Suzuki Access 125 BS6 vs Suzuki Burgman Street BS6: Family Feud

Suzuki India’s scooters are now BS6 compliant! How do they fare against each other on paper?

Access vs burgman

Suzuki has launched the Burgman Street BS6 at a price of Rs 77,900 (ex-showroom Delhi) after unveiling it at Auto Expo 2020. Let’s see how it compares against Suzuki’s more family-oriented sibling, the Access 125 BS6, on paper:

Money Matters:

The Suzuki Burgman Street BS6 is priced at Rs 77,900, which makes it dearer than the Access 125 BS6 (alloy wheel variant with a front disc brake) by Rs 10,100. The drum brake with alloy wheels-equipped version of the Access 125 BS6 costs Rs 66,800 whereas the one with the steel wheels is priced at Rs 64,800.

Apart from these variants, Suzuki also offers a Special Edition Access 125 BS6, which is priced at Rs 68,500 for drum brake-equipped version and Rs 69,500 for the disc brake-equipped model. This variant comes with standard alloy wheels, chrome-finished rearview mirrors, premium seat cover and exclusive ‘Special Edition’ logo on the side panels. On the other hand, the Burgman Street BS6 is available only in one variant. All prices are ex-showroom Delhi.

Chic looks or no-nonsense familiarity:

Apart from the LED headlamp, the Suzuki Access 125 BS6 looks more or less the same as its BS4 version or any of the previous generation model for that matter. Judging by the consistently high sales numbers (it’s the highest-selling 125cc scooter in India), it appears that Suzuki knows the design works well for its target audience and hasn’t risked it by changing the design all that much. Overall, the Access 125 has a very neutral design that will be liked by a wide range of customers.

On the other hand, the Suzuki Burgman Street BS6 gets a distinct maxi-style design. The bulbous front end features an all-LED headlamp and the rear gets an LED tail lamp too. While the bodywork at the rear looks muscular, the gap between the smaller 10-inch rear wheel and the fender doesn’t gel well with the scooter’s overall demeanour. It makes the scooter look like it has skipped leg days!

Functionalities galore:

Apart from the LED headlamp in the Suzuki Access 125 BS6, the scooter gets an analogue instrument cluster with a digital inset. There’s also a novel Eco Assist illumination that lights up the sides of the speedometer according to the owner’s riding style. Suzuki has also added an external fuel filler in the BS6-compliant scooter. However, it isn’t as practical as we expected it to be as you’ll have to manually open the lid using the key slot and then hold it while you refuel. The lid isn’t hinged. To help the rider store knick-knacks, it gets a large 21.8-litre underseat storage in addition to an apron mounted pocket, and hooks on the apron as well as below the seat. You also get an apron-mounted USB charging socket as an option. That said, it is standard on the Special Edition variant.


On the other hand, the Suzuki Burgman Street BS6 gets a windshield and a full-LCD instrument cluster. The apron has been designed to double up as a footboard so that the rider can stretch his/her legs instead of resting them flat on the floorboard. It also gets a standard DC charger on the apron, with a 2-litre glove box. Unlike the Access, the Burgman Street BS6 gets a traditional underseat fuel filler cap. Interestingly, the scooter’s underseat storage is slightly less than the Access 125 BS6, at 21.5 litres.



Suzuki has employed the Access 125 BS6’s engine in the Burgman Street BS6. It even comes in the same state of tune. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing as our first impressions of the Access 125 BS6 has been pretty good. The motor is peppy and refined at the same time. It’s even quite fuel efficient. The Access 125 BS6 returned 52.45kmpl in the city and 57.22kmpl on the highway.

However, expect the dynamics of the maxi-style scooter to be slightly different to the Access 125 BS6. The latter weighs 103kg whereas the Burgman Street BS6 tips the scales at 110kg (kerb). Due to the added weight, the fuel efficiency numbers might also differ. At 5.6 litres, the Burgman Street’s fuel tank capacity is bigger than the Access 125 BS6 by 0.6 litres.


Both the Suzuki Access 125 BS6 and the Burgman Street BS6 ride on the same 12-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels. They come wrapped in 90-section tyres on both ends too. The two scooters come to a halt using a disc brake up front and a drum at the rear. That said, certain variants of the Access 125 BS6 are available with a front drum brake for the more budget-conscious buyer.


The Suzuki Burgman Street BS6 looks physically larger but its wheelbase is the same as the Access 125 BS6, at 1265mm. Even the ground clearance remains unchanged at 160mm. However, the Burgman Street gets a 7mm taller seat than the Access 125 BS6 (780mm). The fuel tank capacity is also slightly more on the Burgman Street. It gets a 5.6-litre fuel tank as opposed the 5 litre unit in the Access 125 BS6.



While both scooters have the same underpinnings and powertrain, the Suzuki Burgman Street BS6 will definitely allure younger audiences who want a bit of snazziness in their scooter. On the other hand, the Access 125 is a no-nonsense machine that will do the job without any complaint. It also gets slightly better features like an external fuel filler cap and a slightly bigger underseat storage, so it will be ideal for those who are looking for maximum practicality.

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