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Anti Hinduism
Anti Hinduism 4.2 22 Mar 2020

It cannot simply be defined or compared as if to other different riders definitely have different choices when ot comes to select one out of such a great competition current days. Yamaha MT-15 is different in consept and style as conpared to other members of Yamaha family. MT-15 has a great performance when it comes to 150cc segments. The engine is tuned very differently as compared to R15 version 3. MT-15 has an unexpectedly high acceleration. It is worth a competition against Apache RTR 200, Pulsar 200NS, Yamaha FZ-25 and even KTM Duke 200. Except KTM Duke 200 all the above bikes are almost equal competition to each other. Duke 200 undoubtedly has a bigger and faster engine but I wouldn't mention it in the first place if I didn't want this to have a point afterall. MT-15 has a better desin and graphics as compared to Duke 200, slipper cluth and single channel ABS is more fun and better performing than in dual channel or no ABS KTM, the Deltabox is way better than the KTM cahssis undoubtedly. MT-15 is lighter in weigh which makes it more fun riding. MT-15 is also a good off-ride bike, despite being a street fighter, it's low weight and ride hieght is an advantage against all the previously mentioned bikes. For long tours, yeah riding MT-15 will be a pain that's quite similar feeling in most of the low cubic capacity street fighters. MT-15 is also comfortable for tall and short riders both, other advantage would be alvarious parts and options to custom your MT, that's quite fun.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 45 kmpl
Jason Santillan
Jason Santillan 5.0 26 Mar 2020

I bought a brandnew yamaha MT-15 8months ago and all I can say is that it is very comfortable to handle with. Performance? Not a bigbike but it looks like one and runs with 125-140 or 140+ if you customized the sprockets and adjusted its weight. So far I was able to test my bike’s durability on and off road and the good things is that even if you crossed a high level of water and the only thing you can see is your handle bar, you don’t need to worry as long as you hold the clutch and the accelerator keep punching and don’t let the engine shut off. That’s how we survived our on/off road rides. Also, you don’t have to customize your pipes to put the sound in much greater shape. All you have to do is to cut the opening of your unit’s air filter under just a little bit and notice the change of the sound of your pipe. It’s like a racing type of pipe sound. Thank me later! 👍

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides | Occasional Commute
John McEachern
John McEachern 4.2 21 Jul 2019

I own the MT-15 (international specification) and use it in the Philippines. Here are my PERSONAL comments. Odometer is currently @12,200 km. This is a one person bike, unless your pillion passenger is a spider monkey. (a) Best features are:Yamaha quality, technical prowess & dealer presence/support; powerful high-revving motor @ 10,000 rpm and 6-speed gear shift with slipper clutch; v. stable and safe handling even on rough highways. multi-function meter is replete with useful info; headlight is effective up to 50 kph. (b) My "neutral"opinions: seat is not comfortable beyond 1.5-to-2 hours at a time; rear wheel fender is too short to protect back of operator from getting mud-spattered in the rain; the pillion seat is unusable as there are no grab handles on the int"l spec model; the seat is1quite high and not recommended for short riders. (c) my negative comments: intl model does not have ABS brakes which is an attractive safety feature; handlebar location of the horn button is far to the right of the normal position on a bike...this is a design flaw in my opinion as 50% of the time my thumb can"t find the horn in emergency situations, even after 2,200 km!. (d) Other observations: I have no data on fuel consumption as I don't track it; to realize this bike's potential, operate the motor to it"s maximum 19 hp @ 10,000 rpm and max torque @ 8,500. THIS IS WHAT MAKES THIS BIKE SPECIAL. Note: it took me 2,000 km of use in order to loosen up the engine, achieve max output and deliver the fun factor; finally two of the 3 colour schemes are boring in my view---matte black and v. dark blue. I purchased the ice flo/silver gray model which I prefer. Handlebar mirrors are effective.

Uses this bike for : Leisure Rides
Jamil Ahmed
Jamil Ahmed 4.6 24 Jul 2019

I"m a thin person with 5.4 height. I bought this as my first bike. Bike feels light , lighter then Gixxer 150, although Gixxer is lighter on paper. Performance wise it"s great, except braking. Braking is a bit lagging behind, there isn"t enough bite. One could brake hard at high speed. Very good beginner bike so far, clutch and gear shifts never were any trouble even though I just started riding. Cost cutting is so damn apparent. Switches like many said are bad. Pass switch gets stuck often. Rear suspension doesn"t allow preload adjustments. Comfort wise , I"m all good except foot pegs. My right foot becomes uncomfortable at longer rides. Few times I have noticed engine heat on my toes. If you want to carry a pillion this is not the bike for you. With a horizontal very small seat and great torque and weird grab rails, pillion is under constant pressure of falling behind. Also grab rails get dirty when you ride in rain. I guess tire hugger doesn"t help with keeping grab rails clean.I had a accident on this bike, bent front suspension and broke tank covers. Issuance helped , but service took long and service centers don"t have all the nuts and bolts. Even a Allen bolt , that"s on frame of MT 15 and R15 were a miss at service centers.Accessories? Your nearest service center probably hasn"t seen even a picture of the accessories released for this bike. Yamaha is sloppy and lazzy with accessories in India while MT comes with around 20+ accessories in Indonesia.In conclusion I would say this is a bike for beginners with cash. But Duke 125 is a better overall package. And FZ25 is King here.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 50 kmpl
NCH Creations
NCH Creations 5.0 9 Jan 2020

Hi this is NAGENDRA and am from Hyderabad. I owned this in the last August. I am heart fully giving the 5star to this bike. In an emergency purpose I traveled the distance of 500km in a day It's taken only 6hr with out any problems. I loved it. Actually some people are saying like 'long journey is not good in some bikes'. But you don't worry bout this bike. you must have more comfortable and feeling satisfied drive in this bike.I will suggest only one thing that is when you have to take this once you go and trail for minimum 10km at least... But I really loved my bike Mt 15

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours
Amal Ramesh
Amal Ramesh 5.0 31 May 2019

It's a great bike if you want a power cruiser and a comfortable ride. There is no vibration even when you cruise at 100 kmph and there is no stress in the engine also. This is not a value for bike in fact this is a good bike with good mileage figure . If you want a value for bike go for ns200 or rtr 200 . But not in mind that this bike can give a mileage of about 50 to 55 which is very good to the power it is offering and it can be compared with ns200 and rtr 200 also it's performance is also similar to that bike. But mt has only single1channel abs which is a downside but it's more than enough for this bike . Well if you are buying ns 200 or1rtr200 you should know that their mileage is low as 40 and considering that MT 15 is a good package . And the best and the most important part is the look and style of the MT 15 and ns200 , rtr200 or any other bike under 2lakh can match with it's look(considering only naked sport).If you are a family guy then go for fz25 which is much better at comfort than any of these bikes.

Uses this bike for : Occasional Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 48 kmpl
Muhammed Ramees
Muhammed Ramees 4.6 23 Aug 2019

its a out standing experience with MT-15,a small disappointment on price.international model it comes with USD forks,double channel ABS,and custom colors but Indian version is without them.The bike is a beast at 1st,2nd,3rd gears.we feel like its not a 150 segment bike. With its looks and power delivery It is exactly a dark warrior of japan.Especially the front view.About the metre console,it includes many information like,ODO,trip,gear,fuel,milege etc.. the exhaust note is same as R15 v3.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 40 kmpl
Iman Halder
Iman Halder 5.0 18 Apr 2019

The bike feels overpriced and also equipped with only single channel abs. But despite those drawbacks it is an awesome performance bike in 150-200cc segment. I said 200 because it produces power of a 200cc bikes and even out performs some current 200cc bikes available in Indian market. It can do 140+ top speed and one can easily cruise in 90-110 range.Despite the awesome performance it gives a great mileage of 45-50, very easy to flick around traffic and taking U turns. Seat height is a bit high though, I"m 5"7 and I can handle it without much trouble. In one sentence:Awesome little monster MT.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours
Gets mileage of : 48 kmpl
Sangili Murugan
Sangili Murugan 4.2 13 Feb 2020

In the 150 cc category,it is best next to the R15 V3 which has a drawback of leaning seating position which is why people buy mt 15.The performance is awesome for 150 cc and the mileage obtained is 40+ for sure while riding under the VVA rpm limit.The drawback is its pillion comfort.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Adarsh Krishna
Adarsh Krishna 4.2 24 Aug 2019

its a good package still the power is inadequate , but considering the mileage its compromised .looks are really futuristic . i didnt crossed the 6krpm mark till 1k kms and i got mileage of 61km/l now i ride hard and getting mileage of 48 to 52

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 52 kmpl
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