About Honda CB Shine Competitors

Bajaj V15: Bajaj has positioned the V15 as a 150cc bike for the price of a 125cc motorcycle. With its cafe racer-inspired styling, the V15 does manage to stand apart from its rivals, which is among the primary reasons for its success. Performance from the engine is decent while it has a frugal nature. Overall, the Bajaj V15 is a bike that will help you gather some eyeballs like no other commuter motorcycle.

Hero Glamour: The Hero Glamour and the Honda CB Shine have been engrossed in a battle for

Yamaha Saluto: Yamaha joined the 125cc bandwagon by riding in the new Saluto a few years back. The Yamaha Saluto with its sharp lines is an appealing motorcycle. But it doesn’t offer the same refinement as its other Yamaha siblings and only makes sense if you’re in the hunt for an affordable and stylish 125cc bike.


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