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  • Q. I am fully confused If am comparing RS 200 with R15 v3. Which bike is better for long drive and good mileage and better performance?
    Indranil | 3 years ago

    In all the three aspects you have mentioned my friend, RS200 is better. For long drives the riding position isn't so aggressive, which makes it easier to ride long distances. Your girlfriend would be more comfortable plus u both would look better on an RS than an R15, she won't feel like sitting on the floor above you. Mileage would be more or less the same. My RS gives around 37-40 in traffic. RS is 200cc. Also it is heavy. I have experienced that is has been stabler on road and highways, although its weight isn't so helpful during sharp turns. For your purposes mentioned, RS will be a better option.

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  • Q. If we change RS200 rear tyre to 150/60, will the mileage and top speed will decrease?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Upgrading the tyre size has its pros and cons. Manufacturers do leave room for tyre upsizing so that owners can upsize the tyre to increase performance. However, it also results in a noticeable drop in fuel efficiency and compromise on ride and handling. For more information on the same, we would suggest you to connect with the nearest authorized service center.

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  • Q. Will the mileage of Bajaj Pulsar RS200 drop after usage? If yes, then will it reach 17 kmpl?
    Alpha | 2 years ago

    Hi Sriram,If you maintain your bike in good condition also do service time to time then it won't happen.Second thing if you drive roughly that might also effect your mileage.Also please these are power bike so don't go for normal petrol because it effects your bikes performance and mileage, Firstly I also never used to believe in all this but you can feel the changes.Happy & Safe riding :-)

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    • Actually the bike is looking

      Actually the bike is looking very sporty look the headlights are good for night ride back brake performance is not good but the front brake is super the sound of this bike is very attractive the mileage is also nice the maintenance is not costly after all the parts have low price the power of this bike is nice initial power of this bike is little bit low but after the mid range rpm the bike is very aggressive

    • I am owning an Pulsar Rs200

      I am owning a Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 for the last six years. The one word I'll say about this raw machine is ' best ' the one quote will be ' strength but adorable and affordable. Pros: 1. Performance - top speed 150+ which is exciting and feels stable. 2. Economy - if you drive this beast at 70-80km/hr, It will definitely give not less than 32kmpl, Its best is 36-37kmpl.In both city and highway conditions. 3. Headlight - many will not speak about the best part of this bike. Yes, its headlamps dual projector units of low and high beam. ( it is also shared by its twin rc200) 4. Maintenance - not as much as a regular 200cc bike and not as less as a 100cc bike. 5. Road presence - it's been 6 years, But still it has something that will attract people's eyes to your bike. 6. Modifications - if you are a stunt rider and you have to go through power, Torque and external modifications. Cons: 1. Weight- weighing around 165kg it feels heavy a bit which is only 5 kgs less than a classic 350. ( but it'll never give you a performance lag) 2. Handling - handling at corners feels a little sturdy. But yes, It's minimal. With the use of a month, you can go through it easily. 3. Vibrations - once you have met with an accident Or small external damage. You cannot bring back the originality for sure in this bike. The vibration factor happens here. 4. Chain sprocket - the chain sprocket change after your first one, It will be easy to wear and tear, If you are calculating it for 3000-4000kms you would definitely go through change before 500kms.

    • I have been driving this

      I have been driving this for a couple of months but the performance and comfort was way tooo more than what i expected.The suspension are very smooth and then the engine is the best in 200 cc segment the exhaust note is also very good like it feels that's its a proper race bike.And the then braking is too good.It looks are the best and i have to say that its a fabulous work by bajaj.The best bike of bajaj.

    • 4.6
      Very smooth to drive and

      Very smooth to drive and comfortable, Weight is good to control, Handling stability is best, Breaking system is very good its easily stop where we want to be.And the suspension is nor hard or nor soft it is very desent i mean equally, Not able to make out when it goes in small bumps, And when by mistake it goes big bumps it remains in stable.Pickup is excellent.Milage superb 40kmpl.Be safe, Drive safe and always wear helmet thank you.

    • Rides Are Comfortable

      The rides are comfortable, and from overheating from the engine burns when you stand in traffic. The looks are great, but there is too much noise when you reach higher RPM in low gear and get loose very often.


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