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  • Q. Sir, which one bike is better between Bajaj Avenger 180 Street and Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise in terms of mileage, looks, performance and comfort?
    Nithin | 6 months ago

    Jeet bro how is the bike, in spare quality, mileage & over all what are complaints faced by u in ur avenger. pls answer bcoz i m waiting for buying the new avenger 220 cruise abs model. Will i buy it or not. pls give a true answer.

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  • Q. Which model is better in Avenger?
    Mohan | 9 months ago

    Cruise is a classic version with chrome finish, spoke wheel, tube tyres. Street is a peppy version with alloys, tubeless tyres and black metal finish

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  • Q. Is avenger 220 good for mountain trips?
    Kshitij | 1 year ago

    Hell yeah! I just completed my 3000 km journey to Ladakh and back, and boy, the bike was almost perfect (as opposed to a few minor issues). Now by mountain trips, do you mean a weekend ride to your nearby mountain range or to the highest motorable road in the world at 18380 ft? If you said either to the former or the latter, then the bike performs great in any terrain - be it straights, off-road or ghats. The only issue I faced with on the Ladakh ride is the drop in power (the engine couldn't get the oxygen it required for optimum combustion since the air is thin up there, hence I could only manage 60kmph in the toughest terrain). In the luggage department, you could install side boxes (The studds cruiser one is the best) or tie a backpack with a bunjee cord to the back pillion rest (available only in the cruise 220), which makes for a great makeshift support. Cheers!

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  • Q. Is this bike good for long journey - Avenger Cruise 220?
    JEET | 1 month ago

    Yes , i did ....longest drive , 850 km , with 1 night halt

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  • Q. How is the battery performance of Avenger asking because someone told me that you will face problem as its self start only. No kick available.
    Vighnesh | 1 month ago

    My avenger got problem by racing accelometer for a long time in mud after got this battery issues after that problem I replace two batteries the third buyed battery is now I am using in.

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  • Q. Is it suitable to journey daily basis for office distance covering 50kms - Avenger Cruise 220?
    Sujoy | 5 months ago

    I am already an owner of a Avenger 220 cruise for 5 years. Now I want to replace it with a more powerful one. I have heard from different YT channels that Avenger 400 is on the pipeline. I am exhausted of hearing this but could not trace out its reality. If that is not that, I have to move to Royal Enfield. But I really love Avenger because it suits my height and is working flawlessly for the past 5 years. Would the company assures of this model or I go to RE instead?

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  • Q. I am from Nilgiris. I am a college student. Does this bike suits me as I've to travel 65 km per day. Does this bike supports for daily commuting - Avenger Cruise 220?
    Royal | 2 days ago

    अगर आपका बजट है तो आप ले सकते हो क्यों कि ये 45 का माइलेज देती है

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  • Q. Which bike is better between Avenger Cruise 220, Royal Enfield Bullet 350 or any other bike upto 1.5 lakh budget.
    Gananjay | 8 months ago

    See I'll tell with respect to engine avenger 220 gets 19.1 hp approxre 350 gets 20 hp approxon the basis of engine avenger is refined and latest. Avenger is cruiser while re is kinda adventure bikes. Apart from that avenger fits in our budget for a commuter bike and touring bike. I'm riding my Avenger for almost 7.5 yrs. I ride my bike in the city on weekdays and go for long drive on weekends. But go with the choice that suits your needs and budget!!!

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  • Q. How about driving Avenger 220 Cruise on hills?
    Subhojit | 8 months ago

    It is very comfortable on hills but you need to keep the speed low in the turnings. Works well in the offroads but for if you talk about extreme off roads then I will suggest any proper offroading bike. But the comfort os also important in high terrain which is 100% available in this bike.

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  • Q. What are complaint issues facing in Avenger Cruise 220?
    Vindu | 2 weeks ago

    Above 45 speed u apply brake back wheel skids. Clutch plate to be changed every 6 months. Turning radius low Otherwise it is an excellent bike

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