Best Electric Two-wheeler In India: What’s Your Pick?

Here are four of the best electric two-wheelers in India based on performance, features and quality. But you get to decide which one of them takes the crown


Welcome to the Auto Premier League, where you, the reader, get to pick the best electric two-wheeler in India. If you’re curious to know what the Auto Premier League is all about, click here. To vote for your favourite bikes, head here to the voting page.

The Indian electric two-wheeler segment has been swamped with Chinese bikes and scooters that offer the bare minimum when it comes to performance and features. That said, we do have a handful of mainstream manufactures that have set certain benchmarks when it comes to performance, features, practicality and build quality. But which one’s the best? Well, the answer to that question is in your hands. So check back on June 10th when you can vote for your favourite electric two-wheeler in Round 2 of the Auto Premier League.


Bajaj Chetak:

The Chetak is an exquisite piece of machinery that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to selecting your first EV. It manages to retain the essence of the original Chetak but dials it up to eleven with a sleek new design, a ton of features and a powertrain that’ll take care of your daily runabouts without any fuss. A claimed range of 95km per charge and a top speed of 60kmph should give you the idea. The overall quality is top-notch and it feels like built to last!


  • Top-notch build and paint quality.

  • Performance is easily on par with 110cc petrol scooters.

  • Extremely comfortable rider’s seat.


  • Not much room for a pillion.

  • Ride quality at speed feels a little harsh.

  • The speedometer is difficult to read under bright sunlight.

For more information on the Bajaj Chetak, head here: https://bit.ly/3dAVsuJ


TVS iQube:

The iQube may not be the prettiest of the lot, but impresses in every other aspect. It's powerful enough to leave IC-powered scooters eating dust, and packs enough features to keep you tech-savvy enthusiasts grinning from ear-to-ear. The almost intuitive power delivery from the electric motor is addictive and you might find yourself going hard on the throttle with every given opportunity. It handles REALLY well too! On the practical side of things, the iQube offers a range of 75km per charge from is enough for most city commuting duties. 


  • Plenty of power right from the get-go till it peaks at 80kmph.

  • Well-balanced suspension setup soaks up bumps really well.


  • Animated startup tune.

  • Tall riders may find their knees fouling with the handlebars while taking tight turns.

  • TVS doesn’t offer fast charging with the iQube, just yet.

For more information on the TVS iQube, head here: https://bit.ly/2A4iyeB


Ather 450X:

We couldn’t stop raving about the Ather 450 when we first rode it. But the 450X left us speechless. It’s what every electric scooter in India should be -- developed from the ground up, packed to the T with features, and a chassis that impresses as well. It’s a compact, sleek-looking scooter which does everything right and more and even gets a well thought out ecosystem.


  • Warp mode takes the performance of the scooter to a whole new level!

  • Lightweight and nimble.

  • Offers a range of 85km in Eco.


  • Limited dealer network.

  • Rear disc brake tends to jam the wheel under hard braking.

  • Fit and finish of switchgear could’ve been better.

For more information on the Ather 450X, head here: https://bit.ly/2XAmUDf


Revolt RV400:

The Revolt RV400 was the first-ever electric motorcycle to be sold in India. Yes, it is based on the Super Soco - a Chinese electric motorcycle, but it’s a well-rounded package and built quite well too. It’ll handle city commutes and more without throwing a fuss. But what sells for the RV400  is its ownership experience and its features. A monthly cost of Rs 3999 for 37 months will get you the bike. And this also covers the service costs which adds to the overall experience. 


  • It’s light and nimble, hence effortless while maneuvering in the city.

  • 220mm of ground clearance leaves more than enough room for tall speed breakers.

  • The removable battery is convenient for remote charging.

  • Most affordable financing scheme.


  • Throttle feels snappy in Sport mode.

  • Limited dealer access.

  • Fit and finish of certain components could have been better.

For more information on the Revolt RV400, head here: https://bit.ly/30eyPrY

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