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Royal Enfield Himalayan
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Royal Enfield Himalayan User Reviews

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    Performance-wise it is a good bike, Nimble and well equipped for the long-distance haul. The seat is to the softer side, Good for a short distance but you start feeling the chassis after 200 kms, which is not that of a good feeling. Pros:- 1. Good for long-distance rides 2. Availabilities for aftermarket options 3. Availabilities of service centers 4. Good off-road capability 5. Good cruising speed of 130 km/hr 6. A very good service period of 10k kms cons:-1. Faulty electrical wirings 2. Very weak chassis, issues of cracked chassis, find it in google pics. Build quality of the chassis is really very bad. ( personal experience) 3. Bad performance of shock absorbers after 1-2 years of riding, goes to the very stiff side like riding without any shock absorbers. 4. Oil leakage from the engine 5. A lot of vibrations on the visors and handle especially. 6. Major cone set issues, please use better cone bearings. 7. Lights need to be changed to led. 8. Underpowered for highway cruising. 9. The engine needs a lot of refining, please improve the forever present tappet noise and head noise, its very annoying. 10. Very bad after-sale service. Overall the bike is not that good and not that bad. Almost all the parts need to be changed from the aftermarket. At the last it's like buying a lottery, Totally depends on your luck. If you are lucky you get a good bike if not the problems start from day one. And there is no option to exchange once you have bought an item or product from the Royal Enfield.

  • 3.8
    \ntest ride

    I have owned the bike for a good 1.5 years now, I have done a tour of 1500 kms (round trip), I rode it on the terrain of northeast India. I have mostly ridden it in city traffic to the office and here is my review. The bike is absolutely fantastic in terms of ride quality and terrain handling. You need just this much power for any tour, (it's perfect for our Indian road conditions and mileage is good too). In the city, it is okay but very heavy (you might resent your decision of buying it) but once you take it to highways especially the twisties on a hilly area you will love the ride and feel awesome that you own this bike. But there are certain issues that I faced that compelled me to think about selling the bike. The biggest issue is that there will be a lot of problems with the bike one after another, Most of the problems can be dealt with in the service centre (they are very good ) but some could not (you will literally feel like a mechanic). You want the feel of raw motorcycling to get a Royal Enfield but if you want a no-nonsense and reliable machine get a Honda (which I plan next). Lastly, I would say don't rush because youtube reviews are mostly paid and biased (very few websites like Zigwheels put genuine reviews and are actually helpful). Talk with people owning the bike facing issues and more importantly take a test ride.

  • 4.6
    Managing heat

    I have clocked 1680kms on my himmy and i can cross my heart and say i am simply in love with the motorcycle and her characteristics.I test rode a few motorcycles before pulling the trigger on the new 2021 himalayan, I like to go fast but the himalayan made me realise how long can you actually go fast in indian roads? i still manage to happily cruise at around 110-120 without breaking a sweat, Once you understand the motorcycle's quirks she will put a smile on your face everytime you ride her.Not the fastest adv out there, Nor the tech savvy, But when you make her climb the twisty mountains she will ask you to wring the throttle harder.She gets more punchier if you are on higher altitude say 5000ft+, The ecu engine mapping is really smart and aces in managing heat, It's simple and beautiful.Durable and trouble free i rode her hard sometimes and even dropped her once in a trail it's so sturdy that nothing broke, Not even a scratch just the mirrors came loose.A machine to fall in love with.

  • 4.6
    Highly comfortable

    The bike is highly comfortable for long tours with a very good luggage carrying capacity. Pillion comfort is also very good compared to other bikes. It is good for off-roading, but the weight is an issue. Slightly less easy to manage in heavy traffic compared to other bullets and street bikes. But anyone planning to buy a Himalayan or any other RE, please ensure to find a good quality service centre because that is a very big issue with RE. I am a victim of a bad 1st service from Intrepid Works, Marutharoad, Palakkad (from where I had taken delivery of my bike), which almost destroyed my bike. Luckily my bike has recovered from its bad condition after the last two services (from PVR works, Kallekkad, Palakkad and RE Brand Store, BTM Layout, Bangalore) which were done properly.

  • 3.0
    Relaxed position

    I owned a bs3 model and used it for 4 years.I have had love and hate relationship with it like many owners.The main problem for me was frequent quality issues.It's a headache to maintain it and you will be spending good once the bike is out of warrenty.Battery issues was persistent and doesn't matter what i do, The bike won't start if i don't use it for a week.Finally i had enough and i sold it.As for the performance, It is good for calm relaxed riding.Anything above 80kmph is vibey and kills the mood.(personal) i gotta say the riding posture is one of the best i ever experienced and j love the relaxed position and comfort it offers.Iam not sure about the bs6 version.Make sure you rest drive it good before purchasing.


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