• Q. Which is best 180F, NS160 and NS200?

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    Mithesh | 1 year ago

    Long life with respect to what? Every bike will last long enough if you maintain it properly, service it regularly and treat it like a baby. When it comes to reliability , both are equally reliable. Both have the same frame ,same body, Same quality switches, foot pegs, seat, other plastic parts,alloy combination etc .only difference is smaller tyre, smaller front disk and smaller front forks...the only major change is the engine. Both the 160 and 200 are 4 valve engine's and are rev free engine. The only difference is ...160 uses a bored out AS150 engine which has been in the market for quite long time so the NS 160 engine is well refined ( definitely not Yamaha , honda level) but it's better than previous gen pulsars. and NS 200 has a engine based on ktm 200 . Only the construction is similar to ktm 200 but the parts used to make it are same as of other bajaj bikes. So refinement level is similar to NS160 So not much difference eh? In the end..it all comes down to maintenance. Treat it well, it'll last longer than you think. Reliability issues in bajaj bikes is thing of the past. Bajaj , TVS are catching up to its Japanese rivals believe it or not!

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    Abhijeet | 1 year ago

    All these bikes are best in their own catagory. U can choose from power and mileage range of bikes. Ns 200 is most powerful bike while ns160 is least powerful. While 180 is medium range.

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