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Frequently Asked Questions about TVS NTORQ 125


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What is engine power of TVS NTORQ 125

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Q. Is TVS NTORQ 125 available in Mumbai?
  • For the availability, we would suggest you to please connect with the nearest authorized dealer in your city as it depends on their stock book. Follow the link and select your desired city for dealership details.
Q. What features are offered in TVS NTORQ 125?
  • The TVS NTorq 125 XT was the first scooter to get an all-digital TFT instrument cluster with SmartXonnect. It features Call/SMS alerts, turn-by-turn navigation, vehicle diagnostics alerts and ride analytics. The XT edition comes with a refreshed user interface and voice-assist function along with the ability to save addresses that you frequently visit. The Race XP variant is India‚Äôs first 125cc scooter to have more than 10Ps of power and features voice assist, Call/SMS alerts, multiple riding modes (Street
Q. What is the mileage of TVS NTorq 125?
  • The mileage of TVS NTORQ 125 is 56.23 kmpl. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for all the variants of NTORQ 125. In Automatic the claimed ARAI mileage of NTORQ 125 Petrol is 56.23 kmpl.
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Q. What is the real mileage and performance of NTorq 125?
  • Ntorq mileage, after just four months usage is 52 km /litre ( exact value. Noted down at the moment when engine shut down) This mileage reading is with an average min speed of 50km/hr, including peak speeds of 85+ km/hr.So in economy mode i can assure you a mileage of 45 + kms. This is absolutely possible, or else get a good service of your vehicle
  • Mileage its vary actually depends on many issues.but from my personal experience mileage is like range between 40 to 43 kmpl.and now coming to performance according to me its A straight.After 1.5 years riding this scooty on commuter basis i can say yeah it have some suspension issue no need to worry its a minor case.
  • Performance is really so good...and if you say mileage yes it's ofcourse depends on the using ntorq disc since july 2018 daily for office and i get 43kmpl to 45kmpl in office time in heavy traffic..and 47kmpl to 48kmpl in without traffic..i want to sell my ntorq if anyone interested(for kolkata only) contact me..
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Q. What is the engine oil capacity of TVS NTORQ 125?
  • You have written here about engine cc 124.9. But here will be the answer is engine oil capacity 880ml.
  • 880ml engine oil. 120ml transmission oil. As per tvs recommendation both oil 10W30 grade.
  • The engine oil capacity of TVS NTORQ 125 is 880ml.
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Q. Do we need to change the engine oil for every 2500km because user manual says 5000kms but not sure till that time this oil can hold... - NTORQ?
  • Oil change needs to be done when the oil becpmes sticky (less viscous) u can check that by yourself. there should be a oil check stick in ntorq its towards right before the exhaust take the stick and press ur thumb and finger against it if it forms a thread that remains thick for some seconds then u need a change. As u do miles ur oil color and viscosity changes. keep a notr of that and u dont need anyone to determine for you
  • I understand that we need to change engine oil buy my concern is regarding intervel. Usually for bikes it is mentioned that 2500-3000 but for ntorq it is 6000kms and that is why i am wondering. Any way i got the answer. We need to change it within 6 months of 6000kms as tvs use synthetic engine oil for ntorq and also people go for service make sure that service guys are using the same grade engine oil. They may use mineral oils which we cant use it more than 3000kms.thanks for the reply guys.
  • User manual never says engine oil change every 5000kms. If you use normal engine oil then change every 150****700 kms. If you use synthetic engine oil then you can change engine oil every 3000-3500 kms. I use normal engine oil for Ntorq. Age of my scooty is above 1yr 10 months.
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