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    Shared by Buy Your Choice
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    I think it's elephant.Becouse of its power, Strength, Sound, Body as like elephant 🐘.

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  • Question about Bajaj Pulsar RS200

    Asked by Boniface Tanem
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    I am 5ft 4 inch.. or 162.5cm tall. Yes, you can ride it safely. I used it on a 600km endurance challenge, i finished it. The only thing is that it is ...Read More

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  • Question about Bajaj Pulsar RS200

    Asked by Hina Khan
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  • Expert Review of Bajaj Pulsar RS200

    7 years ago

    2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS 200: First Ride Review

    New updates now make the RS look easy on the ...Read More

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  • Video of Bajaj Pulsar RS200

    6 years ago

    Most Overstyled Bikes In India : PowerDrift

    Overstyling seems to be the latest trend in m ...Read More

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  • Latest News of Bajaj Pulsar RS200

    3 years ago
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