway but not for the cityPros and consProsVery good looking vehicleNice riding experiance as wellNo vibrationSilent killerABS ahead is very goodCons:Very low ground clearanceLow speedLow mileage

  • 1.8

    the most important thing is that its not build keeping indian roads in mind you will feel very embarrassing when you will ride with friends who owns royal Enfield as you ride double in this bike you will hear a noise in every bumper due to low space secondary this bike get heated like a burning wood and the cooling condenser will work but very late but not as expected you will feel as if its there only for show piece thirdly bike got a noise from the front folks when ever it will fall in a small pots or hole any thing on road and ita not in all bikes but there is a noise in every bike whenever i go to service center they all take whole day but they couldn't repair it you will find similar cases with other owners someones says engine noise someone says they are facing a noise from back side suspension and company will give a ghanta about your complains and response are so poor tht you will feel as bakra as i am feelin now though i love this bike because i invested 2 lakh on it money makes you love anything my suggestion is very clear to everyone take it aur leave it and if company is reading it than i will say can i get my money back

  • 2.2

    Knowing well a recreated Jawa would be contemporary and with advanced technology, I test drove the 42 series. except for the bikes weight and twin cilinder and size, ntg else got be engrossed with it.. the single box speedometer with fuel, battery etc indicator spoils that place..creates a hollow on the other side..Next, not sure why gear pedal isnt sea-saw type like in other cruise bikes (quite inconvenient in these times with big traffic jams). Exhaust sound is like Pulsar/Hero honda.. No kick start option available.. (is Jawa company that confident that button start will never fail for ever? Seat also quite flat.. not ergonomic enough for long rides. Suspension is so-so..the rear light could have been bit bigger & wider (required in dark times on highways). Speed/pickup is good for city rides.. headlight looks real small, compared to Royal enfield..few more to write..

  • 4.2

    Got my delivery in December, and writing this review after a little over 2000kms. My daily commute is less than 8kms roundtrip, so almost the entireity of the 2000kms have been on weekend rides. 1. This bike loves the highways, and seemed comfortable cruising between 90-100kmph for extended periods.2. Travelling solo, with luggage is fine, but grund clearance becomes a major issue with pillion. Have to be extra careful while banking hard or crossing the odd speed bump.3. Average mileage over 2k kms is 38.4kmpl. Pure steady highway rides have got me 39+ kmpl, and pure in-city traffic heavy commutes have got me 34.7kmpl.4. 2nd 3rd gears feel too short and frequent gear changes in city traffic can be a bother.

  • 2.6

    Not at all Happy.. Waste of Money.. Should not have wasted 2lacs for this.. You can not trust the Odometer and lights on speedometer. Engine Malfunction Light and Batter Malfunction Light turned on after 159km only and even if I left the bike in service center for 2 days they did servicing and said sensor was not working changed the battery the light turned on again after riding 50 more kms. Not at all happy selling within a month... Can not spend my time at service center anymore... Entire day is wasted and issue is not resolved. Silensor sound is like normal 40-50000 bike and so normal. Got fooled with much hyped promotion and wasted money waited for this Bike for 1 year and very very disappointed

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Jawa FAQs

What is the price of Jawa Jawa?

The ex-showroom price of Jawa Jawa is 1.83 Lakh. Check On Road Price of Jawa. .

What is the Tyre and Wheel type of Jawa Jawa?

Jawa Jawa has Tube tyre and Spoke wheels.

Does the Jawa Jawa have ABS?

Yes, ABS feature is available in Jawa Jawa. View full specification of Jawa.

Which is better Jawa Jawa or Royal Enfield Classic 350?

Jawa Price starts at Rs. 1.74 Lakh which is Rs. 12,539 costlier than base model of Royal Enfield Classic 350 priced at Rs. 1.61 Lakh. Compare Jawa vs Royal Enfield Classic 350 on the basis of price, specs, features, reviews.

What is the EMI of Jawa Jawa in Delhi?

The EMI for the base variant of Jawa Jawa in Delhi is Rs. 5,019 per month @ 9.45% for a tenure of 36 months.

What are the colours available in Jawa Jawa?

Jawa Jawa is available in 3 colours : Red, Grey and White With Black. View colour images of Jawa.

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  • Jawa Motorcycles Jhandewalan

    • 65, Ground Floor, Rani Jhansi Road, , Delhi, 110055
  • Shivanya Auto Pvt Ltd

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    • sales@kripaauto.com
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