Motorcycle air filter care

  • Nov 5, 2012
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Useful tips for motorcycle air-filter care and maintenance

clean air filter cleaning care

Running on Indian roads, our motorcycles face immense amount of dirt, dust and grime all the time and it in impending to get the bike regularly checked and serviced to keep the parts from getting damaged and spoilt with all the abuse they are put through on regular basis. But get the vehicle serviced for minor care on a weekly basis is not only impractical but also heavy on the wallet. But there are a few basic DIY techniques which insure that the motorcycle runs fine under daily use. One of the most often complaint we get is clogged air-filter on motorcycles.

As the name suggests, an air-filter’s job is too feed the engine with clean air. Which means the air-filter will get clogged with dust and dirt and it will require cleaning at regular intervals. Cleaning the air-filter is a very simple yet effective treatment to ensure that the engine breathes freely at all times. It is an easy task and takes very little effort or time. Dedicate a small part of your Sunday on checking and cleaning the ai0rfilter if required and it will go a long way in keeping your motorcycle healthy.

Simple steps to clean the air-filter on your motorcycle:

1. Remove the body panels or the seat depending upon where the air-filter is located. Refer to the motorcycle’s manual to know the correct placement of the air- filter.

air filter removal

2. Carefully remove the air-filter and then clean the soft foam with air-filter cleaning solution till all the dirt and grime has been removed.

air filter dirty

3. After cleaning, soak the air-filter in good quality filter oil that is available in the market and then remove the excess oil from the filter completely.

air filter cleaning spray
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4. Once oiled correctly, leave the filter to dry for 10-15 minutes.

air filter oil

5. Fit the filter back into the motorcycle.

6. Do this check on regular intervals depending upon the total mileage covered as well as the concentration of dust and dirt in the environment where the bike is being ridden.

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