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The new Rodeo RZ fixes many of the issues on its predecessor such as low ground clearance besides increasing storage space. It’s also a lot more stylish with trendy decals and colour options. A slew of useful equipment such as front fuel filler cap, MP3/phone charger, 4-in-1 anti-theft key, etc make the Rodeo RZ one of the most feature-rich scooters in its segment.

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  • 3.8

    Buying experience: I brought this scooter in the year 2010 and now it's 2019 almost 9 years apart , the showrooms staff were good, I got the scooter promptly as they had a good collection of all the colours, mine is blazing red. Important highlights of this scooter included : 1) FIRST scooter made in india with digital colourful multifunctional speedometer includes functions such as TRIPA ,TRIP B ,CLOCK , 0-50km in how many second , 50 meters in how many seconds and not just that 7+ different colours with 3 different styles of colour changing : singular changing, slow dimming automatic changing mode and automatic single colour changing ! There is tachometer like a sports bike , Can you find any other scooter with such a rich dashboard ? Apart from this there is a side stand indicator.Other features include low slammed suspension setup with telescopic suspension in front and uni shock at the rear which gives you really an awesome comfort and cornering confidence Storage space under the seat is about 22 litres I guess it's so so big, till date no other scooter has such a huge storage. Performance: it accelerates from 0-50km per hour in 9.8 secs . Even after 8 years it's the same acceleration , such as good performing scooter, I will explain later in this review of how this is maintained and it's drawbacks. The acceleration is also very linear, meaning it takes you to speeds which you don't realise unless you see the Speedo by the time you reach 70+ kmph speed. The fact is , this acceleration gives you less vibration and therefore more confidence while making turns and sliding the bumps, it's the same confidence you would find in the aprilia150 which is on sale today.Brakes: brakes are just OK, for a scooter this level with a 125cc engine and 108 kg kerb we would need a better brakes to bring this mini hooligan to a stop, but it's just alright , we can adjust with both front and brakes engaged at the same time. By the way , there were no disc brakes for scooter as this class at my time (2010) of buying. Barely there was no competition for this with only suzuki access 125 being its counterpart or partner in crime.Looks : even today after all these years it's too stylish and is still noticeable by many on the road, it still stands apart, designed by the Italian designer SYM , I am not sure of where this designer is located or who was behind the model, but it's sleek design , making it very stylish if you look at it from any angle , I mean just look at it. Rodeo is a crowd puller.Now coming to important part, the disadvantages: Even though rodeo has a good ride experience, performance , road presence, handling like a bike , good refinement, raspy exhaust, still it has many disadvantages and drawback due to the bad R&D team whom were present in mahindra two wheeler division, which I have to accept as a customer and today they all are fired out of the company. There will always be customers waiting at service centre because they have complains on and off , even for normal complains such as side side loose or scooter getting hit on all potholes and bumps , I know why all that happened and what went really wrong.Let me put it all of those in single words or points:1) poor ground clearance leading to risk of fuel tank breakage since its fuel filler is next to front steering goes just below the chassis so anytime if you want to off road , think twice or you should learn or master how to not hit the tank by hard riding 2) side stand hits the road when you try to park , even with your scooter up straight, always 3)Headlamps focus: if you are night rider , make sure that the headlight adjustment s***w is focused to the road , or else the light will focus straight on the other vehicle , not on the road , even at low beam , so everytime service centre adjustment is required .4)rectifier aka RR unit : as many of you don't know the rodeo scooter has a big fault with the rectifier unit which converts AC TO DC current from the dyno to the battery, so this unit frequent fails thereby killing your bulb of all lights , and your speedometer too , now you have to keep checking the current of the rectifier time to time , to avoid this, ofcourse the battery is the first component to die in this issue. (As I kept changing battery every 2 years for no reason, is due to this problem , which I learnt from a good mahindra service centre and espcially battery shop, they will diagnose problem and will tell you this!)5) engine : after usage of just 25 or 30kms all the engine components such as a valve, timer,etc will fail easily) just a short period ? Since i maintain my scooter well , still all these failed, even from other owners the same complains emerged , so for all the parts, I mean all the wearable parts: to change: mahindra 2 wheeler service has a ready made list which has parts to change and will cost you 7000rs in total ,Mileage is about 20 to 25kmpl is my honest opinion even if you drive real slow and in constant speed , it will give you max 30kmpl in real time that's it . So is rodeo a big fail: well this is the first scooter from mahindra , but I feel really sad for the owner of this company , because the r and d department really failed and cheated on them, and this caused complete customer dissatisfaction from everyone . I mean even me liking the scooter and knowing all these problems for all these years, I will be the few owners who hasn't sold or thrown the scooter away, you know why, because this is unique , this performance oriented , and well it's my highschool sweetheart. Hope this helps everyone to decide to buy this or not, I will say that today they have recitifed many problems in this , the latest UZO125 rodeo is good. Well you have to make up your mind , if you are good maintainer then just buy it and if not, then don't complain later. My only complain will be smaller tank and less mileage other I'll live with this anyday over other scooter with all their features, even today.

  • 4.2

    I love the scooty design and features like side stand beep, spacious room under the seat and most importantly fuelling location. The only prob is not able to find near by service centers.

  • 3.8

    The scooter is good for riding with good ride and handling balance with good amount of power to move around but the only problem is the mileage which is lesser than expected

  • 5.0

    It"s not good one. Complaints come oftenly for this bike. Now the company has stopped the production of this model.

  • 2.6

    I don't know how to express the exact condition but everytime i start and accelerate it skips or misses

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Scooters are debuting aplenty and this time it is Mahindra 2 Wheelers' turn again with an updated Rodeo that gets better ground clearance, more storage space, an RZ suffix, and lots of bang for your buck!

June 8, 2012  By Muntaser Mirkar Photography : Muntaser Mirkar

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