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KTM is among the renowned bike manufacturers in the world and have it’s headquarter based in Austria. KTM are renowned for their off-road, endure and street bikes. The slogan for KTM is “Ready to Race” and this character is reflected well in its range of motorcycles. The Austrian bike maker made their foray into the Indian market with the help of Bajaj Auto which currently hold the majority stake. By joining hands with the Chakan based two-wheeler giant, KTM was able to reap the benefits of frugal engineering that Bajaj brought along. The first motorcycle to be launched by the Austria based bikemaker in India was the 200 Duke street bike.

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KTM bikes price starts at Rs. 1.33 lakh for the cheapest bike 125 Duke and goes up to Rs. 8.64 lakh for the top model KTM 790 Duke. KTM offers 9 new bike models in India. 200 Duke (Rs. 1.62 lakh), 125 Duke (Rs. 1.33 lakh) and RC 200 (Rs. 1.91 lakh) are among the popular bikes from KTM. In the year 2020/2021, KTM is going to launch 7 new models in India. Select a KTM bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

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Q. Whether the pickup and top speed will varry between BS4 and BS6 - Duke 200?
  • Now KTM 200 Duke gets BS6-compliant 199.5cc, single-cylinder motor that makes 25PS of power and 19.3Nm of torque which is 0.83PS and 0.2Nm less than the BS4 model. Moreover, the bike has gained 2.3kg in weight. So, as a result top speed of the BS-6 bike might be a bit less than the BS-4 model.
Q. Is KTM 200 Duke BS6 RTO cost are lower than BS4?
  • In order to know the exact RTO charges for KTM 200 Duke BS6, we would suggest you walk into the nearest dealership as they will be the better person to assist you. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership and selecting your city accordingly - Bike Showrooms
Q. When will they deliver Duke 390 BS6 if book now?
  • KTM 390 Duke BS6 is launched for sale in Indian market and the delivery of the bike depends on the stock at the dealership. So, for the availability we would suggest you walk into the nearest dealership as they will be the better person to assist you. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership and selecting your city accordingly - Bike Showrooms
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KTM User Reviews

  • 200 Duke
    693 ratings
    Duke 200

    I own a 2017 Bs4 duke 200 drove about 20k+ km till date and i must say i am totally in love with this machine, the pickup hasn"t changed a bit in this two years, 20k+ km but slight exhaust note has changed also some vibrations gets started but the solution for that just upgrade your engine oil to MOTUL 300V. The only cons i feel is from my own experience is 1) as we all know ktm seats are hard but in bs4 they are some what better and soft, but after two years of usage it will turn into rock solid 2) The chain makes hell lot of noise once you cross 15k+ km even after performing regular lubing, in my case the chain and sprocket was good but donno what happened it started jumping up&down for no reason with making sound. so just got it replaced with new one and it is fine now.

    Lohith 9 months ago
    Duke 200 User Reviews
  • 125 Duke
    375 ratings
    Duke 125

    KTM launched this bike to make the brand more accessible for the masses, as the Duke 200 was almost 2.10 lakh on road last year. The bike is a huge success in european market. The reason being the L1 lisence restriction, the bikes under L1 category are limited to 11kw (15bhp). So in european countries you have to level up eventually to a big bike. I've been riding this bike for over a year now and this doesn't feel like your typical 125cc bike. It's fast, agile and engine is peppy and the power output is best in class. It's a little underpowered for me and but the bike's handling capabilities is what kept me excited. You can easily commute on this bike, no heat issues faced so far. Rider comfort is good and pillion isn't. And as speaking for its highway capabilities the engine is stress free upto 75kmph at 6200 rpm and you can maintain this crusing speed without any worries, but you downshift regularly while overtaking. It retuned me around 48km/l on highways. Who should buy this bike?, well it's for new riders for whom budget isn't the limitation. For college students who want own a good bike for daily commute and wanna look cool in college and for the KTM enthusiastic who wants the taste of the brand first hand and is on a budget. (I know Duke 125 is costly, but it's most accessible KTM available in India).

    Ritish 2 weeks ago
    Duke 125 User Reviews
  • RC 200
    454 ratings
    RC 200

    Well the most important part of my bike is about the Austrian heart it has.. great power delivery and above that the compact and lightweight design and sporty looks makes it very hard to resist. The looks whereas are head turner for sure, the exhaust note is one of the most distinct features which will make you addicted to it. The major drawback what I can think of it is that it"s very hard to ply in traffics or off-road. You need to have a good pair of gloves to abstain your palm from screaming. Rest it"s agile and stupendous on corners specially. Every time you ride this machine it will get more confidence of yours. At the end it"s totally worth for a beginner adrenaline junkie.

    Priyadarshi 1 year ago
    RC 200 User Reviews
  • RC 125
    181 ratings
    RC 125

    It is absolutely beautiful and well it is a bike for every youngster who want to chase their super-bike dream in future.Price is a concern but come on it is fully loaded with top components which are already present in his elder siblings.

    Ayush 7 months ago
    RC 125 User Reviews
  • RC 390
    304 ratings
    RC 390

    RC390 is awesome bike with plenty of performance on tap, and it is definetly a bike for us middle class people or for someone who wants to enter the world of motor biking and discover further and travel far and fast. i have a lot to say but this column won't be enough.

    Cool 1 month ago
    RC 390 User Reviews
  • 250 Duke
    337 ratings
    Duke 250

    I find that this duke is perfect for city commutes, getting to and from work is fun with this ride. Fun things: Its got power after you rev past a few RPMs, which means it is quick enough and you'll love it.I think this is the best looking ride in the naked bike segment in its class and slightly above as well. If you ride 20kms rather economically every day, Rs. 00 per week should cover your fuel expenditure. It is quite comfortable for those relatively long rides. The headaches: Sluggish performance when accelerating to the mid range from the low range, it"s almost as if though it does not want to sprint. Very annoying and dangerous whilst trying to overtake. Brakes are simply not powerful enough for the power output or high speeds. The absence of an ABS makes it worse and dangerous at high speeds. You would have to take it to a technician every now and then to adjust the slack on the chain for optimum performance. Parts tend to get damaged quickly within a year, and screws, nuts and bolts tend to fall off rather quickly. The rear shock absorber for instance was totally replaced even though I had been using it for city commute. The halogen bulb headlight makes the bike look bad. Could have come with a TFT screen. Conclusion: Fun city bike with enough power to thrill on an occasional long jaunt. You"ll eventually love riding it around town as long its maintained well at short intervals.

    Adrian 5 months ago
    Duke 250 User Reviews
  • 390 Adventure
    13 ratings
    390 Adventure

    Good for Touring, I already booked my bike

    Tamil 1 week ago
    390 Adventure User Reviews
  • 790 Duke
    17 ratings
    790 Duke

    I like very very much 790 Duke hydride my mama bike I will buy 18 age 14 age

    Syed 2 months ago
    790 Duke User Reviews
  • 390 Duke
    397 ratings
    Duke 390

    it is great for this price range and you cannot expect naked bikes with such low weights in this price segment. it's mileage is average because it is kind of a street race bike. the console you get on this bike cannot be given by another company. but it's price range is bit high for middle class people. you cannot expect best seat comfort in a race bike but the riders seat is above average it has compact space and it wont be fit for fat people both in seat and looks. the pillion seat is not so comfortable. it has trellis frame and the console has Bluetooth connectivity. you can research in YouTube for more information like max speed test and mileage test etc.

    Vikas 2 months ago
    Duke 390 User Reviews

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