Honda Shine Images

  • Right Side View of Shine
    Right Side View
  • Left Side View of Shine
    Left Side View
  • Rear Left View of Shine
    Rear Left View
  • Front View of Shine
    Front View
  • Rear View of Shine
    Rear View
  • Front Left View of Shine
    Front Left View
  • Rear Right View of Shine
    Rear Right View
  • Head Light of Shine
    Head Light
  • Engine of Shine
  • Fuel tank of Shine
    Fuel tank
  • Seat of Shine
  • Exhaust View of Shine
    Exhaust View
  • Rear Tyre View of Shine
    Rear Tyre View
  • Front Tyre View of Shine
    Front Tyre View
  • Rear Suspension View of Shine
    Rear Suspension View
  • Model Name of Shine
    Model Name
  • Front Brake View of Shine
    Front Brake View
Honda Shine

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Honda Shine Brochure
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Honda Shine
Honda Shine
Rs. 79,800
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Honda Shine User Reviews

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  • Mileage
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  • Maintenance Cost
  • Features & Styling
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  • Mileage (293)
  • Comfort (144)
  • Engine (109)
  • Experience (82)
  • Looks (79)
  • Performance (79)
  • Pickup (73)
  • Service (64)
  • Maintenance (61)
  • Power (38)
  • Speed (36)
  • Driving experience

    Driving experience and comfort level is uper lavel the best think is it's engine overall performance, Mileage, Build quality, Vibrations, Features awesome quality after sale service are also good and in one word it's brand highly recommend

  • 4.2
    Driving Experience and Comfort

    Driving experience and comfort level: the honda shine offers a smooth and comfortable riding experience, Thanks to its refined engine and well-tuned suspension.The seating position is ergonomic, Making long rides fatigue-free.Best & worst things: among the best attributes are its fuel efficiency, Reliability, And low maintenance costs.However, The lack of significant features compared to rivals might disappoint some buyers.Overall performance: the honda shine delivers commendable performance, Balancing power and efficiency.Its refined engine provides ample torque for city commutes while maintaining good fuel economy on highways.Mileage: one of the shining aspects of the shine is its impressive mileage.It's among the most fuel-efficient bikes in its segment, Making it a cost-effective choice for daily commuting.Pickup: while not the most powerful in its class, The shine offers adequate pickup for city riding and can handle overtakes comfortably on highways.Build quality: honda's reputation for quality is evident in the shine's sturdy build.It feels robust and durable, Capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use.Vibrations: the engine refinement minimizes vibrations, Providing a smooth and vibration-free ride even at higher speeds.Features: while it may not boast an extensive list of features, The shine offers the essentials like a reliable braking system, Comfortable seating, And clear instrumentation.After sale service: honda's extensive service network ensures that owning a shine is hassle-free.With widespread service centers and reliable customer support, Maintenance and servicing are convenient.Conclusion: the honda shine excels as a practical and efficient commuter bike.Its blend of performance, Mileage, And reliability make it a compelling choice for riders seeking a hassle-free commuting experience.While it may lack some fancy features, Its core strengths make it a dependable companion on the road.

  • Secure nil

    The bike is very good, And gives a very secure mileage around 55-60, I prefer this bike to all the middle class family, It also gives the 70 pickup.I suggest to all the bike lovers to bye this bike.

  • The Honda Shine stands out

    The honda shine stands out as one of the finest choices in the 125cc segment.Priced competitively at around rs.74, 000, It offers exceptional value, Slightly exceeding the cost of the cb shine.Its simplicity in design is complemented by a comfortable riding experience, Making it an ideal companion for daily commutes.The overall performance is impressive, And the low servicing costs contribute to its appeal.This bike seamlessly combines style, Comfort, And affordability, Making it a top pick in its class.My riding experience has been nothing short of excellent, Making it the best value for money in my opinion.

  • Small families

    It's the best and excellent option for small families.The comfort it provides is good.The braking system are very impressive also the mileage is roughly about 65-70 which is good.It's ground clearance is good.They have used a best quality material for built it.The one thing i don't like is price is increase day by day.It's jumpers are good.The after sale service i would say it is decent.Although they provides 3 free services.So if you go for this bike it's definitely worth it to buy.

  • Shine Commute, Honda Excellence.

    The Honda Shine is a reliable and fuel-efficient bike, making it a popular choice for daily rides. With a sleek design and comfortable seating, it offers a smooth riding experience. Its engine ensures a quiet and vibration-free ride. The build quality is good, and the maintenance costs are reasonable. The bike's performance is good, delivering good mileage and a decent top speed. The instrument cluster is good, providing the main information. Overall, the Honda Shine is a practical and user-friendly option for riders who want a dependable and economical two-wheeler for everyday use.

  • Excellence with Honda Shine

    Ride with certainty and style on the Honda Shine Bike. I have developed a liking for this model because it delivers a solid and proficient ride insight, ideal for my day to day drives and end of the week undertakings. The Shine gives open to seating and a smooth ride, guaranteeing you can explore through traffic easily. Its engine conveys an overall influence and eco-friendliness, pursuing it an optimal decision for both city roads and roadways. The outside plan of the Shine is smooth and contemporary, while the elements offer accommodation and common sense.

  • Honda's Mass Commuter Bike

    The Honda Shine is a 125cc commuter bike by Honda from the mass commuter segment. It is for the budget-conscious consumers, who want the good performance and efficiency. It combines Honda’s refinement and reliability to create a great all-round package. The build quality is top-class, in line with Honda standards and it is easy to move around the jungle of a city due to its light weight. The layout is a blend of styling, performance, and fuel consumption. Overall, the Honda Shine is a wonderful motorcycle with the ideal combination of power and mileage.

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