Rs. 1.14 lakh
Ex-showroom Price, Delhi
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Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Highlights

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Price: Bajaj Pulsar NS200 prices start at Rs. 1.14 lakh (Ex-Showroom). Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is available in 1 variants and 3 colours.
Pulsar NS200 Engine and Specifications: The single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 199.5cc engine is shared with the RS 200, albeit without fuel injection. Peak power produced is 23.5PS at 9500rpm, while peak torque of 18.3Nm arrives at 8000rpm. Equipped with Bybre brakes, the Pulsar gets a single 280mm petal disc up front and a 230mm disc at the rear which offer a sharp bite under hard braking. It is disappointing that Bajaj hasn’t offered ABS even as an optional extra.

Pulsar NS200 Design and Features

The Pulsar NS200 gets a two-tone paint job with new graphics. The semi-digital instrument cluster is legible and easy to use. It also gets a shift light beacon along with other basic readouts like a side stand indicator and high-temperature warning lamp. While the NS showcases admirable build quality, there is still room for improvement. The bike gets three new paint options that make the bike look fresh. You also get funky wheel rim graphics that are colour-coded with the bike. The NS now gets a belly-pan fairing as well.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Competitors

TVS Apache RTR 200: The TVS RTR 200 is a very capable motorcycle. When compared to the NS200, the Apache RTR 200 is not only commuter-friendly but also more economical to run in the city. It is a good option for someone looking for a fun-packed motorcycle with good low-end torque and a dash of performance.

KTM 200 Duke: The KTM 200 Duke is the most exciting motorcycle of the lot when it comes to performance. It is a zippy motorcycle that can not only putter around town but can also be thrashed on twisty roads. It may, however, turn out to be an overly aggressive motorcycle for some, not just in terms of performance, but with the riding posture as well.


The Pulsar NS200 comes across as a well-rounded package that can efficiently take on almost every kind of task required. Be it charging into corners, riding flat out on highways or manage daily chores with ease, the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 makes a strong case for itself. It offers good grunt, stopping power and well-balanced ergonomics which makes it an all-rounder.

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Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Variants Price List

Pulsar NS200 ABS
199 cc | 36.1 Kmpl
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Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Latest Updates

Pulsar NS200 was Top Selling 200cc Bike in September'19

Bajaj Auto has not updated the flagship Pulsar naked for a while as the last significant update to the Pulsar NS200 came when it was kitted with single-channel ABS. There were barely any cosmetic changes to report. The 199cc single-cylinder engine continues to breathe via a carburettor. However, with BS6 emission norms kicking in soon, we expect Bajaj to make use of the fuel-injected motor from the RS200 on the naked as well. Expect prices of the bike to go up by roughly Rs 6,500 to Rs 7,000.

Editor's View of Bajaj Pulsar NS200

  • Upside

    Sporty styling, Good performance, Affordable price

  • Downside

    No fuel injection, Bike feels front heavy, No gear position indicator

  • Our Verdict

    The Pulsar 200NS is a great alternative to the KTM Duke 200 on which it is based. It's not as powerful or fun to ride, but it packs in the best price-performance in its class.

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Pulsar NS200

Q. What is the NS200 Fi lunch date - Qute (RE60)?
  • NS200 still comes with the carburettor engine and as of now, there is no official update from the brand's end for the launch of Fi engine. So, we'd request you stay tuned for further updates. : By Zigwheels | 1 day ago
Q. What is the showroom price of Bajaj Pulsar NS200 and what is the comprehensive 1 year insurance cost?
  • 1,13000 it's a showroom price & Insurance cost is a nearly 9000 : By Mohd | 1 day ago
  • Around its depends on the cities wise : By Night | 3 weeks ago
  • Ask your local dealer... : By Mehul | 4 weeks ago
Q. Which variant of Pulsar NS200 is good to buy?
  • ABS variant always...as you need good brakes for a powerful machine : By Asmar | 1 day ago
  • Only one variant available : By Karthik | 3 days ago
  • Now ns200 abs : By Mehul | 3 months ago
Q. On next updates will Bajaj Pulsar NS200 be introduced with dual channel ABS?
  • Mid 2020 as of information : By Karthik | 2 days ago
Q. Which is better NS200 or FZ S V3?
  • Fz is more comfortable but ns is more powerfulIf you need more power go with ns or if you frequently carry a pillion go with fz : By Karthik | 2 days ago
  • Ns200 better performance composed long rides bit stiff suspension but better overall package : By Nandaditya | 5 months ago
  • If u r looking for naked bike just go for ns or v3 : By Mohammed | 6 months ago
Q. Will Bajaj Pulsar NS200 be fun will riding and what's about long drives and performance I want to buy now but I should wait for fi or present NS200?
  • It's one of the best in the 200cc category for rides .Sure your back will be sore after riding continuously for hours but its definitely worth it. : By ASHISH | 3 days ago
  • Just finished vadodara mumbai & back two days back...@ age of 57 didn't need combiflam even once to sooth my body,,,did both 450 km journey with two breaks.... : By Mehul | 5 months ago
  • The back gets paining after a long ride for 30 to 50km its ok but 100km u will feel that pain at ur back : By Sk | 5 months ago
Q. Is this bike good for daily ride - Pulsar NS200?
  • NS200 is the best-geared ride in my opinion for city commute and occasional touring. You can zip through the traffic as well as the riding posture and handling is well suited for the daily commute. You need to, however, carry your own bags for shopping. : By Dineshotham | 11 months ago
  • Depends where and how long u wanna ride daily,if its in city and bumper to bumper traffic then i would say a no, if on the highway then yes, no becoz its low end torque is weak, and yes bcoz its top end torque is very gud : By Sachin | 11 months ago
  • If you will drive in stop go traffic then no it heats quite much if drive is long and less traffic its good : By Nandaditya | 10 months ago
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Q. I am 184cm long and have a aprox 93kg weight, will NS 200 be suitable for me for daily commute
  • I am 70 kg and my cousin 80 kg. I can't race with that kind of weight but it has enough punch to zip zap in the city and go on a short trip with cruising speed over 100. As far as comfort is concerned the bike will not have any problem from your weight but you may feel uneasy because of your height. Do take a test ride before you make a decision. And make sure the test ride is at least of 5 kms even if you have to pay for it and it must contain potholes so that you can observe how your body responds to the suspension setup on the bike. : By Sushant | 10 months ago
  • RS 200 is useless vehicle that Bajaj has initiated lots of damage and insurance claim is more high for RS 200 and pulsar 220 also and there is no comparison to NS 200 it is the most safest vehicle and perfect racer and touring vehicle : By Sravan | 10 months ago
  • I am 192cm tall and weighing aprrox 100kgs , I am very comfortable on this bike and believe me , you'll love this bike for the comfort it offers : By Mohit | 8 months ago
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Q. How about uphill riding of ns 200
  • It's good for uphill riding you can easily ride on hillstation but before that you should get your bike properly serviced and go for motul 7100 fully synthetic oil I have ever get best performance on my ns200 : By Parth | 3 months ago
  • Solo uphill riding can be easily done even in 4th and 5th gears with a bit leaning on the corners. it is the 6th gear which is hard to maintain, but, the 6th is not made for that, so, no complain : By Sushant | 1 year ago
  • Powerful engine with 6 gears,,,,can handle any gradient... : By Mehul | 3 months ago
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Q. Is Pulsur NS200 a durable bike?
  • Done 20k in 11months without any issue except chain & sproket change in last 19.5 to 20 k service... : By Mehul | 1 month ago
  • Mine is model year 2016 and it runs as good as new...25000 km never crash so I dont know how well it holds up to damage : By Chuck | 10 months ago
  • Actually It's An superbike for Budget bikers but its need a little bit more attention over its maintenance. : By Meet | 10 months ago
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Q. How many kms we can ride per day from NS200
  • Depends on rider. Me and my friend recently did a trip and rode 400 KMS in 6-7hours and then return trip same 400 KMS next day. Took turns riding and took a 5- 10 min break Avery 100 KMS or so. Pilon comfort is not much. Can sit a stretch of about 1 hour or so before the b**t is destroyed and need break but the person riding can go on for quite a long time without tiring . Overall with a pilon and a rucksack I continually rode above 120 KMPH mark for almost whole of the trip as it was on Bangalore highway. Bike didnt heat much and was very good. Fuel economy was around 27-29 or so as I had pillon with heavy rucksack. : By Krishna | 3 months ago
  • If you want to ride daily then 100 km/day will be easier. But if you are talking about a weekend ride or something then 250-300 kms will be an easy one. : By SHIVANG | 11 months ago
  • I have done 900 with one stop for rest and snacks. it was a really good ride with hitting 151 kph once on a straight road. I just love the bike : By Sushant | 11 months ago
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Q. What about road grip of Pulsar NS 200?
  • If tyres used for this bikes are in good quality , then only one word to say "SUPERB" . You can pass like a Snake. : By Aheesh | 10 months ago
  • For me what matter is tires. nowadays people always buy cheap tires and they dont have as good as the company tires : By Ali | 10 months ago
  • Get an MRF radial and do whatever you want, it will never disappoint you but the eurogrip tyres really suck : By Sushant | 10 months ago
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Bajaj Pulsar NS200 User Reviews

4.3 /5
802 Rating & 276 reviews
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Preferred For : Daily Commute

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  • 4.6

    Well after duke this thing is much capable than any 200cc or even 250. Foolish people shout out for RTR 200 but RTR not even comparable with NS 200. NS is much more musculer, aggressive in road presence. I own a bs4 and trust me it's way too smooth. The only con of this bike is lack of low end torque. You have to downshift every time you go through a speed breakers or bad roads. This thing comes alive after 4/5 k rpm and show its full potential post 6 to 7 k rpm. NS is not for everyone bike but RTR does. Maintenance costs and cost of spare parts are pocket friendly. However NS's engine derived from duke 200 and it's a detuned version of duke so1it's not a hooligan machine. But in top speed due to curb set up this thing Is even Faster than FZ 25 and duke1250.

  • 4.6

    It's a overall good bike compare to duke 200 because it's a bike which you will get in low price and good quality of parts. I had rated 4.6 because I had done many ride on my beast but seat cushion are little bit hard. So for comfort Bajaj should improve that..And if I talk about mileage, it's been 4.5 year of my bike and still gives 35kmpl. If you maintain your beast it will give you best performance....

  • 3.4

    It's a nice powerful bike. But it's not for daily commute mainly when you are travelling in traffic areas. Seat height is little extra. Because of seat height you can not bend the bike with confidence if you are not a perfect rider. Weight is not well balanced as its heavier on front. Top speed I have achieved 146 On Bangalore Airport Highway. But it skids when sudden breaks are not applied properly . I own a fz too. Fz is better in control and very good for daily commute. Even for long rides if you are not a speed lover then fz is better as its very comfortable seating posture. But if you compare everything like pricing, features and power then Ns 200 is better but it should be driven carefully always because more power means more risk.

  • 4.6

    Power packed beast and is best in budget 200cc segment. I have non stop 470 on this baby. Still no signs of any problem. Very good for trips. I have done Shimla, Manali, Rishikesh trip with this bike. No issues at any point. Mileage of bike is bad in city (30-32) but once this bike given me 40+ average on 80-90km/hr on Yamuna Express way. Maintenance cost is low and yes much customisation is possible.

  • 4.6

    What can I say, with the price of just 1.33L this bike is like a magic carpet. It's fast, it's comfortable and more importantly it's unpredictable. The acceleration is insane as well as the power. But the engine braking is where Bajaj should look at. There is no TFT display and fuel injector. Apart from that if you are going to seek my opinion, I would gladly say just go for it.

All Pulsar NS200 User Reviews
  • 5.0

    heavy and fantastic .. easy to handle fast moving bike and good look

  • 1.8

    No doubt bike is good after the performance is getting low averagely day by day and milage also decreases. I'm happy with the maintenance cost9f the bike but milage is disappointed me.

  • 5.0

    more then 2 years like this bike

  • 4.2

    thrilling ridesmore comfortable to ride long

  • 4.6

    One of the value for money bike

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Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Colours

  • Wild Red
  • Mirage White
  • Graphite Black

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Mileage

ARAI Claimed 36.1 Kmpl
User Reported 30 Kmpl

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