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Honda Activa 125 Latest Updates

Honda has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to adhering to the everchanging automobile laws of our country. Not surprising then, the Honda Activa 125 became the first BS6 two-wheeler in India. It comes with a whole host of updates, most of which aren’t visible to the naked eye. And nearly six months after its launch, the prices of the scooter have been hiked. The base variant is now priced at Rs 68,042 (ex-showroom Delhi).

Activa 125 Specifications

The new Activa 125 is powered by an all-new 124cc single-cylinder fuel-injected motor that makes 8.29PS and 10.3Nm. This motor makes less power and torque, 0.34PS and 0.2Nm to be precise, but Honda claims that it will be 13 per cent more fuel-efficient than the BS4-compliant 124.9cc mill. We did put the claim to test and found out that the Activa 125 BS6 delivered 52.63kmpl in the city. Comparatively, the older BS4 motor was only able to deliver 46.7kmpl. That is a definite increase in fuel efficiency. The BS6-compliant Activa 125 makes use of the same components as the BS4 version. Hence, on the namesake alloy and the top-of-the-line deluxe edition, you get the same 12-inch alloy rims, while the base variant gets regular steel rims. A telescopic fork and three-step preload-adjustable monoshock continue their duties on the Activa 125 BS6. The front disc brake is found only in the deluxe variant as the other two make use of a front drum brake. A 190mm rear drum unit remains constant across the board.

Activa 125 Variants

The Activa 125 BS6 arrives in three variants: standard, alloy and deluxe. They are priced at Rs 68,042 (standard), Rs 71,542 (alloy), and Rs 75,042 (deluxe) (all prices ex-showroom Delhi).Check out this story for unique features of each variant.

Activa 125 Design

While the Activa silhouette remains the same, there are neat touches on the Honda Activa 125 BS6 to distinguish it from its predecessors. For instance, the beak has received a slight nip and tuck. The headlight and DRL continue to be LED units but the turn indicators are still of the conventional bulb-type. There is a bit of chrome to be found on the side panels, which are longer than before.

Activa 125 Features

For the first time for a Honda scooter, an external fuel-filler cap has made its way onto the Activa 125. On the higher two trims (alloy and deluxe), you get a digital inset along with the regular analogue speedometer. Although it is the same unit as the older BS4 model, you now get extra information like real-time and average fuel efficiency indicator and distance-to-empty indicator. Honda has brought a slew of updates to the engine, the biggest one being the ACG starter feature. The ACG, short for Alternator Current Generator, starter gets rid of the conventional starter motor, making for quieter starts. While an engine-kill switch comes as standard on the standard and alloy trims, the deluxe trim gets the idling stop system. This is quite similar to the i3S technology you find on Hero two-wheelers, where the engine spark is cut once you come to a standstill. A side-stand engine cut-off switch comes as standard on the deluxe and alloy trims and is optional on the standard variant.

Honda Activa 125 Competitors

The Honda Activa 125 BS6 continues to rival the likes of the Suzuki Access 125 BS6 and the Hero Maestro Edge 125 BS6. When comparing the feature-loaded trims of each one of these scooters, the Activa 125 is the most expensive.

Honda Activa 125 Price

The price of Honda Activa 125 starts at Rs. 69,470 and goes upto Rs. 76,471. Honda Activa 125 is offered in 3 variants - Drum BS6, Drum Alloy BS6 and the top variant Activa 125 Disc BS6 which comes at a price tag of Rs. 76,471.

Honda Activa 125 Price List in India

Variants Ex-Showroom Price
Activa 125 Drum BS6
124 cc | 60 Kmpl
Rs. 69,470
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Activa 125 Drum Alloy BS6
124 cc | 60 Kmpl
Rs. 72,970
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Activa 125 Disc BS6
124 cc | 60 Kmpl
Rs. 76,471
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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Activa 125

Q. Where to check the kilometers in Honda Activa 125?
  • The Activa 125 BS6 is available in three variants: Standard, Alloy and Deluxe. While the base variant gets a analogue instrument cluster, the higher two trims (alloy and deluxe) get a digital inset along with the regular analogue speedometer. Although it is the same unit as the older BS4 model, you now get extra information like real-time and average fuel efficiency indicator and distance-to-empty indicator.Read More: - Honda Activa 125 BS-VI Road Test - 2019 Honda Activa 125 BS6: Variants Explained
Q. I am very confused between TVS Jupiter, Honda activa 125 and Access 125. Me and my wife both are heavy weight. Kindly suggest.?
  • As per your requirements either you may go for Suzuki Access 125 or you may opt for Honda Activa 125. The Suzuki Access 125 BS6 has all the crucial updates to help it continue its streak of being the best-selling scooter in the 125cc segment. It is still one of the most refined scooters in India and offers superb ride quality, soaks up bumps really well. Sure it does have its own set of shortcomings but as an overall package, the Suzuki Access 125 BS6 is capable of holding its own in the competitive segment. On the other hand, the Honda Activa 125 BS6 does everything the previous scooter did and builds on it. It gets an ACG(AC generator) silent starter, offers 13 per cent (claimed) better fuel efficiency, and comes with Idling Stop System. In terms of practicality, comfort and reliability, few come as close as the Activa 125. It might not be thrilling to ride but with an extensive feature list, the Activa 125 ticks all the boxes of a family-oriented 125cc scooter. You may compare both the scooters accordingly. Do take a test ride in order to get better clarity. Check out authorised dealership details.
Q. How much GST is applicable in the price?
  • Currently, the two-wheeler segment attracts a GST rate of 28% which is very high compared to others. For exact GST figures, we would suggest you to get in touch with the nearest authorized dealership in your city. Honda Activa 125 is available with a price tag ranging between Rs. 69,470 to Rs. 76,471 (ex-showroom, Delhi). You may click on the link and check out the estimated on-road price by selecting your city accordingly.
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Q. Which is the best scooter between Honda Activa 125 Deluxe and Suzuki Access 125 Deluxe?
  • I am using Activa 125 and I am quite satisfied for my scooter's mileage and seat comfort. I am riding 240 km in one day but didn't feel any fatigue.
  • Its Honda activa 125 bs6 for quitter engine, features, mileage and resale value...access 125 is not bad..if you would have asked with a brand with name of the biggest planet i would have told that...oh out of topic.
  • Any day Suzuki access is far better than activa
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Q. Which is the better scooty between Honda Activa 125 and Honda Activa 6G?
  • Activa 125 obviously cost is high little bit some added features are there
  • Honda activa 125 for power...6g for those who want it as a light commuter.
  • For better performance and styling Activa 125 if not 6G
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Q. I am really confused between Activa 125 BS6 and TVS NTORQ race edition. Please suggest me which one to for all aspects.
  • Honda's trust ? really ? My friend bought activa 6g in which they havnt provide a ladies rest stand at the back and didnt provide any seat cover which tvs gives it for free and the same applied with the helmet too in which honda charged 750 rs (i got the same helmet from tvs when i bought my tvs ntorq) And you guys tall about honda's trust ? ask any new buyer he/she will tell you the truth ! and ya tvs service was outstanding everytime and their is never a comparison between tvs and that cheap 2 wheeler co.named honda.
  • If you want to comute like a lay person than you can buy Activa 125...If you need to enjoy your Ride n rev your engine, just ride TVS ntorq. you will not go wrong. Just follow your heart. Afterall you r going to ride .
  • Tvs ntorq if you can manage the mileage...activa for resale value ...hondas trust..tvs service is not par with competitors.
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Editor's View of Honda Activa 125

  • Upside

    Gets an ACG silent starter, Offers 13 per cent (claimed) better fuel efficiency, Comes with Idling Stop System.

  • Downside

    Performance not up to par with other 125cc scooters, No USB charging port or boot light as an option.

  • Our Verdict

    The Honda Activa 125 BS6 does everything the previous scooter did and builds on it. In terms of practicality, comfort and reliability, few come as close as the Activa 125. It might not be thrilling to ride but with an extensive feature list, the Activa 125 ticks all the boxes of a family-oriented 125cc scooter.

Activa 125 Detailed Review

One of the most fascinating elements of the auto industry is the ever-changing dynamic between lawmakers and manufacturers, and the products that are spawned as a result. Rules and legislation have often forced manufacturers to push the boundaries when it comes to engineering, and create some fantastic vehicles in the process. KTM’s RC 390 pushed the A2 licensing class to its absolute limits to give us the most exciting small-capacity sportsbike we’d seen in a long time, and WSBK regulations have forced Ducati to build a ludicrous 999cc, 220PS 'R' version of its Panigale V4. Closer to home, BS6 emission norms are all set to take effect on April 1, 2020, and this has compelled Honda to radically redesign the engine on its Activa 125. The result is India’s first BS6-compliant scooter -- one that feels rather different to its predecessor.

Let’s kick things off with the heart of the matter - the new BS6-compliant 124cc motor. This isn’t just a BS4 motor that has been brought up to date, it’s an entirely new, future-proof engine developed from the ground up by Honda, and it shows. To help it meet the upcoming regulations, Honda has equipped the motor with fuel-injection as well as a stop-start system. The latter has been made possible by the inclusion of an ACG (Alternating Current Generator) starting system - there is no dedicated, noisy starter motor anymore; it has been integrated into the alternator unit, and the result is a whisper silent, completely vibe-free and instant startup. Twist the throttle with the engine turned off, and it comes to life almost immediately, allowing you to set off at the exact same time as every other red-light racer alongside.

Once you’re on the move, though, some of the motor’s shortcomings begin to make their presence felt. The most glaringly apparent, is the complete absence of any serious grunt -- the engine feels rather gutless, and acceleration from all speeds is quite sluggish. The 125’s 8.29PS power output is a mere 0.32PS higher than the BS4-compliant 110cc Activa 5G, meaning that this scooter feels positively glacial compared to some of the others in its segment. Throttle response is also rather dull and the engine is slow to react to your inputs. Where it does redeem itself, though, is refinement. In true Honda fashion, this motor is butter smooth and completely vibe-free at all speeds, resulting in a very relaxed and relaxing motoring experience. The silent start feature, along with the seamless stop-start system and excellent levels of refinement help this Honda feel like not only a premium product, but also a scooter that is a generation ahead of the current crop.

Another area where the Activa’s premiumness shines through is build quality. This scooter feels diligently put together and fit-and-finish levels are class-leading -- the switchgear operates in a plush, damped manner that is unprecedented in this segment, panel gaps are tight and consistent, paint quality is superb and we heard absolutely no squeaks or rattles during our time with the Honda. The Activa also has a reasonably well-populated arsenal of features. Its LED headlight and DRLs are a segment-first and quite impressive to look at, but unfortunately, it isn’t quite as bright as we’d like.

We also wish Honda had thrown in a fully digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity, but that being said, the digi-analogue unit on the Activa does display more relevant and useful information than some of its competitors. The instantaneous and average fuel economy stats are rather handy and the distance-to-empty readout eliminates the guesstimation that we all have to do with our scooters’ fuel gauges.

Speaking of fuel gauges, the one on the Honda will fall roughly as quickly as those on its competitors, with fuel efficiency figures standing at 52.63kmpl in the city and 51.23kmpl on the highway. While this isn’t quite the jump in efficiency we were hoping for, perhaps the engine could stretch a litre of fuel further once the fuel in question is BS6-rated. Another glaring oversight is the absence of a DC charging port as standard fitment, a feature which is now something of a prerequisite in this segment, what with everyone’s increasingly hectic daily schedules.

Once you’re done fiddling with the features and finally climb aboard, you’re greeted by a soft, spacious seat and a relaxed, comfortable riding position. However, slightly low handlebars can foul with your knees when the steering is at full lock, and the seating position isn’t quite as upright as something like a Suzuki Access. Sinking into the soft seat is quite comfortable over short distances but those of you with longer commutes will have a sore backside by the end of it. Pillion comfort is superb, with ample room on offer both on the seat-base as well as for your legs, with low and forward-set pillion footpegs. Once again, the only drawback is the soft seat over longer durations of time.

Storage space on the floorboard and under the seat is quite healthy, and Honda has thrown in a front glovebox as well, which is an extremely convenient and easily accessible location to store your mobile phone or other little knick-knacks. This glovebox also features rubber beading, which should make it reasonably weatherproof and help keep your belongings warm and dry.

A smooth engine and comfortable seating make the Activa a competent city scooter, and this is further helped by the way it rides. With a lightweight 52kg solo rider like me on board, the Activa’s suspension setup feels plush and comfortable, steamrolling over most road imperfections with ease. Sharp edges are filtered out well by the telescopic fork/monoshock setup and the rider is well isolated from the road surface. However, with a heavier rider on board or when travelling two-up, the Activa’s soft setup fails to contain secondary motion satisfactorily and the scooter can end up feeling a bit wallowy over large undulations. This compromises the feeling of control over the vehicle and can be quite unnerving at times.

Scooters don’t really have corner-carving intentions or aspirations, but the Activa is a light steering and quick-handling scooter. Unfortunately, the lack of suspension stiffness means that the Honda can feel a bit vague and imprecise when going through corners. The Activa’s CBS-equipped Nissin braking setup is capable and feels relatively sharp. This is the among the quickest stopping 125cc scooters we’ve tested, but we did hear a disturbingly harsh rubbing sound from the front disc when braking hard, especially after riding through excessively dusty areas.

Once you do finally come to a stop, you can get off and take a look at the scooter, which is something I found myself doing quite a lot during my time with it. Scooters may be unromantic, utilitarian vehicles, but boy does this one look special. You’ll see those LED lights in your mirrors from a mile away and the Activa has quite an attractive fascia.

Chrome has been used tastefully on the front apron and side panels, and this combined with the silver on the rear grab rail, pillion footpegs and fork legs goes a long way in breaking up what could have been an otherwise monotonous design. The black wheels, exhaust system and front screen add another element of contrast, and the Activa is a handsome looking scooter overall. My only bugbear is the tail lamp, which looks disproportionately large and rather unattractive.

There’s no doubt that the new Honda Activa 125 has moved the goalposts when it comes to 125cc scooters in India. A hallmark feature of this segment is premiumness, and the new Activa redefines just how well built and refined a scooter can be. These levels of smoothness, quality and finish are previously unseen in Indian scooters but all this has come at a price. You see, all the new tech on the engine has driven up costs considerably and this BS6 Activa 125 costs a mammoth Rs 74,490 (disc brake variant, ex-showroom Delhi). At this price point, it’s impossible to overlook the massive shortcoming in terms of engine performance, especially when better-performing scooters like the Access are more than Rs 10,000 cheaper. Even the much sportier, Bluetooth-equipped TVS Ntorq 125 Race Edition is Rs 11,000 more affordable! However, we must remember that this new Activa is well ahead of its time, and it’s a bit unfair to compare it to today’s BS4-compliant scooters. The true measure of just how good this scooter is will only be obtained next year, once other manufacturers update their 125cc scooters to meet the new emission norms.

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Honda Activa 125 Mileage

The mileage of Honda Activa 125 is 60 Kmpl. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for all the variants of Activa 125.
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  • 2.6

    nice support for me family and friends

  • 5.0

    Very nice and good looking vehicle.Good mileage.Smooth engine.Etc.Overall the vehicle is perfect from my side.Hejrjfbakejduf.

  • 4.2

    I am satisfied but there is some issue when turn fast.

  • 4.6

    Very nice scooter for better uphill climb and best for long drive better than acces bcoz if build quality and better up hill climb

  • 3.8

    Nice scooty however there is no charger and space for other items.Very nice option for daily commute.

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  • 4.6

    Best scooter available in market now.Little bit on the costlier side, buthas great features compared to other scooters.Giving great mileage(around 52-55kmpl on city), LED lights are also bright and everything is easily visible on dark, so comfortable seat cushioning, what I disliked in it is the 10 inch rear wheel, it must be given 12 inches, as pillion will be more comfortable if done so, and one more annoying thing is the absence of phone charging system, what dissapointed me a lot, but as we know every scooter has its own pros and cons.Finally let's come to conclusion, if you have money enough, then you are surely consider this scooter, as I am absolutely sure that we will not regret buying this product, ☺☺

  • 3.4

    The only thing that is in your mind is engine quality and resale value then you should definitely look for this scooter. Rather if you are looking for an all rounder Don't Even Think of this. The plastic quality , paint quality, headlight throw, starter, etc are below average. The styling of the vehicle is also very much dated. But I think the newer model (bs6) is a kind of different world situation. There is more features, better styling and all..

  • 5.0

    This is a fake review. Very bad vehicle. Very good vehicle. I just tried to see if other reviews are real. So anybody can write anything about any vehicle in zigwheel. My real review... From what I saw in showroom I think bs6 activa 125 deserves 4.5/5. They have introduced lot of real features including fuel injection.. Half mark I reduce because black color is not available maybe deliberately because it sells well. So will be waiting for 6g

  • 4.6

    All good but didnt like the suspensions . front suspension does not have the free action like other scooters with telescopic suspension, when you press down the handle. rear suspension also on the stiffer side. done only 700 km. hope this improves on run. awaiting feedback on this from other activa bs6 owners...

  • 3.8

    Comfortable, smooth n reliable. Good braking. Good handling. Since certain scooter parts r made of fiber, they tend to vibrate after certain time. Good suspension too. Overall happy with the scooter. Top speed on road solo is around 90kmph. Mileage is around 45 kmpl with mix riding @ around 45- 70kmph.

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    Right Side View
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    Left Side View
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Honda Activa 125 Colours

  • Rebal Red Metallic
  • Pearl White
  • Midnight Blue Metallic
  • Heavy Grey

Honda Activa 125 FAQs

What is the price of Honda Activa 125?

The ex-showroom price of Honda Activa 125 is 76,471. Check On Road Price of Activa 125. .

What is the mileage of Honda Activa 125?

The ARAI claimed mileage of Honda Activa 125 is 60 Kmpl. Also check User Reported Mileage of Activa 125.

What is the Tyre and Wheel type of Honda Activa 125?

Honda Activa 125 has Tubeless tyre and Alloy wheels.

Does the Honda Activa 125 have ABS?

No, ABS feature is not available in Honda Activa 125. View full specification of Activa 125.

Which is better Honda Activa 125 or Honda Activa 6G?

Honda Activa 125 Price starts at Rs. 69,470 which is Rs. 3,578 costlier than base model of Honda Activa 6G priced at Rs. 65,892. Compare Honda Activa 125 vs Honda Activa 6G on the basis of price, specs, features, reviews.

What is the EMI of Honda Activa 125 in Delhi?

The EMI for the base variant of Honda Activa 125 in Delhi is Rs. 2,001 per month @ 9.45% for a tenure of 36 months.

What are the colours available in Honda Activa 125?

Honda Activa 125 is available in 4 colours : Rebal Red Metallic, Pearl White, Midnight Blue Metallic and Heavy Grey. View colour images of Activa 125.

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Activa 125 Price in India

City Ex-Showroom Price
Sahibabad Rs. 70,094
Noida Rs. 70,016
Ghaziabad Rs. 70,016
Gurgaon Rs. 69,363
Faridabad Rs. 69,363
Bahadurgarh Rs. 69,368
Ballabhgarh Rs. 69,363
Sohna Rs. 69,363
Gautam Buddha Nagar Rs. 70,016
Palwal Rs. 69,363
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