• Q. Which scooter is best Honda Grazia or TVS NTORQ?

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    Suren | 2 weeks ago

    It depends on your preferences such as weight of bike, bluetooth navigation, seating comfort, how many people you will be taking, what distance you will be travelling, and so on. Please do not just blindly buy a bike based on ratings. Even if the bike is good you have to check if it will be good for you.

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    Anish | 1 year ago

    Both of them are good but if you want power, style, features, etc then go for NTORQ. But if you just want the Honda tag then go for Grazia as there is nothing new in it except the body styling. I would suggest NTORQ as three of my friend own Grazia and two of us(including me) own the NTORQ and they said that the Grazia is good only till first service and after that it becomes a liability. P.S- The other friend of mine sold his Grazia to get the NTORQ!! So, think wisely!!!

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    Karthik | 8 months ago

    I am grazia owner with 16,000 km runGrazia is better in :Seat lengthstable handlinglooksNtorq is better in :Engine power and sound Instrument cluster and connectivitySporty handlingBad thing in Ntorq is looks (not uniform in design), short seat length like aprila(difficult for pillion) and height (if you have old age ppl, or ppl wearing saree, then difficult to jump and sit on it)Grazia is better in all the above segments where ntorq fails

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    Tushar | 8 months ago

    Go for grazia milage is far better thn ntorq, don't go for tht funky features wht ntorq is providing, they are total waste, map dont work properly. Believe me u will regret after buying, fibre use on ntorq is weak, if performance ur option thn go for it but one day or the other u will think of milage which is lesser thn grazia, n honda reliability is bck of grazia, if u wana spend money spent on good one

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    Tushar | 5 months ago

    Ntroq milage is less thn grazia, if u are looking for milage go for grazia n i m owner of grazia n its been a year for me no issues at all n completed around 5000km 3 services are been done n its slowly giving me better average m getting around 45 kmpl in city n 50 on highway, wht more u expect from a 125 cc scotty n its buttery smooth scooty, engine noise is less thn ntorq, no vibrations like ntorq

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    Sagar | 8 months ago

    Somewhere I feel Ntorq could be the best in terms of mileage. Ntorq even provides new to market feature like mobile connectivity with bluetooth to display various functions on speedometer section and also records data which can be viewed from your connected mobile. Wheel dimensions are larger and hence will give smoother ride. TVS brand being desi will give you less maintenance cost.

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    Abhishek | 11 months ago

    Ntorq is better because it offers bigger wheels, external fuel filler, smart connect cluster, superb acceleration with bass heavy exhaust sound. The only downside of ntorq is medium milega of around 39 kmpl in city. But it can be ignored because of features and lesser price tag than that of grazia. Go for ntorq.

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    Pubg | 5 months ago

    Grazia will give you better mileage, comfort seat ,seat postion with good design and has top speed of 98 kmphntorq will give you less mileage than grazia but good pickup than grazia and it offers you bluetooth connection with your smartphone and has top speed of 103 kmph you can choose as from your needs

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    Chhanhima | 8 months ago

    Grazia will be smooth and refined as well as more efficient but not as fast or powerful as the ntorq.If what you want is a smooth,refined and efficient scooter,then the grazia is for you.If what you want is performance and sporty scooter,then the ntorq is for you.Mileage will not be as good as the grazia.

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    Tushar | 6 months ago

    Pickup is jst good to some extent, ntorq is good in pickup but have worst milage n grazia had balance in both side good milage n decent pickup, grazia is stylish n modern, grazia has better milage thn ntorq n build quality is better thn ntorq, depend on ur taste but m glad tht i bought grazia

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