• Q. What is the one service cost of Himalayan and after how much kilometers a person have to send his bike in garage?

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    MAYANK | 2 months ago

    मेरी बाईक की पहली सर्विसिंग की कीमत 926/- आयी थी। एवं दूसरी सर्विसिंग की भी लगभ्‍ाग इतना ही आया था।यदि इसमे किसी प्रकार की टूट फूट न हो तो।

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    Girish | 1 year ago

    Dude service schedule is published in owners manual. And typically costs vary a tiny bit dealer to dealer and region to region. Also each service covers diff aspects so one cannot state a set cost for each service as same... Engines today rely a lot on electronics and Himalayan has service indicator to guide you that next stage is up. Initial two services are close together for tuning and tweaking... then set intervals target various aspects from powertrain to lube to adjustments to hydraulics. Hope this helps.

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