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  • Q. Will the bs4 model give a milage of 45 after 10000 kms ,if maintained properly - Pulsar RS200?
    Shayar | 4 months ago

    Never think about it bro...... maximum mileage 35kmpl if you maintenance properly and Drive in a decent speed on highway !!

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  • Q. I have decided to buy a full faired bike with comfortable seating position and good mileage for 1.5 lakh which bike to buy?
    Rihaan | 9 months ago

    Go for RS200 it's a full faired comfort provider but but little bit you have to compromise with the mileage coz R15V3 is also available in market with full fairing but not as much comfortable as RS200... You have 1 more option RC200 bit it's not comfortable as RS200 is. And it's mileage is also not upto the markAs per your needs go for RS200 but it's very heavy that's the point you need to remember

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  • Q. I am fully confused If am comparing RS 200 with R15 v3. Which bike is better for long drive and good mileage and better performance?
    Indranil | 8 months ago

    In all the three aspects you have mentioned my friend, RS200 is better. For long drives the riding position isn't so aggressive, which makes it easier to ride long distances. Your girlfriend would be more comfortable plus u both would look better on an RS than an R15, she won't feel like sitting on the floor above you. Mileage would be more or less the same. My RS gives around 37-40 in traffic. RS is 200cc. Also it is heavy. I have experienced that is has been stabler on road and highways, although its weight isn't so helpful during sharp turns. For your purposes mentioned, RS will be a better option.

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  • Q. I am very much confused between Pulsar RS200 and FZ 25, both have ABS version in 2019. FZ has best mid-range torque and mileage wise Fz is better than RS200 but on top end RS200 performs better.
    Hariprasaath | 1 year ago

    It’s a great comparison but if you need a better mileage I’m sure that RS can give more than FZ25 id you maintain ur speedometer below 80. RS also have punchy and smooth mid range remember its from KTm 200cc engines. FZ is also a good option but considering the price point I don’t think it worth

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  • Q. I am planning to buy RS200 ,i daily travel around 32 kms and i have zero experience of sports bike .....So will this bike give me a good average?
    Tushar | 1 year ago

    Though the mileage of the bike claimed by the company is 40-45 Kmpl, the real-world figure is around 30-35 KMPL. Which is okay for sport bikes.

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  • Q. Will the mileage of Bajaj Pulsar RS200 drop after usage? If yes, then will it reach 17 kmpl?
    Alpha | 2 months ago

    Hi Sriram,If you maintain your bike in good condition also do service time to time then it won't happen.Second thing if you drive roughly that might also effect your mileage.Also please these are power bike so don't go for normal petrol because it effects your bikes performance and mileage, Firstly I also never used to believe in all this but you can feel the changes.Happy & Safe riding :-)

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    Q. What is the top speed of Bajaj Pulsar RS200?
    A. The top speed of Bajaj Pulsar RS200 is 140.8 Kmph.
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