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DSK-Benelli is a joint venture between DSK MotoWheels and Benelli, one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers of Europe. The Italian firm is now part of motor Group Qianjiang, a Chinese corporation. DSK-Benelli is importing its impressive motorcycle models ranging from 300cc to 1130cc, via the CKD route to our shores, which are assembled, marketed and serviced by DSK MotoWheels in India.

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Benelli bikes price starts at Rs. 1.69 lakh for the cheapest bike Imperiale 400 and goes up to Rs. 6.20 lakh for the top model Benelli TNT 600i. Benelli offers 7 new bike models in India. TNT 600i (Rs. 6.20 lakh), Imperiale 400 (Rs. 1.69 lakh) and TNT 300 (Rs. 2.99 lakh) are among the popular bikes from Benelli. In the year 2020/2021, Benelli is going to launch 7 new models in India. Select a Benelli bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

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Recently Asked User Questions about Benelli

Q. When Benelli tornado 302r bs6 will launch - 302 S?
  • As of now, there is no official update from the brand's end regarding the launch of the Benelli 302R BS6. Stay tuned for further updates.
Q. Switch for headlight is there in Benelli Imperiale 400?
  • No. The headlight comes on automatically when you start the engine.
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Benelli User Reviews

  • TNT 600i
    56 ratings
    TNT 600 i

    Bike is good but the service and spare it's really most disappointing for us i charged 1 lakh bill for wiring, ecu & ignation coils it's really very huge amount i had paid for benelli need to reduce price of there parts for good sale and satisfaction

    Shaik 3 months ago
    TNT 600 i User Reviews
  • Imperiale 400
    37 ratings
    Imperiale 400

    I had test ride with heavy weight plum pillion rider. Didn't cross 60km/hr speed. Posting some pros & cons in my view.PROS-- looks are super nice to fall in love with it. Handling is vert comfortable & good. The sitting comfort is excellent. Engine is super smooth. Suspension is too nice. Breaking is also good. Pickup is good. Its heavy but weight isn't felt while riding. Overall built quality & design is excellent. CONS--The major issue is engine heat. Heat isn't noticed when bike is in motion. But when its halted we can actually feel the heat on calf & thighs. The gear shift lever is too long for mid size shoe & heal shift lever is absent. There is no place for tool kit storage. the rider footrest is large & comfortable but its much extended outward which keeps brushing & hitting the calf. The pillion seat is independent but there is no option to detach it. The company doesn't provide optional backrest for pillion rider as accessories. Don't know about its fuel economy & service cost & aftersales service.

    Shekhar 1 week ago
    Imperiale 400 User Reviews
  • TNT 300
    42 ratings
    TNT 300

    Do anybody is facing the hard gear shift issue with this bike, because I'm. And it's really hard that is making sound even after pressing the full clutch, that is even hard. By the way I love it's sound with stock exhaust, but in future I'm going to change because when I tried leaning towards right, exhaust touches the road and that is irritating.

    Ambar 3 months ago
    TNT 300 User Reviews
  • Leoncino 250
    2 ratings
    Leoncino 250

    The pilion seat is very uncomfortable. It’s very small, now and then people complain how small the seat is when they sit on back. Even while driving I feel the seat is uncomfortable, I don’t know what to do about it.

    Anurodh 3 months ago
    Leoncino 250 User Reviews
  • 302R
    17 ratings

    Needs regular servicing. Happy with its performance. Breaks could have been better.

    Mohanish 4 months ago
    302R User Reviews
  • TRK 502
    7 ratings
    TRK 502

    I really really really LOVE TRK502X. I don't suggest this machine to anyone. Because I don't want anyone else to have this machine rather than me. I love it's efficiency, power, comfort and yes the service cost is too manageable. Good for any ride

    Jo 1 month ago
    TRK 502 User Reviews
  • Leoncino 500
    1 ratings
    Leoncino 500

    Great bike to own. love the sound. rev happy engine. 1 month/2000kms review:pros:- great handler can totally lean into corners with confidence.- perfectly balanced.- looks amazing, eye catcher for sure.- sound is blissful.- doesn"t show it"s weight when you want to filter through the traffic.- breaking is very confidence inspiring.- switchable abs is handy when you want to slide into corner and have some fun.- happy cruiser, will maintain 100-120kms in 6th gear with ease at low rpm and very light throttle.- excellent heat dissipation better than Harley Davidson 750 Street/Street rod.cons:- fuel efficiency is okish but not great. To get the best fuel economy you have to ride between 2000rpm-3500rpm, which is not really fun. I got 16-20kmpl in the city and on the highway it was around 24-25kmpl.- ground clearance is good enough but when you have a pillion who is more than 70kg then all the sharp speed bumps are a big nightmare.- maintenance cost is subjective - every service cost around 6k rupees.- gets heated up when stuck in traffic because of surrounding heat generated by all the vehicles but doesn"t get hot enough to burn or make you run away from the bike.

    Danielson 5 months ago
    Leoncino 500 User Reviews

Benelli Bikes Expert Reviews

  • Benelli Leoncino 250 Real-World Review feat. KTM 250 Duke
    Benelli Leoncino 250 Real-World Review feat. KTM 250 Duke

    Does the Leoncino 250 do enough to win hearts in a segment where decisions are made from the head?

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    Benelli TRK 502X, TRK 502: First Ride Review

    Benelli's latest adventure tourers are certainly great value. But are they doing enough to appeal to more than just your wallet?

    Mar 1, 2019
  • DSK Benelli 302R Road Test Review
    DSK Benelli 302R Road Test Review

    Take the loud and proud twin-cylinder motor from the TNT 300, stuff it in a new chassis to go along with the sporty new attire, and you have the 302R. We find out if this blend makes the new Italian a convincing entry level sportsbike.

    Aug 9, 2017
  • Benelli TNT 600 i ABS: Review
    Benelli TNT 600 i ABS: Review

    Benelli’s VFM street-fighter finally gets ABS and we’ve taken it for a quick spin

    Oct 10, 2016

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