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Preferred For : Daily Commute

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Ram SA
Ram SA 5.0 7 Jan 2020

Access 125 is the best in it's scooter segment with respect of reliability, cost, performance, pickup and mileage. It's giving me 45 k.m./ltr of petrol and yet to go for first service. Light weight, easy to handle, bike like pickup.. all are excellent. Mine is BS 4 edition with disk brake. However, I had incorporated some changes/additions in my Suzuki Access 125 to get more utility from the vehicle. Though the following actions of mine may void the warranty on my vehicle, I'm not bothered about it.1. Changing of headlight bulb:-Got changed my stock hologen bulb - A.C. 35w with 42w LED Bulb (D.C.) - cost Rs.600/- with slight wiring. Now my vehicle headlight gives me almost 5 times more light then stock bulb.2. Installation of Headlight on/off switch:-There is a provision provided to fix a switch in the right hand side (near throttle) of the Suzuki Access 125. I got fixed Honda Activa headlight on-off switch (cost Rs. 60/-) with slight wiring. Now as soon as I start my vehicle, the front parking lights glow (at headlight off position) thus complying with BS 4 standards. And I can switch on & off my vehicle headlight at my wish.3. Replacing stock parking and indicator bulbs with LED Bulbs:-I had replaced these bulbs with LED Bulbs at a cost of Rs.180/- without any wiring work. A flasher (Rs.70/-) has been fixed along with a buzzer (Rs.30/-). However, back side break light remains A.C. stock bulb only.4. Replacing stock city-cum-highway light switch with Pass switch:-A TVS Jupiter Pass switch is replaced (cost Rs. 98/-) against stock city-cum-highway light switch which perfectly fitted. This will work for all 3 functions i.e. city light, highway light and pass light. Slight wiring is done.5. Fixing of Engine off/kill switch:-This needs careful electrical skill for wiring. An "Anupam" brand on-off switch (cost Rs.35/-) has been installed just above the headlight on-off switch. Now without touching my vehicle key, I can switch off the running vehicle with gentle press of my thumb.6. Replacing stock single horn with double horn:-Replaced with Minda double horn (high & low) at Rs.325/- with cut out (Rs.120/-) by slight wiring work.7. Got fixed mobile Charger-cum-holder at Rs.500/- to my left mirror.The total labour paid for electrical work is 1k.I just purchased and yet to know the mileage of the vehicle. But I'm totally satisfied with the top class performance of engine and above additions.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Pranav Rawat
Pranav Rawat 5.0 20 Jul 2019

The suzuki access 125 is the most practical scooter in the entire scooter segment with the best mix of performance, comfort and practicality.Like every Indian individual I also bought an Activa , the 125 cc one which within the frst week started showing its true colour .. it started rattling the mileage was low and the performance was just a bit better than 110cc activa ... then I bought the access 125 and was really happy with it .. the throttle response was crisp and it takes of the line quicker than many 150cc premium commuters and has also got a decent top speed of about 95kmph and will do 100kmph on the speedometer. Im a keen rider and ride at higher speeds most of the time ane the scooter remains stable even at its top speed and feels stress free while achieving it ... with my kind of riding I manage to extract a mileage of 52 to 55 kmpl whereas if you ride like a normal person it will stretch to about 58 to 60kmpl which is a lot better than the Activa 125 which to date returns a mileage of just 38 to 45 kmpl and doesnt even go over 85kmph . The longer seat and bigger underseat storage is the icing on the cake . I have till date clocked 17000kms on my Access 125 and its still going smooth and strong .😃

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 55 kmpl
Shaik Baji
Shaik Baji 1.4 20 Feb 2020

This bikes having manufacturing problems. In 45 days of purchasing I kept my bike in service center for 15dsys. Thier service is too bad even from Suzuki side. My bike have back wheel problem this guys not tring to slove permanently. I really not recommend this Suzuki bikes because if have any problem they have attend and try to slove our problem but thier service is favour to thier dealers. To connect Suzuki customer care we have to wait more than 7mins and thier will take three days of time to know your problem and attend us. Really too bad service and this bikes having manufacturing problems

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Wasim Shaikh
Wasim Shaikh 4.6 19 Nov 2018

I can describe this after use of almost 2.5 years 20,000 KMs- Milage is ranging around 45 KMPL which is not bad for any gearless scooter.- Space uder seat and in front is very big and much useful you can carry a lots of stuff and even heavy things for your daily usage- Front wheel is bigger which gives you feeling of riding bike- Very much comfortable and seat is very broad.- I did all of my services in suzuki servicr station and believe me maintenance cost is amlost nothing after this 20,000 KMs run.- I drive more than 250 KMs in a day many time ans scooter run very smoothly at the top speed of 92 KMPH not heating at all and you can keep going as many KMs you want.- one request that you must convert tubeless tyre into tube tyre after 2-3 punchers otherwise yout tyre will become defective..Thanks for reading..

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 45 kmpl
ACSM Sameer
ACSM Sameer 5.0 21 Feb 2019

Best scooter.I am the person who think a lot of bikes.. search many sites and read expert reviews.long term review. and then compared to my needs. and then finally I write all my needs and see is there any one bike(scooter) mach to daily needs. Access 125 is mach for my daily requirements. like my requirements is luggage carrying capacity, painless Riding, breaking is Nice another if me and my wife is sit on the bike if I want to over take bus or truck or any other vehicle the access give me confidence to over take that vehicle, that sudden push is required. that"s why I chose Access 125.and main wise it"s only cost me around 220 to 280 for 4th servicing..

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 47 kmpl
Adrian Joshua
Adrian Joshua 3.8 21 Sep 2018

I’ve bought the special edition matte black version and it is definitely an eye catcherWould have been better with LED lights though. It’s really not very comfortable and rides may become strenuous after a while of commuting.Performance is alright, doesn’t have a zoom factor and this is what ultimately made me buy a motorcycle, for me, it doesn’t really inspire you to go on rides more than 3 kilometers. I find it slow and unassurring beyond 70km/hr. Buy it if you want to save up on petrol and and want convenience to be a determining factor.Don’t buy it if you’re looking for the thrill of a ride, it’s not fast.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 55 kmpl
Singh Rahul
Singh Rahul 4.6 23 Feb 2020

Apart from having a not so good service centre (which is a major concern), felt there were many times issues like Front tyre making noise while starting/stoping (at very low speeds), performance going down and vibrations/noise (NVH) increasing off & on. Rest. has driven having 10k at odo, things are good with the scooter !

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Swasti Sahoo
Swasti Sahoo 1.0 20 Aug 2019

Never ever purchase this scooter bcoz it's services was horrible .I put a complain with Ref ID. since more than one month but surprisingly nobody was concern for this complain rather than without taking any initiation they have delivered a message that your complain was resolved .

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
MOHIT THARD 4.6 3 Mar 2019

its almost 100 kms drove by me , i would say PROS first. 1. comfort is very good 2. battery charging point is awesome 3. pick up is really good as compared to other scooters, it really had a good pick up. 4 . One thing i would specially mention is SHOCK SUSPENSION which is 5 out of 5 , like specially on Indian road you don't feel like any shoulder ache on this access 125 . CONS : 1. Design very old 2. Avg. should be more 3. Speedometer should be electronic. OVERALL a must Valuable scooter and most comfort in all Scooters

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 42 kmpl
John Vick
John Vick 2.2 13 Oct 2018

Everything great about this scooter will fall apart within 1year. This scooter was a waste of money, i bought it on July 2017 and from january 2018 till now every month i have to visit local workshop or suzuki service centre as everything on this scooter is failing. Now this piece of trash have no power, poor mileage(only 36km/l) and huge maintanance everymonth. I am also angry by the cheap rear view mirror i got with this scooter with this much price. I should have bought a honda or yamaha. i regret buying this scooter

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 36 kmpl
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